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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Third Floor Tomes (LD) 2. Dark Woods Wand (LD) 3. Just My Subconsious (LD)

      by , 08-30-2023 at 07:30 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Third Floor Tomes (LD)
      I find myself sitting on a dark couch in a dim room. This feels...dreamlike Nose plug...nose plug
      I'm lucid and begin considering what to do, feeling the excitement. It feels a bit dim, so I shout "Clarity! clarity!" truly wanting the dream to become more vivid and stable. I then shout "stability!" and the dream begins to become both more stable and vivid. I consider meditating, but feel that I've been doing that a lot in lucids lately, and that I'll do something else. I walk up to a nearby counter. I begin narrating to engage working memory and say
      "this is going to last one hour... last an hour".
      I decide to leave the area by teleporting, and possibly finding a dream guide. I think of element manipulation, but don't bother trying to shoot fireballs. I see a dark door in the back and I head toward it to teleport. I head toward the back wall, phase through and enter a bright scene in full daylight. There's a two to three story brick structure roughly 30 meters away, situated on the far side of an asphalt lot. I remind myself I'm in full control, and can simply fly wherever I want with control. I raise up and head toward it. I mentally adjust how I'm moving my dream body - a dance between feeling that I'm moving toward the destination and that the destination is moving toward me. The dream begins to pull me upward, yet I remind myself I'm in control and swoop down. I turn toward building on the opposite side. There are several stories, complete with ornate cream colored balconies. I swoop down and land gracefully on the second story. I enter the building and begin to explore. I notice that there are several rooms on the floor, daylight streaming in the window, creating a yellow/orange hue. The doors are close and it seems to be a dorm type setting. I consider looking for what DCs are inside. I enter the first room and notice some ruffled covers. No one is there, so I enter the second room. I pull the covers back and notice a dark skinned female I don't recognize. I then decide to look for H. I enter the third room which has artwork on the door, seemingly done with various colors of crayon. I enter, pull back the sheets, and see a figure who looks like H. I small alien type creature then comes out and I back away. I say that she looks a bit like my wife. She states;
      "Most people are fooled by that"
      I feel relieved, and decide to explore more. I think of finding a tome to use as a dream item for element manipulation. I ask:
      "Do you know where I can find a tome shop"
      She states that there is a store nearby, similar to Best Buy. I think it's silly decide I don't want to venture that far into the dreamscape. I appreciate how long the dream is lasting and how stable it is. I feel like I can just hang out in these worlds... I then say to the dream:
      "Last an hour"
      I head out, deciding to travel to the third floor, imagining that it's a wizard's quarters - one who has tomes. I make my way to the third floor by floating up a spiral staircase. I think I'm waking up, but slip into a non-lucid.

      2. The Dark Woods Wand (LD)
      I walk to the next room which has white walls and double windows with blinds at the far end. I'm thinking about wanting to get lucid
      Maybe...this is a dream
      I begin to look more intently at the environment, picking up on the dream-life quality of the windows. I'm dreaming!
      I turn around and head toward the room prior, considering what to do. I jog my memory, pulling up several dream goals, but don't have a location I want to teleport to immediately. I decide to enter the farthest room, where I believe more co-workers are. I sense my boss is there and feel it would be very interesting to ask her a question I make my way to the far end of the room, which has many tall brown standing desks strewn around. I don't see her, but sense she's to my sharp left. I turn and see her working feverishly at a standing work station. I walk over and ask her why she works so hard...why she does what she does. She essentially states that it's in her nature, how she's designed. She doesn't break concentration from her tasks as she explains, moving back and forth between various tasks on her desk. I make my way to the fart back right of the room and decide to teleport, phasing into the wall. I feel that I'm spinning rapidly, and feel that I may emerge on a ship caught in a maelstrom. I suddenly end up in Meadow, facing the Dark Woods. I see the pool in the center and the shed beyond, and simply fly past them, deciding to explore the Dark Woods. I see the dark edge of the woods and fly into the woods. Surprisingly, once I penetrate the outer layer, there is plenty of sunlight entering into the Dark Woods. Another body of water, similar to the pool, is directly in front of me. Beyond it, massive piles of what appears to be dirt have thousands of buzzing insects flying above. Two are situated in front of me and I exercise caution, floating beyond. I see a gray colored structure in the back of this area and decide to explore. I decide that this area contains a wizard of sorts who is possession of a wand. I feel that I can use this wand for element manipulation. I enter the building and hear the clinking of what appears to be a knight patrolling the area, on guard duty. I get the sense that it's animated armor. I snap my fingers, becoming invisible. I enter farther into the building, evading the animated armor, and ducking behind the first wall in the center area. I think of drinking hot chocolate, reflecting on scoring points in competition. i imagine a mug on the counter above me, grab a mug and drink a bit. It doesn't taste like much, but I'm not focusing too much on it. I exit the room through back door and make my way into an upper area which contains living quarter. To the right is a small passage which leads upward via very tight stairs I squeeze through the entrance, make a sharp right, and begin squeezing through the right of two small ladders upward. I sense a family above along with a dark wizard of sorts. I wake one of the two boys in the back and he approaches, yet doesn't see me due to invisibility. I continue to squeeze up, constrained by the sides and making noise, as he heads down the other way. I enter the small attic space and see a room to my right containing a baby sleeping. I decide the wand isn't there. I walk into the back right room containing a large bed with two sleeping figure, one of which is the wizard. I had to the far side of the bed, reach under, yet don't materialize anything. I imagine intently a chest is there, containing the wand. I reach underneath, pull out a dark wooden box, flip the lip, and remove the black cushioning layer. I take out the dark, rosewood color wand and begin to turn to phase through the wall to escape the room. I rouse the dark wizard and he grabs my wrist or slap something onto it. I begin to phase through the wall, thinking of the Mountain Temple.
      I believe I'm waking up, but have a false awakening.

      3. My Subconscious (LD)
      I stand up fully in front of the two dream characters I'm speaking to, my awareness beginning to raise. I suddenly realize I'm in a dream. I say something similar to:
      "Later guys I'm going to explore"
      I begin flying upward and head a bit to my right, feeling the excitement and freedom. I turn to my left and see many DCs sitting at square metal tables, which extend out into the street. They appear to be outdoor patrons of a cafe, hanging out and talking. 'm feeling a bit silly and whimsical, and decide to shout out at the group:
      "F*** you guys!", laughing to myself
      Crowd: "What?..what...?"
      The groups are confused, and begins to whisper amongst themselves in hushed tones.
      "Relax guys, you're just my subconscious
      I see a built tan guy at one of the back tables, turning to talk to another DC.
      I consider what to ask the dream/DCs.
      "What is the best thing for me to be doing in my life?"
      I wait a few seconds, yet there's no immediate response.
      I wake up.

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