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    1. Conjuring the Tsunami (LD) 2. Partial Phase (LD)

    by , 09-19-2023 at 10:20 PM (125 Views)
    1. Conjuring the Tsunami (LD)
    I continue to fly away from the large group, and head into an area of a forest, in a brightly lit autumn scene. I feel like I was close to getting in that last dream. Maybe I…this is a dream! I’m lucid as I continue to fly through the bright, beautiful autumn colors displayed by the massive trees on either side of the forest path I’m heading down. The dirt pathway is quite detailed and I feel a sense of freedom as I curve my way left into a clearing. I begin to consider dream control I see a large tree approach with a thick branch extending far to the left, high in the air. I fly right through it. I head toward w walkway between two large brick buildings and see two kids walking below, taking a moment to glance back at me. I fly past them and slightly down an asphalt pathway toward a beach area. There are quite a few people on the stretch of sand and I see small waves churning in the distance. I land on the beach and element manipulation comes to mind. Water…the last of the four elements I need to work with. I extend my arms and start a churning, conjuring motion. I focus my attention on making the waves increase in size. The next wave becomes far larger than the ones before. The next, larger yet again, followed by the next. I then set my mind to creating a tsunami. A massive wave, probably 40 stories tall begins to gradually form, white foam beginning to form at the top. All the water begins to get sucked from the lower section of sand as the top of the wave begins to crash down to the shore. I should have moved. The waves come crashing down hard and I feel my dream body smash into the sand. My vision goes black and I feel that I’m spinning. The lack of vision may cause the dream to fade…I end up in a non-lucid.

    2. Partial Phase (LD)
    I’m in a dark room and see H in the corner. Something doesn’t feel right….Nose plug. I’m able to breathe very slightly. My nose feels a bit strange. I adjust my fingers – nose plug. Wait this is probably… a dream! I look at my hands. It looks like I have five fingers but they’re very thick and the dream glow is there! I’m lucid! I begin to phase through the wall behind me, but as I’m partially inside I see H and decide to head over to her. I give her a hug. The dream begins to fade and I slip into a non-lucid.

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