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    1. Blizzard Journey (LD) 2. Syrano Water (LD)

    by , 04-06-2024 at 02:31 PM (59 Views)
    1. Blizzard Journey (LD)
    I float through the windshield of the vehicle, then float to the side, hovering for a moment. I become lucid. I begin to fly upward and notice that the entire terrain is blanketed heavily with snow. It appears that I'm on a mountainside and the dream seems to begin pulling me up at an increasingly fast pace. I don't want to drift too far up.I begin to fly downward at a very high seed, the ground rapidly approaching as I zoom downward. I see ripples in the terrain where snow drifts have formed. I finally land on a snowy path an notice a male character walking near me - it appears to be getting quite dark out. He's quite tall and is wearing dark, heavy clothing.I should interact a bit.
    "How's it going?" I say as I pat him on the shoulder.
    I then snap my fingers and clasp my left fist in my right hand, and go invisible. The young man looks straight past me, then begins to reach out with his fingers several times, trying to find me, yet totally missing. I leave the snowy mountain path and begin to fly toward nearby buildings. I soon enter one and find myself in the center of what appears to be the main area of a house. Two young men are working in the center of a workstation, counter tops on all side, apparently running a small business of sorts. They're working at a rapid pace and I see a couple stacks of bills on the counter tops. I make my way toward one of the counters. I should basic summon something
    "Do you have any chocolate?"
    I ignore what the guys has to say and just expect it to be behind one of his plastic drawers situated to the left of the counter as I enter. I quickly find a zip-loc baggy with a bar inside. I walk out of the enclosed area and begin eating it out of the foil. It tastes great! I take a couple of bites and walk a bit farther into the room. I should do some more control... I consider using an electronic device and notice a coffee machine on a counter against the far wall. There's another appliance to the left of it, yet I ignore it for the time being. I walk over, to the coffee machine, hit a circular button and notice it light up. I hear the machine start and begin seeing a bit of coffee trickle down into the carafe. I turn from the area and notice that the dream doesn't feel quite as stable. I stop eating for a moment, and simply look around slowly, grounding my awareness. The dream becomes more vivid and my awareness stabilizes. I think of summoning Jerune to ride. I look on top of the counter and notice the dream talisman. I grab it and toss it onto the floor, yet Jerune doesn't appear immediately. I walk a bit farther into the next section of the first floor, yet the area is a bit more dim and I don't feel like exploring through the doorways there. I turn back around and head to the workstation area. I'll do some super strength I go to rip the entire counter from the floor, yet only the massive granite slab on top raises, separating from the main section. I then see a huge fridge on the far side of where the men are working. I extend my arms as far as I can, camp the top and bottom, and raise the entire thing over my head. I walk a few steps, then chuck the entire thing through the door seemingly to the entrance to the house. I should start my three step! I turn toward a door way on the edge of the room and walk toward it, quickly phasing through. Once through, I find myself in a dim room and quickly shrink down, turning into a mouse. I hear a couple squeaks as I walk forward on all fours. I turn back toward the door, wanting to return to the previous room. I see my reflection on a large glass panel and notice that I look like a fairly large white rat. I phase back through the door and end up in the previous area, yet it looks vacant, dark, and as though the walls are a dark brown now. I walk forward a bit, then wake up.

    2. Syrano Water (LD
    I'm in the kitchen of Syrano main house drinking water directly from a gallon jug. This seems...dreamlike...I should have just another couple of sips and then become lucid. I take another sip, my awareness raises, and I become lucid. I may as well have another sip to count as 'drinking something'. I take another sip, then put the gallon down. I'm in the kitchen, I may as well summon something to eat. I decide on chocolate and head toward the freezer, quickly opening the drawer. I push the upper drawer back in and search the lower. I could get ice-cream...I'll stick with chocolate. I reach down, pull out a zip-loc and quickly find a chocolate bar. I begin eating it as I walk toward the center of the first floor. I head toward the sliding glass door and begin thinking of dream control. I see a pair of flip flops by the door and think of TK, yet decide against it. I should use the Dark Woods Wand. I reach to pull it out, yet only see wisps appear. The dream feels a bit unstable, so I sit and begin to ground, taking a few slow, deep breaths. I open my eyes a bit wider as I finish. I wake up.
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