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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. Telekinesis and Scorpion Form (LD)

      by , 09-18-2023 at 10:46 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I turn over and see a wooden table and wonder if I need to get up for work. I notice dream glow and become lucid. I can probably just stand up and enter the dream… I stand up and I’m in a bedroom which resembles one in Syrano. The dream is a bit dim, so I shout “Clarity Now!” and begin rubbing the carpet. I think of a way to exit and consider the wall, yet decide on the curtains since I can see outside first by pulling them back. I pull the curtains back and notice the thick glass behind them as well as the daylight and yard beyond. I phase through the thick glass and find myself in the backyard of the main house in Meadow. I head down the concrete walkway a bit a think of some dream control. I notice my left eye is shut a bit and figure it’s my sleeping body. I shout for clarity, drop down and rub the floor, stand back up, and the vision issue is resolved. I then try element manipulation. As I look up, I see a massive crescent moon in the sky slightly to my left. I begin to think of conjuring tornados but decide to try fireballs a different way. I begin conjuring at my side and go to hurl one, yet just see wisps of smoke approach the fence. I turn to my right and see a vivid stop sign descending from above (1). I see a large gnarled tree to my right and I begin climbing. I actually feel my lats straining hard as I pull my dream body up. I take in the sights around, then float back down to the steps behind the main house. A group of young kids is sitting on the concrete steps leading into the house, eating from a large big bucket of chicken wings. They offer me some, and I have a bite. They’re extra gooey and taste really good! There’s a lot of thick sauce on them. I head away from this area and back toward the fence, beginning to think about transformation. I look at my shadow and see my dream body elongating vertically into what appears to be an insectoid shape. I don’t quite like the idea and begin to think of other ideas as I head through the gate and feel my body extending from front to back into a massive shape. I look in my shadow and notice the shape of a massive scorpion. I curve left toward the driveway and imagine a giant stinger coming down in front of me and crushing into the driveway surface – only faint wisps appear. I continue to head down the driveway, reverting to my humanoid dream body. Once on the driveway, I think of levitation meditation. I cross my legs and float up in meditation. I reflect on how my control in the dreamworld is increasing and I’m happy about it. I land, walk a bit farther down and see a yellow car coming down the street from the left. I immediately think: mass telekinesis! I focus my attention and remind myself that everything is simply…my mind. This is all my mind. I imagine the car moving and guide it with my mind to swerve and lift off the ground a bit and it hits into the house. Yes! I float down toward the car and into the Village section of Meadow. The houses are gray and have a very ‘boxy’ shape to them. There’s a bit of light glowing from the windows of many of the homes. I see a few DCs pass by and a couple enter the house. I tell one that I’m going to head in with them. I make my way into the house which is slightly gray, heading toward the back. I climb some stairs and snap my fingers to go invisible, avoiding a DC’s gaze. She seems to hear something a moment later and begins looking for me. I phase partially into the wall to avoid her, then realize I’m wasting my time hear. I phase out and leave the house. The dream begins to fade a bit, so I begin to rub the street vigorously. I say:
      “I’m dreaming…I’m dreaming… I’m dreaming”
      I reappear in a second story room and head toward the next room. I think of element manipulation for a moment, but ignore it for the time being. I phase through a window and toward an alleyway situated in an elevated area against a building. I seem quite a few pipes and head farther down this area, and brick walls comprising the outsides of all the nearby buildings I use telekinesis on a small metalic object, then try to use super speed to speed to head farther down into the industrial area to the right. It doesn’t quite work, as I try to alter my visual perception. I rise upward and begin to fly far to the left and get a memory of Hufik’s dream journal. The dream begins to fade a bit, but I hold awareness and begin to fly back a bit. I reappear in a factory type setting which somewhat resembles the equipment from the previous room. I walk a bit farther and notice a massive square piece of machinery made of solid metal. It’s colored yellow and blue. I set my mind to use mass TK and move it over and into the gap ahead. Music from the autumn competition video begins to play! I continue to fly to the left, but soon wake up.

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