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    On a beach with Gorillas

    by , 12-16-2016 at 08:54 AM (397 Views)
    Through breathwork and visualising, I quickly enter a dream scene lucid.
    I'm on a boat, clear blue waters are felt near my feet as I Wade out onto a grassy patch. In the distance I see a few gorillas, standing, watching.
    The colours are dim, a dawn experience. A distant Hill rises above the gorilla in the background.

    Many more lucid dreams follow after this. In one particular image, I am talking to a peculiar man, who's wearing a red coat, top hat and has a mischievous smile. A little like Willy Wonka.
    I ask him, who created all of this?
    Hehe, he replies.
    You did.
    ME? I say. How could I even imagine this all?
    He laughs again.
    Are we in a simulation or program, I ask.
    You'll have to wait and see, he replies, a cheeky grin lights his face with glee.
    No, please answer me, I ask.
    Whats after this? I ask (implying after death)
    You've designed more to experience, he finishes and disappears.
    I am left in a large room with tall French windows, and wooden floors. I look outside and see its a bright, beautiful day, so I step outside.

    The dream scene changes, and this time this night. I step outside to see on the ground, numbers written in different colours with chalk.
    11, 19, 7, 25, 4 are written everywhere. A street lamp on the side of the house provides the source of lighting.

    Many oobe's and false awakenings follow after this, I catch them.
    More dreams of flying above roof tops. Finally, the rem cycle ends at and there's no more dreams to enter.

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