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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Sliding Into Syrano II (LD) 2. Zen Garden in Orchid (LD) 3. Nocturnia (LD)

      by , 09-30-2023 at 02:11 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Sliding Into Syrano II
      I'm aware as I lay in bed, realizing I'm dreaming and that I may be able to enter the scene. I relax and begin encouraging my dream body to slide as Daniel Love's advice from a talk comes to my mind. I continue to slide and begin to mentally encourage my dream body to stand up and begin walking into the scene. I'm in the bedroom in the Syrano main house and it's a very accurate recreation of my room in waking life. I approach the nearby table and study the contents, one item of which is a small travel mug like in waking life. I rub the table a bit to stabilize. I leave the room and enter the main room, which once again is recreated very accurately. I look ahead and want the dream to be more vivid, so I shout "Claritiy Now!" The dream becomes slightly more vivid, but as I walk forward I get the sensation that I'm waking up.

      *False Awakening
      2. Zen Garden in Orchid (LD)
      I'm laying in bed, thinking that I just woke up. I begin to look around critically. This doesn't make sense...this isn't my room... I'm lucid. I get out of bed in the dark room. and walk of the small platform. I sink into what appears to be dense black goo. I sink further but eventually will myself to float up and ascend above. I see some lamp on a small ledge in the distance. I use telekinesis to move one of the small lamps and it floats to the wall to the right. Another lamp remains behind it - an afterimage of sorts. I turn around and float toward the wall which has a window. I think back to some of Sivason's advice on summoning. I imagine a few items I'd like to find. I then imagine the scene I'd like to find, encouraging the scene to have an orange hue. Suddenly a burst of orange light emanates from the window. I phase through the window and enter a beautiful scene in twilight which appears to be a zen garden. Large white rocks are sitting in the center of a small courtyard with dirt underneath. A one story white building, somewhat resembling a zen monastery wraps around the zen garden (1). I look for cocoa for a moment, but don't find any. I look to my right and see a massive structure which appears to be living quarters of sorts - I recognize the area from a past dream. I wonder if the area on the first floor ahead is the room of storms. I float forward, imagining there will be a shop in that area as well and want to explore in the first floor area ahead, but decide to curve to the right to explore the area to the right which feels like a cross between a cave and a parking structure. I enter the area and begin to reflect on the quality of my awareness, increasing my focus. I curve right and begin exploring the cave area further, looking for a dream character to ask about the area. I continue to curve around in a circle which progress inward toward the center. Once I make my way fully around, I see that there's a bit of an opening into a room and I get the sense that there are several dream characters managing something in the area beyond. As I enter, I feel that I'm waking up.

      *False Awakening
      3. Nocturnia (LD)
      I'm laying in bed and think about recording my previous lucids. I see a co-worker and she asks me do do something. This...doesn't make sense... Nose plug - I'm lucid. I turn to face the corner of the room and think about casting a fireball. I hold my hands to the side and get a sense that there's energy being generated between my hands, that fire is churning. I extend my hand anticipating the fireball. I see my hand extend and wisps of faint wisps of smoke against the far wall. I approach the window and once again will that a scene with an orange glow lay beyond. As I go to phase through widow, I encounter a mesh screen of sorts that bends and prevents me me from phasing thorough it. I eventually phase thorough an see a beautiful, otherworldly city beginning to form from a slightly blurred visual. It becomes very clear and I begin descend into the scene, cast under the night sky. There are several massive structures appearing as cathedrals of sorts, each with a an emblem containing a crescent moon and several small stars in the center. I get the mental impression the place is named Nocturnia and I want the area to become persistent. I feel a sense of awe and wonder. I head toward the largest structure which is straight ahead. I consider which floor to enter into and decide on the first floor. Once I enter I have the option to go left, yet continue into the main area straight ahead - a circular room with a massive vaulted ceiling and a round sitting area in the center in which a counsel seems to be gathered. I make my way inside to introduce myself and take in the faces, many of which appears to be middle aged. They are men and there's one boy among them. I introduce myself, yet they don't seem interested. I seem one of the men to my left has a sweater with a circular logo in the center with several colorful legos within - I find it strange. They seem to be a bit annoyed. I float outward, then feel that I'm bound by invisible shackles on ankles. I unable to move any farther and get pulled back slightly. I can't escape the area. I use strength to pry the left one off, then stand up and imagine cutting through the right one with an invisible blade. It doesn't work on the first attempt, but on the second I'm freed. I float to the side room and two DCs follow me. One DC is holding two guns and holds a gun to my head, then another approaches carrying another gun which I grab. I begin laughing at the DC holding the gun to me and look at him calmly.
      "I'm in my dream body... you can't do anything" I say while I continue to laugh. I wake up.

      (1) I believe this area is Orchid, but need to explore it a bit more.

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