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    1. Single Arm (LD) 2. House Flight (LD) 3. Sky Island of Syrano

    by , 09-14-2023 at 11:18 PM (143 Views)
    Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 13

    1. Single Arm (LD)
    I’m staring at a banister half a level above me and my awareness begins to raise. I suddenly realize I’m dreaming. I jump, yet don’t begin to fly. I turn around and notice a massive drop into the darkness. I think of starting some dream control. I fly up, phase into the wall, and the scene goes to void. I begin imagining a town scene. After about a minute in the void, I suddenly appear within alleyway inside of a small town. I take in the sights of the one story buildings around me I make way around a corner and see a couple small group of young dream characters. I then invert my dream body and hold a single, bent arm handstand for a moment. I feel the pressure of the sheer 'weight' coursing through my deltoid. I flip back and begin walking into the alleyway. I decide to transform, and think of a mouse first. I start shrinking down, and once I hit roughly the size of a cat, I imagine becoming a cat instead. I decide to check my reflection in a mirror situated against a wall roughly ten meters from me. The mirror is roughly three feet tall and is essentially on the floor, leaned up against the wall look up and see that I look fairly normal, yet in prone position, in the mirror. I stand up and walk farther into the scene. I see a small kiosk to my right where DCs appear to be selling items, possibly snacks and beverages. I begin saying:
    “This is a dream....this is a dream...this is my dream...this will last an hour” to stabilize. I turn to my left and see a few tables. I approach a couple of DCs, then snap my fingers to go invisible, they turn their heads a couple of times, gazing right through me, oblivious to the fact that I’m there. I consider finding something to drink. I head to a long table slightly to my right and I imagine a hot water heater to make some cocoa, yet don’t find one. I decide to switch to a different drink instead. I decide on Pepsi, but don’t find it in the area in front of me, slightly to the right ton the long table. I look slightly farther to my right and see a round glass chiller which is cooling cans. I decide to switch to try to basic summon Mountain Dew, yet don’t find the exact cans – simply cans of various colors with writing on it that look somewhat like Mountain Dew cans. I wake up.

    2. House Flight (LD)
    I’m getting water in the main house in Syrano. This feels…dreamlike…I suddenly realize I’m dreaming. I walk toward the main entrance and begin to fly upward a bit toward the top of the vaulted ceiling. I wake up.

    *I decide not to record the dream and go for a DEILD. I imagine a fiery lotus in my throat. I'm soon aware of my mind and body…sinking…sinking…sinking....into…a dream...

    3. Sky Island of Syrano (LD)
    I find myself standing in the center of the first floor of the main house in Syrano. I’m looking at the top of a counter which has a phone on it. I can earn some points for using an electronic device…let me check it out. I pick up the cell phone, which looks just like my phone in waking life, and begin touching the screen. The screen responds very slightly by increasing the brightness for a short moment, yet nothing major happens. I put the phone away. I head toward the back of the home and phase through the glass onto the Lanai. I see a couple pockets in the night sky and want to head toward them so as not to lose the dream in the darkness. I begin to fly upward, then transform into a small dragon. I hear the roar of a young dragon as I do so, feel my body morph into dragon shape, and feel and hear my wings beating against the air. I decide to check what my wings looks like, and notice that the tip of my left wing looks somewhat like a human hand. I then morph into crow form, yet feel as though I have legs dangling. I rise higher toward what appears to be a floating island, high in the sky. The sunlight is now piercing through this area. I enter to a white void and after a short moment, find myself in….Meadow! I’m in the back of the main house and it’s nighttime. I look toward the left portion of the yard and see several piles of sticks and a dark mound beyond and to the right. I walk forward and decide to see what a vision test looks like, by shifting my glasses, which I now become aware of. I see that I have small areas in my field of awareness that are clear and some that are blurry. I move on from the test and notice couple of dire wolves with glowing red eyes begin to approach from the left. Their appearance doesn't phase me, although they look quite menacing. I ask them,
    "Do you know if there is a dragon companion nearby?"
    I try to basic summon a dragon companion, but don't see one as I turn to the right. I head farther in this direction and see a few kids playing with a ball as I approach the pool. I begin to feel like I'm going to wake up, so I instinctively relax all of my 'dream body muscles' and slump to the ground totally relaxing. It seems to have a strong stabilizing effect; the dream stabilizes and becomes more vivid. I stand back up and continue my way around the pool. Once in the back area, I hang out near a couple small groups of young kids. I snap my fingers to go invisible, and the group of DCs look right through me, unaware that I'm there. I decide to basic summon a hot water heater to make some cocoa. I don't see one as I look around the pool filter, so I decide to look for a cocoa thermos. I don't see one initially, but keep looking around to the right and finally find a small blue bottle with a nozzle. I pick it up, drink a bit, and it tastes great! It tastes like warm milk with a bit of cocoa. I decide to recline in the alcove in the deep end, simply enjoying myself and the lucidity. I begin to repeat:
    “I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming!”, making a tune out of it with happiness. I look at my hand, reflecting on seeding the location with reality checks, setting up situational memory ques.
    I reflect on situational awareness and reality checks, looking at my hand. I finally get up and head into the pool. The area is completely void of water; it's simply a dark bit which extends toward the back, culminating with a large wall unit. The wall unit has a small, old school TV in one of the alcoves and I get the desire to use telekinesis on it. I attempt to move it, and feel like it budges a bit, but it's not a solid move. I begin to wake up.
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