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    The "Vancouver Underground Median Centre"

    by , 06-24-2016 at 03:11 AM (399 Views)
    Through visualizing and being very comfortable in bed, I watch as a long road in the countryside becomes a lucid dream. I float my hands in front of me and lose lucidity. I then focus again and re- emerge into another place, this time in New Zealand, with the beautiful Remarkables (mountains in South Island) right in front of me. We are in a hotel room, and my companion is also there. I tip the waiter 50 NZD. At the hotel room, I'm lying down on the hotel bed, pristine white sheets cover the bed. I have stabilized the dream. I do another reality check to be sure and confirm that I am dreaming. I then take a walk to the kitchen and feel like having some water. I drink some and it actually tastes quite nice. A little different, but nice. I then think of getting my magnetic card from my pocket "for the other planet" I say. Instead, I feel a white visiting card with some lettering on it that I don't remember anymore. Blue lettering on white.

    Through another WILD entry, I enter a dream scene where I see lots of dream characters walking about in an observatory type dwelling. There's music playing. I meet an intelligent dream character, a woman about my age , short brown hair, and is wearing Jean shorts.
    We talk.
    "Where are are we"? I ask
    I look outside, beautiful stars fill the sky. There's a red glow in the distance. It looks magical.
    "Vancouver," she replies. "The Underground median link."
    "What?", I ask.
    You're from 2016 yeah? She asks.
    Yes, but , which year are you and ....
    "We're here after the last war broke out." she says.

    Suddenly I find ourselves in a bus and another dream character from inside the bus says:
    "We don't have humans on board do we?"
    This remark is puzzling to me.
    I hear the faint sounds of sirens.
    I use dream control to make them go away. This works for a little bit.
    A policeman runs up to the van and scans us over.
    "You need to do your shit now, whatever it is you do" the dream character warns.
    I exit.
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