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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. Meadow Doors (LD)

      by , 08-28-2023 at 11:02 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Meadow Doors (LD)
      Iím aware as the dream begins to form. The general image of double doors begins to appear, gradually becoming more vivid. I feel that it may be safe to begin moving my dream body and enter into the scene.
      I find myself in the front of the main house in Meadow, facing the main door, happy to be lucid. I decide to fly outside and start the adventure! I float through the doors and fly up a bit. I decide Iíd rather go somewhere else since Iíve been in Meadow quite a bit latel I turn to my right and simply phase through the brick wall next to the front doors. I appears quickly in front of a white, sliding closet double doors. The dream begins to fade and I wake up.

      The last two hours of sleep were quite light. I had a couple situations where a dream was beginning to form, yet I wasnít able to enter as I would begin to wake up.