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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Snowy Streets (LD) 2. Mirror Study (LD) 3. Monastery Stairs (LD)

      by , 08-19-2023 at 08:18 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Snowy Streets (LD)
      I'm aware, and I can't tell if I'm waking. Images begin appearing in front of me and I recognize that it's a couple of bowls. I realize a dream is forming and I have a chance to enter the scene. I begin moving my dream body forward and find myself in a dimly lit, large room. The visuals aren't very pronounced, and I'm feeling a bit tired in the dream interestingly. I want to ramp up the clarity so I begin shouting "Clarity now!" intensely a couple of times. I feel the dream may destabilize, but I maintain my awareness and stay lucid. The verbals help somewhat. I take in the scene of the large room which resembles the main room in Serrano. I leave the main room, and a flash of darkness comes followed by me appearing on the balcony area in the main house in The Meadow. I think back to how this is just like many lucids before, and I get excited to glide off the balcony and through the 2nd story window. I glide through and take in the wintery scene of snow covering the entire street. I glid down into the area and decide that I should start working on some dream goals and don't' want to get distracted. The tired feeling persists. I move to the right and consider Djinn transformation. I imagine it, yet full transformation doesn't occur (1). I head a bit farther to the right and see a dim green light emanating from one of the corners of a building. I think this would be a cool place to explore and head in the area. The dream begins to become a bit foggy and I hold my awareness. I suddenly teleport to another area in which I'm standing in the middle of a road within a development with large three story houses. I think back to The Village, and wonder if I can find some familiar DCs in the house up ahead. I think about my dream guide briefly but don't pursue the goal. I make my way into the main entrance and suddenly think of invisibility. I will myself to become invisible and float past the DCs - a young boy, a middle-aged woman, and an elderly woman - undetected. I decide to search the cabinets high on the far wall for something to eat (2). I search the first, then move progressively to the right, finding various bags which are half full and seem to contain items like goldfish and cereal. In a high cabinet to the far right I find a bag of what appears to be Cocoa Pebbles and I take it. The DCs don't react and seem oblivious to the fact that I'm in the home. I continue to glide toward the back area of the house. I ascend a small set of stairs and catch a view through the back windows. I see a deep, yet somewhat narrow chasm behind the house and a massive structure made of dark brown brick with dark glass window beyond. I find this to be an interesting area to explore, and drift through the window in the direction of the structure. I float down toward the ground level, then I wake up.

      2. Mirror Study (LD)
      I find myself in a bathroom and my awareness gradually raises. I think back to my previous non-lucid and feel that I should have gotten lucid from the game icons not making sense. Oh, this must be a dream. This is probably a bad idea that I'm peeing! I stop peeing, and make my way to the mirror and I'm lucid. I decide to study what my reflection looks like in the mirror. I look intently, and am surprised at how accurate it is reflected in the dream. I look down for a moment and back up. The image remains somewhat similar, however the area above one of my eyes appears a bit swollen. I make a mental note of appearance of dream reflections. I leave the bathroom and enter into the main room which appears to be the main room in Serrano. The scene is very dark and hazy and I see a large cabinet against the far wall. I begin shouting "Clarity now!" to ramp up vividness. I want it to be more solid, yet it feels a bit unstable. I feel as though I'm starting to wake up, and come awake.

      3. Monastery Stairs (LD)
      I find myself outside of a Buddhist monastery I've done retreat at. I head forward and I start walking up the wooden stairs and realize I'm dreaming. I wonder if the dream characters from a previous scene on the hillside by the monastery will join me. I enter the main room which is situated in the location of the dining hall. The area is divided down the middle by a wall which extends partway down the room. I think about looking for some interesting items as I enter. There are several other DCs to the right, yet I don't go invisible. I wonder if the DCs from the previous scene are coming, and walk back outside for a moment. They aren't coming, so I make my way back inside. I walk a bit farther into the room and notice many cabinets. It appears to be a place where they store supplies for cooking the meals. I search a cabinet, then think that a chocolate bar would be great. I simply imagine it to be in the cabinet above, and find two thin bars, which appear to be Ghiradelli, right next to some Seran wrap. I take two and begin walking to my right. I take a bite of one and it tastes good! I wake up.

      4. In A Room (Lucid Dreamlet)
      *Prior to Monastery Stairs LD. I find myself aware that a room is appearing in front of me and that I have a chance to phase into it. I begin moving my dream body forward a bit. I slip into a non-lucid. In the non-lucid, I'm attempting to recall the period of lucidity.

      (1) My focus wasn't intense enough
      (2) I was in the middle of a somewhat long fast in waking life and was getting hungry!

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