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    1. Void Tendrils (LD) 2. Red Blastwave (LD) 3. The Nightmare Train - DY4 (LD) 4. Lofi Joy (LD)

    by , 08-13-2023 at 01:35 PM (219 Views)
    1. Void Tendrils (LD)
    I'm walking to the bathroom in Serrano, and feel that I should do a nose plug. I can breathe the first... then second, then third attempt... holy sh**! This is a dream! I fly through the wall and enter the void. I decide to head to a forest area and visualize a forest, but decide against it, getting a feeling it may be a creepy scene for some reason. I then decide to head to The Village and begin to visualize it. Nothing forms however, and I just stay in awareness in the void. After a while, a single tendril comes down from the top of the void. I find it strange and tug at the tendril. The scene begins to feel a bit creepy. I then not notice a few more tendrils come down from the top of the void, and I begin tugging at them, wondering about their nature.
    -- I then slip into a semi-lucid state where I'm a friend of mine trying to learn to LD and not sure if he's aware in a non-REM state - I'm giving advice from 'outside the dream'. I begin to state that maybe he isn't able to lucid dream.
    -- I return to lucidity, however I'm still in the void. The entire experience still has a nightmarish, creepy feel to it. The tendrils are still present, and I wonder if something from the external, waking-life environment may be creating the input of the tendril. I wonder how to handle the void and the strangeness of staying in this space. I figure i can just meditate through, practicing equanimity. I get the thought that lucids must be annoying sometimes for omnis. I decide not to meditate through it, however, and simply decide to wake myself up. I simply close my eyes, curl up my dream body, and hold my breath...and I'm awake thinking about how strange the experience was. (1)

    *Blue Light Glasses (Almost Lucid!)
    Why is mom at my work? Why is she giving me nine blue light glasses? Nose plug...nose plug. Oh! This is a....Wake up

    2. Red Blast wave (LD)
    I'm in a dark room and suddenly realize I'm in a dream. I shout "Clarity Now!" several times, intense demanding clarity. I use verbals, telling myself, "E, this is all a dream!...you have total control!". The dream shudders at the intensity of the verbals, and a red blast wave shoots out from me in all directions, with a loud sound. I go to cast a fireball and see a shift in colors, and slight bits of energy, and the dream shudders again. The dream soon fades.

    3. The Nightmare Train - Dream Yoga Stage IV (LD)
    I'm one some type of large vehicle that appears to be moving along tracks. I suddenly realize I'm dreaming and notice that I'm in the very front compartment of what appears to be a train. The scene is very dim, and I gaze out through the window to my left into the tunnel beyond. I consider leaving the area, but suddenly think of dream yoga stage 4 (2): creating and resolving a nightmare. I turn to the small compartment behind me and begin to imagine and encourage a creepy scene. As I gaze into the dark area and notice the image of a coffin. I get sense that an undead creature is within and may soon escape. I instinctively create a holy healing light and cast it toward the coffin. The nightmare resolves, and the undead threat seems to vanish. I head to the front and through the glass window, into the train tunnel. I head down the tunnel a few steps, then turn toward a small alcove in side of the concrete tunnel. I see my reflection in blue circular convex port-hole in the edge of the tunnel. I phase through the portal and the dream becomes a bit unstable as I enter the next room. I ground myself by engaging tactile sense, scaling up net. The tactile sense seems to ground me into the dream and prevent it from fading. I soon enter dark room, and demand clarity several times. The dream comes into focus and I'm in a house type area. Dream soon fades.

    *False Awakening

    4. Lofi Joy (LD)
    I'm laying in bed, recalling my last lucid (actually fairly accurately) and I decide to nose plug since I just woke up. I can breathe once, then twice...then a thrid... This is a dream! Awesome! I get up, and head into the bathroom area. I want it to be a bit clearer so I start shouting "Clarity Now" and begin thinking about what to do. I consider teleporting, realizing this isn't exactly the coolest place to be in a lucid, so I decide to simply phase through the window to my left. I gives a bit of resistance at first, so I remind myself..."This is a dream!"...I can essentially do whatever I want. The resistance goes away and I I phase through the window and end up in a grassy area outside. I consider the next area to go to, and simply phase through a wall to my left and end up in a dark area in the 1st floor of a fairly large house, still resembling Serrano. I shout "Clarity Now!" a couple times and the dream becomes more clear. I decide to turn into a Djinn, and my body becomes massive - roughly 12 feet tall - with massive arms with a bluish tinge and thick gold bracelets. I have a long, thin, wispy black beard as well. I feel power coursing through me and go to cast lightning. It's very wispy and not very vivid. I put some effort into visualizing it and I see small wisps of lightening head in the direction of the counter. I head into the next room and consider where to head next. I decide to use a tornado to teleport. I sit in a cross-legged meditation posture and wave my arm to conure a tornado. Nothing happens, and I remind myself it's a dream and I have total control. I go twice more, and on the second hear large bursts of wind and see wisps of wind starting to swirl. I close my eyes and begin thinking of a nature scene. Right away, I begin to see a beautiful bright blue sky with some clouds and my vision pans downward to include grass. I suddenly find myself in a super vivid area, and I realize I'm on the bottom of the driveway at the main house in The Meadow. I see the mailbox reversed in front of me. All of the colors are extremely bright and vibrant, and I feel that it's more intense than in real life. I begin flying and look at amazement at my hands and arms at how detailed they are. I start hearing Lofi music and the music is absolutely amazing! I think that I can't wait to share the dream on dreamviews. I fly, listening to the song, wanting to remember it when I wake. I see bright construction vehicles in the street and begin hopping across them, having fun. I'm super happy and excited. I begin thinking of what to practice, and thin of invisibility. I become invisible, yet there is no one nearby to test it for sure. I decide to transform, and turn into a mouse, skittering in front of large blue submarine looking vehicle. I fly farther down the street, reverting to my normal size and think about searching for the chocolate shop in The Village, but decide against it since this is a different area. I look to my right but decide against that road. I head to the building in front of me and it's light brown in color and a bit run down, slightly resembling a barn. The front right door is open and a name close to "Dr. Drawg" is carved into the wood. I ignore this area. I wonder where it The Meadow to explore, and think of the area down and to the right. I see a couple houses and know that the Greek Temple is in the area beyond. I decide against it hand head back to the road to my left. I see the front of a house wide open and peer inside. The area is leading to... The Village! I see the rustic buildings lining each side of a walkway. There seems to be light snow in the scene. I look down and see a snowboard, and decide to try to get on and ride it into town, but it's a bit difficult. I see another high-tech board in front, but that one is tough to jump on as well. I look back up, and see the new scene of a super high tech futuristic city with circular white platforms floating in the air beyond. I don't particularly feel like a high tech area, so I look down, then back up, now edge of cliff with massive, one to two kilometer drop to ground below. I begin descending, sliding down the edge of the massive cliff. I realize I may risk losing stability, so I engage tactile senses while sliding down, and imagine myself approaching the ground more rapidly. I see the area shifts to pockets of houses, like sections of the suburbs. I hit ground the ground fairly quickly, and see many people milling about in the town below. I see a couple large black buses. I think about how long the dream may last, and I'm excited. I use super strength to lift, then decide to get more intense, and pick it up to begin placing it on my shoulders. The dream begins to fade and I wake up.

    (1) Although it was a strange experience, it was a great learning opportunity. Next time, I'm simply going to meditate through it, maintaining an open awareness.
    (2): Holocek's mapping

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