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    Concrete Dive

    by , 11-03-2016 at 10:13 PM (310 Views)
    I'm staring at the sliding glass door on M Street, and I suddenly realize I'm in a dream. I continue to look at the vividness of the glass doors as I gaze into the backyard. I decide to phase through, and glide through the glass effortlessly. I walk out onto the patio outside and look all around at the details. It's mid-day and there's sunlight in the backyard. I look around at some of the bushes in front of me, and take in all the shapes and tiers. I consider walking ahead, but I feel I've gone into this area in too many LDs. I look right to the small garden and fence and decide against flying up to the right as I've gone in that direction before to. I decide to try to teleport by diving through the tan concrete right below me. I look down and dive right into the concrete, yet the dream goes into a void as soon as I do so. I continue to wait in this state within vision for a couple minutes reminding myself that the next scene will begin. I maintain awareness, and remain patient. I soon wake up in bed for the day.
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