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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Swamp Temple Pillars (LD) 2. Room of Storms (LD) 3. Zazen - RoS (LD) 4. MBR (LD) 5. IW (LD)

      by , 08-27-2023 at 07:43 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Swamp Temple Pillars (LD)
      I'm upstairs in Meadow and I'm thinking about dream journaling. I pull open my laptop and a game is loaded. I see a puzzle with two symbols which are situated within a circular stone tablet with two concentric circles (1). The puzzle seems strange to me, and I click two stones. I decide to nose plug. [I]Did I just breathe?....[I] nose plug I'm dreaming!!!. I'm very excited at the realization and head toward the window, carrying the laptop with me. The screen changes, and the silver laptop begins to play upbeat lofi music. I fly through the second story glass windows and take in the view of the backyard area of the main house in Meadow. It is extremely vibrant and vivid and I'm overwhelmed by the sights. I can see the pool in the center of the yard with brilliant blue water as well as the pool behind. I drift to the left, cranking up the music, feeling a surge of happiness. I fly toward the broken fence and notice an additional small body of water with plants around it. ...that's new...hmm I float toward the front of the house and consider where I want to go. Maybe I can teleport and go visit Glenna...no this area is great and I don't want to lose the dream...maybe I can head to visit Joraggu I turn and begin heading toward the dragon's lair, but I know it's a bit of a distance. Suddenly, the dream destabilizes and goes to a void. This is a perfect time to visit Glenna...let me visualize the temple, either in the mountain or in a forest...I'll go with a forest. I begin visualizing trees, holding onto the image. Suddenly I find myself on a large circular stone slab which is situated in the middle of a swamp. The area feels so ...desolate...remote. I look around and see many gray, large stone pillars with massive diameters. Carvings are etched into the stone, and the site feels like a ritualistic area. There's s stone building towards the back. I glance to the right and see small, colorful plastic seats which appear to be for children, yet the area is abandoned. I continue to gaze around, considering where to go. I wake up.

      2. Room of Storms (LD)
      I feel as though my body is falling asleep and I see a young boy near me. I ask him to aid me as I slip into lucidity. I relax and feel I have the opportunity to slide my dream body off the bed. I encourage the sliding, stand up, and find myself lucid within a small bedroom. I make my way out of the gray room and enter a slightly larger section of the apartment-style area. There appear to be several appliances including microwaves in the kitchen/main room area. I leave the apartment and find myself in a hallway which extends quite far to the right. I reach the end of the hallway and see that there's a large room beyond, with a vaulted ceiling, situated beyond a wide pane of glass. I phase through the pane and enter the room which has many plants plants in reddish hues flanking either side of the room. There's a long bench in the center of the room facing the wall. I sit on the bench and consider meditating. I sit, then shift slightly to the left as I consider if it will destabilize the dream. I hear a storm outside with the peaceful drum of heavy rain and light thunder. I begin zazen. I maintain for a short bit, then come out of it. I wake up.

      *I wake up and consider recording the dream. I decide I'd rather relax and go for another lucid.

      3. Zazen In The Room Of Storms (LD)
      I sense that a dream is forming, relax, and begin to encourage my dream body to slide and stand up. I'm lucid. That was so easy!! I find myself in the same room as the previous dream, excited at how easy it was to become lucid. The dream is a bit blurry, so I begin to shout: "Clarity now!!...stabilize!" several times. The dream becomes far more clear and stable. I engage my sense, especially tactile, intensely and I become far more grounded still. I make my way to the exit of the room once again, and pull my hand in front of me, focusing intently on the hand as a means to stabilize farther. I feel the door knob with great focus as I turn it and open the door. I'm once again in the long hallway, and head right. This time, however, a couple of rooms are open. Of particular interest is a room in the back left which appears to be where a person of importance in the area resides, a teacher of sorts. The room has a deep brown decor and appears to have a chair reserved for office work. I make my way past this door and find myself in front of the wide pane of glass before the room of storms. I consider practicing some advanced skills...how about element manipulation? I attempt conjuring some fire and lightening, yet there aren't' visuals (2). I then think about phasing fully, reflecting on competitions. I phase partially into the wall on the left, then nearly fully. I return to being partially immersed and sense some white and black objects inside the wall which resemble computer chips of sorts. I then phase through the glass and head down onto the bench in the room of storms. I sit down, and suddenly think of a passage from a dream yoga book I'm reading. The thought: Destroy the dream and leave nothing but the truth! comes into my head. The dream begins to rumble slightly, as if a quake is starting beneath me. I feel a sense of nerves as though I might lose the dream and ignore the thought, returning to the scene. I notice a nice mantle in front of me with some decoration including a black Meihana tiki mug. I begin practicing zazen. I go for a moment, stop for a brief moment concerned about destabilization, and return to practice for a moment. I then decide to try to find Glenna. I peer into the room beyond and see what appears to the a room for teaching spiritual aspirants. A meditation cushion is in the center, with a larger cushion to the left - presumably for the teacher - as well as a tetsubin next to it. A large fireplace is situated on the far wall, and the ceiling is vaulted within a massive three story room. I float down towards the meditation cushion, sit down, and notice a tall person approaching. I ask for Glenna. They tell me to wait one moment as they ask a person in a nearby office to the left if she's available. I stand up and walk toward a wall to the left and notice a poster which a character points me toward. There's a staircase that winds to the right then upward and to the left which is made of dark wood to my left. I gaze back at the advertisement which is on a regular piece of white paper. I believe it's Glenna... the middle name is Liux and last name Lucida. It appears to be somewhat of an advertisement for lucid dreams within the dreamworld with sparce, yet corny cosmic decoration. I'm amazed by the face. It looks somewhat like my aunt when she was younger. I consider the advertisement and wonder if I'll be able to meet with Glenna. I wake up.
      *LDs 4 & 5 are actually the first two of the night

      4. Many Blue Rooms (LD)
      I'm speaking to a DC about assisting me in attain lucidity as I go to sleep in the dream. I lay down and see a scene forming in front of me. I begin becoming aware of the dream state and I'm lucid. I find myself within a fairly large square one story room with rooms of all blue. It seems to be a reception area of sorts for a building which displays some type of art form which is unclear. I approach the entryway and see several individuals who appear to be working in the area, receiving visitors. I make my way from the lobby, feeling as though I have a limited time to explore before the dream fades (3). I enter another room, and I get the sense that an important dream character may be nearby. I continue to explore neighboring rooms, which are increasingly smaller as I make my way to the left. The third rooms is quite small and contains a white chair. I head to the left and wake up.

      5. Invisibility Walk (LD
      I continue to follow the group of co-workers that appears to be walking toward a nearby room via large double doors. I suddenly become lucid during the walk down the hallway. I feel it would be interesting to practice invisibility, so I snap my fingers, and the group appears to not even know I'm there. I suddenly want to aid another dream character in becoming invisible and exploring with me. I call to them several times, but they seem oblivious to my verbals, as if the invisibility snap muted me as well. I continue to follow along with the group during my attempts at gaining attention for just a short moment, but feel it's a waste of time so I turn around and begin to explore the area a bit more. The dream destabilizes.

      (1) The dream was following a false awakening after LD#4 (out of order). The tablet seems to be a re-creation of a puzzle from Quern.
      (2) I don't believe I focused enough.
      (3) I'm not sure why I was worried about the dream collapsing soon - possibly it was due to my level of lucidity being lower.

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