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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Frog (LD) 2. The Metropolis (LD)

      by , 09-09-2023 at 01:48 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 8

      1. Frog (LD)
      I’m aware as I’m in bed, looking at a door at the end a small hallway at the end of a room.
      I have to be careful sliding into this scene; I don’t want to lose it.
      I cautiously begin to encourage my dream body to slide out of bed and into the scene. I stand up and begin moving forward. I head down the corridor, and think of full transformation. I begin to imagine Djinn transformation and see a turban in the shadow on the floor in front of me. I’ve been doing that too much lately…how about a cat? I begin to shrink down to a very small size. I feel my front limbs in front of me. I want to check the image in the mirror to my left, so I hop up. Instead of a cat, I see….a frog in the reflection! I walk a bit farther forward and check my reflection once again in the full body mirror to my right. This time I see a creepy zombie figure, with grayish streaks on the skin, blackened teeth, and a mouth that is ‘hissing’ gazing back at me – essentially a zombie me with only the front half of the body. It actually doesn’t bother me or creep me out one bit – I simply find it amusing and move on. I move into the next room and the scene gets brighter. I’m on the first floor of a house with a kitchen to my right, a sliding glass door in front of me, and a hallway to my left leading to another room. I can basic summon a cocoa machine and earn come points! Two appliances, one appearing to be an espresso machine, is within view. I can’t use that - I need to imagine one nearby. I imagine that as I turn to my right, another appliance will be there. I turn and see a small black appliance which looks like a small K-cup coffee machine. I click the button and it turns on. I search for a mug in the wooden cabinet above and place it under. Vivid black liquid begins coming out, but it looks more like coffee. I mentally encourage it to become more like cocoa and it starts emitting a very dark brown, frothy liquid which appears to be steaming slightly. I begin walking and take a sip. It tastes pretty good – like a mocha which is more on the chocolate side; there’s barely any hints of coffee. I continue toward the central area and begin consider some dream goals. I imagine pulling out the Dark Woods Wand. I see a faint image of it in my periphery, yet it fades as I draw it up. I try once again, yet the image fades. I see some items strewn about the room and go for telekinesis, yet they don’t budge. I then turn my attention toward phasing and teleporting. I phase through the glass, into the yard in the back of the home. I look for some brick nearby. I phase in, yet simply pop out on the other side. I begin looking for corners to phase into, where the brick would essentially be thicker. The same issue happens again. Instead of phasing, it’s almost as though the interior is revealed, like a glitch in a video game. I try a third time before heading a bit farther into the yard. I wake up.

      2. The Metropolis (LD)
      I’m looking into a mirror and see the reflection of a sage-type character. I have asian features, am shorter in stature, and appear elderly. I get the attention of a teacher figure in the room.
      I continue to look at my reflection in the mirror.
      “It appears that this would be real”. I show my hands counting five finger.
      “But if you look more closely…” My head turns into a horse head.
      I turn to the right and notice the ‘dream glow’. This is a dream! I turn back to the dream character.
      “Now we need to score some points. I need to teleport”.
      I phase through the mirror, yet end up in a similar looking room. I try to phase into the next mirror, but once again end up in a similar looking room. I need to try the wall. I phase into the wall and the scene goes black. I begin visualizing the druid sanctuary, but nothing materializes for quite a while. I hold, maintaining awareness in the void. I then decide to imagine a simple, barren setting: the desert. I lay down and imagine myself standing up in a sand-swept scene. All of a sudden, as I rise, I see small pockets of sand dunes to my left. I then see a large truck further to the left and a train in front of me. I look further and see a massive metropolis spreading in all directions. A brown brick building ahead and to the left reminds me slight of the structure from my elementary school. I look around further to see a mix of absolutely enormous temple structures – possibly one hundred to one hundred fifty stories or so tall with massively wide foundations – fixed in with more futuristic, steel structures. The scene is within he middle of a sunny day with few clouds.
      “Oh my God!” I’m swept away by how vivid the scene is. It looks as vivid as real life, yet has more of a glowing sheen to it. I wonder if this will become a persistent realm… I think as I continue to take in all the buildings stretching as far as the eye can see. I see one very interesting steel, cube shaped building with a massive orb on the top. I gaze into a section with massive buildings of various sizes and attempt mass telekinesis on a large square building built of brown brick. It doesn’t budge after two attempts .I turn around and begin flying to explore the metropolis and soar upward. I enter into the first building and weave my way forward and back to a back room. It appears to be a warehouse. I should basic summon and get some cocoa!...I’ve been doing that too much…a chocolate bar?....I’ve been doing that too much too. I see many stacks of boxes which look like cereal. I’ll go for some Fruit Loops! I imagine that as I make my way around the corner in the dim room I”ll find a Fruit Loop box. Nope…those are just cheerios I think as I see a white box with the cheerios logo. I look around the corner a bit further and see a colored box with Tucan Sam. I don’t want to waste any time, so I pick up the box, shove my hand directly ithrough the top and the bag and begin eating them. They taste pretty good! Just a bit muted. My mouth begins to feel extremely full. This always happens in dreams…I’ll just ignore it. I decide to continue exploring with the box, munching to ground the dream. I see two tall figures in the warehouse near a window. One turns to look at me. I should use invisibility – that’ll earn some points. I snap my fingers and the massie dream character looks right through me. I walk to the window, but his foot bumps into mine as he begins moving. He begins to notice I’m there. I should use some super strength. I grab the seven foot figure by the wrist with one arm and begin to swing him wildly from one extreme of a swing to the other, pounding him into the ground. He become immobilized. The other worker comes to check on him. I then head to the window, but feel I’ve been a bit rough. I realize he’s just a part of my mind, but I feel I shouldn’t be so violent toward these aspects of myself. I walk over to the immobilized figure, place my right hand on his back, and begin channeling a healing energy into him. I wonder if healing will earn point as ‘other dream control’ in competition. The figure begins to stir. He looks up on the ground in front of him, where his previously dislodged cell phone now lays. I look up and begin heading toward the window. I wake up.

      I’m in a room that resembles a college classroom with several rows of long white tables lined up, students seated at each. I have a Brandon Sanderson book in my hands which I’m reading. I see all the other students pull out the same book. I’m surprised by it, yet get excited and begin talking to the student to my left about how good the book is as she opens to chapter one. The teacher begins lecturing about the book.

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