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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Midnight Cars (LD) 2. Dancing Shiva Statue (LD) 3. Shrine Top in Meadow (LD)

      by , 09-21-2023 at 10:04 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Midnight Cars (LD)
      I roll over in bed and it feels…dreamlike. This could always be a dream. Nose plug. I’m lucid darkness and stand up in what seems to be a bedroom. I move my dream body around although I can’t quite see around the room. I shout “Clarity now!”. I begin to see some bits of light and walk in that direction, soon noticing a square window starting to appear with dim bluish light pouring though. I phase through and float outside. The scene outside is very vivid and I see a few mint sports cars parked in a wide driveway situated between three large houses which seem to be four stories tall, and in excellent condition with a dark sheen to the outside. The scene reminds me of a previous lucid scene. I consider taking one of the sports cars for a drive, but decide against it. I decide to start levitating upward in meditation position, and remain there for a moment taking in a view of the surroundings. I begin to think of dream goals, then decide to explore a bit. I fly up into the tall structure in front of me and phase though a window. I find myself in an upscale office area of sorts. I think of the chocolate shop dream goal and begin to search in various rooms within the office area, expecting a chocolate shop, yet the rooms each have sparse décor. I continue exploring for a bit, entering many different rooms within the structure, yet the dream fades.

      2. Dancing Shiva Statue (LD)
      I’m talking to an older lady on the second story of a building. She’s explaining that she’s teaching lucid dreaming. I ask her when she had her first, and she said tonight. That makes no sense.
      I’m lucid and quickly fly through the wall to the left. I take in the scene under the bright sun as I curve to the left. I see a building to my right extending into what appears to be the clouds; I’m unable to see the ground. On the roof of the structure is a large, dark brown Hindu statue of the dancing Shiva. I find the statue extremely interesting and I feel a strong sense of wonder. I fly past the roof top and curve farther to the right. I see a roof top area beyond a very tall glass wall. I phase through and see many dark skinned people, possibly of Indian descent, lounging on beach chairs. I fly past the first few, which are all different ages, then study the face of the last which is quite vivid – she’s an older lady. I leave this area and phase into the building via the wall in front of me. The area is quite dark and I make my way to the back of what appears to be a kitchen area. I begin to hear co-workers chatting about a project that needs to be done. I snap to go invisible and head to the back. I see a few co-workers behind me, but they don’t seem to notice that I’m there. They continue talking about setting up the kitchen for a gathering that’s approaching
      I then hear my boss:
      “We can have E do it.” Crap
      I instinctively raise my arm and free time. All the DCs freeze in place. I begin grabbing a bunch of glasses and plates and throwing them toward the table, each landing neatly. This is nonsense…why am I wasting time doing this? I can do whatever I want. I leave and fly through the door at the end of the room. And begin to explore another office building type area. I make my way from room to room I make my way farther down, then phase through a wall in the back in the dim light. I find myself in a large warehouse type area with gray walls which is several stories tall. I begin to float downward. I imagine myself going into dragon from and feel myself extending and my wings beating against the air. I then catch my reflection and notice myself in humanoid form. I shouldn’t have looked at the reflection. I explore the room for a bit, yet he dream soon fades

      3. Shrine Top in Meadow (LD)
      I’m in the basement in meadow, in the pantry area. Something just…don’t make sense…why am I here…this looks off. Nose plug…breathe…hmmm. Nose plug…breathe….no way, is this really a dream…am I pinching right? I alter my pinching…breathe. . It really is a dream! I head toward the stairs and face the wall. Everything is still very dark. I begin to press my arm into the wall and feel a bit of resistance before my arm sinks in followed by a portion of my body. I leave the wall and head upstairs, very slowly, taking in the experience. I hear voices at the kitchen table. I snap to go invisible as I don’t feel like interacting with DCs. Mom looks in my direction, yet right through me, and I head in the direction and make a left without the group seeing me. I realize I don’t have pants. Man…I know it doesn’t matter…but I feel like I should get pants before flying around…this feels awkward. I can feel the cool air against my legs. I make my way into the side room and turn to view what’s on the countertop. I see some of cookies that mom makes on the counter, amidst a lot of clutter. Everything looks so real...I wouldn’t eat this in waking life, but I’ll try it. I take a sugar cookie and bite. It taste good and the taste is accurate! I see a chocolate chip finger cookie next to it and begin to head out the door, continuing to chew. I hear my parent in the background talking about my dad’s uncle. I go through the open door, chocolate chip cookie in hand, and close the door quietly to not stir the DCs. The edge of a large garbage back gets caught in the door and makes some noise. My dad calls to have me take out the trash…nope.
      I fly upward continuing to chew on the sugar cookie. My mouth feels really full. This is what it always starts to feel like when I eat in dreams. I wonder what’s going on with my mouth in my real body. Maybe I can imagine spitting it out. I start to feel less contents in my mouth. I fly farther upward and take in the view of the roof of the neighboring structure, which I’ve never seen. There appears to be a pool on the roof, with a strong shimmer to the water. The roof appears to be beyond a thin wall of glass. This dream feel stable, and like it’ll continue for a while. May be I can explore that area of meadow as I look into the far distance. I fly a bit farther then wake up (1).

      It’s interesting that I woke up at my exact usual time, although I set my alarm clock ahead a few minutes.