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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. Crow Form (LD)

      by , 07-28-2023 at 11:49 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I realize that I missed the last false awakening and lost a chance a lucidity in the process. I want to get lucid, so I decide to go for a nose-plug. I do so and realize I can breathe slightly. My mind generates a few thoughts as to why this might be occurring, but I decide to do it again and raise my awareness more. I notice my breathing and I'm lucid! I stand up and begin walking away from the couch but the dream is blurry and dark. I continue to walk, wrapping around the couch, and visuals of the kitchen area of Serrano come in, yet are tilted roughly 45 degrees. I'm determined to have a good lucid, so I shout "Increase now! Clarity now!" several times with intensity. The soon comes into fairly vivid detail thought the process and I can see all the colors come to life in the kitchen area. I turn to my right and head toward the back of the room where sliding glass doors are (IRL). I don't notice glass per-se, so I simply transition to an outdoor area which somewhat resembles a Nordic town. I'm in a large alley type area with a dark cobble stone transit area. There are two story structures on either side of the street with gabled roofs. I stroll down the area and take in the view of the builing on either side of me which have a red a creme theme. I see people strolling in my directions, some arm in arm in pairs. I consider teleporting to a forest area as I make my way down the path and begin noticing a few trees in the near distance. A few are too narrow, so I keep walking. I see one with a much thicker trunk toward the back left area of the walkway, so I approach it and easily phase through. --
      I end up in a void area for a short period of time and visualize a forest scene with a bridge, buildings, waterway, and forest beyond I rapidly make my way through the void--
      and end up in an area with many buildings around me. The buildings however are gray concrete and the area appears to be somewhat of a campus. I wonder why it's not the forest area I imagined. I continue forward and to my left and the area descends into what appears to be a concrete parking garage. I young boy is standing at the bottom of the area, looking intently at his phone, yet he turns to his left toward me as I approach. I don't engage with him and simply walk past toward the left. The area opens further into the campus and I walk down a hallway. Light music begins to play in my head as I'm very content to be exploring while lucid. I get the thought to stabilize the dream, improving duration, by finding something to drink. I wonder how long I can keep the dream going as it feels stable and I'm happy about my lucids getting longer. I think of a hot cocoa and imagine one to my left as I make my way around a corner, approaching a locker area. There's nothing there, but I see several DCs, male and female, engaged with their lockers. I past the first row and make my way down the second. Midway, I pass a dark skinned female DC and approach the following, asking if she has any cocoa. She tells me she has a chocolate flavored drink and offers it. It's a juice box container, but I take it and continue walking, yet don't notice much of a flavor. I turn to my right and see a partially eaten large blueberry muffin wrapped in saran-wrap (yes I needed to google how to spell saran wrap) in a cubby next to the lockers. I consider asking a DC if I can have some, but don't care enough and continue walking toward the end of the lockers. I make a right, then a slight left and consider trying to teleport once again to a forest area. I see a light brown sheet rock wall to my right and consider phasing though. --
      I do so easily and end up in a void. I visualize a forest, yet nothing happens right away. I then consider another dream goal: transforming into crow form. I soon as I imagine it, my dream body instantly morphs, compressing to the midpoint. I sense that I have wings expanding form my core and that my face narrows. I feel appendages - a cross between hands a talons of sorts - raising toward my core. I feel extra sensation in this area (1). My dream body remains very large and I feel the sense of my body raising and lowering as my wings beat. I begin to see a sun as well as desert sand.--
      I suddenly find myself in a large yard. The Meadow! I wonder what I'm doing here and why the original visualization didn't bring me to a forest. I look into the distance and see three massive Budddha statues that aren't usually there. One is closer to me while two are far in the distance, near the fence and structure at the border of the Dark Woods. The scene look so cool that I don't care that I'm not in a forest. I turn and make my way toward the front of the main house. Toward my right I see the neighbords house and want to explore. I notice a shrine theme with dark rosewood comprising the architecture. There a shiva statue to my right with a light green hue and I slow down to take in the visuals and vividness of the dream. It's a bit blurry but still looks cool. I approach the front of the house and notice the ornate rosewood, Chinese looking architecture. I suddenly think of Woue and phasing there. I consider where to phase through as I can either go through the front door or to the shrine looking area to my left. I decide not to go to the shrine as it reminds me of a garage. I phase through the front door and end up in a dimly lit building which gives the impression that it's the base to a clan of some sort. I decide to look for the leader. I turn to my right, ascending a small set of steps to a half-level. To my right a bedroom sits beyond with undone sheets. I enter then turn left to another room. There's a master bedroom with another large bed with undone sheets. I feel that the leader is nearby. I enter a room in the back left which appears to be a bathroom. I get the sense I'm getting closer to the leader. I get the feeling of water engulfing my dream body and that the leader is right next to me. I attempt to phase once again, but quickly return to waking.

      1. I was sleeping on the couch and it turns out that both of my hands were compressed between my knees when I slept, creating a decent amount of pressure.
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