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    1. Hand And Pillar (LD)

    by , 01-17-2024 at 03:10 AM (116 Views)
    1. 1. Hand And Pillar (LD)
    I raise my right wrist to glance at my watch. Itís not
    there and I see a slight tan line. ThatísÖstrangeÖ Nose
    pinch. Iím lucid.
    ďI knew itĒ
    I head toward a nearby table, put my arms up and float
    up above in a prone position, and view a woman whoís
    slightly heavy-set with darker skin in a seat to the left
    as well as a woman to my right. I lower down onto the
    ďCheck this out guys - Iím going to levitate.Ē
    I press myself up, yet quickly lower back down.
    I press up again, yet once again quickly lower.
    ThatísÖ strange. I feel Iím getting distracted and set
    my mind to honing in my awareness. I walk to my left
    and wrap around a nearby gray pillar. I stick out my
    hand and focus intently, raising my awareness. I begin
    to head back to the table. I begin to float up, yet my
    lucidity fades.
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    1. Iluzjusz's Avatar
      "Check this out guys - Iím going to levitate." and now I imagined your profile avatar xD