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    Crimson Plant; Sunflower; Green Couches

    by , 11-13-2016 at 12:47 AM (285 Views)
    1. I'm exiting a dream and have a thought that If I were in a dream I'd realize I was dreaming. The understanding I'm in a dream hits me and I become lucid. There are no visuals and everything is a dark blur. Visuals kick in all of a sudden and I'm in the front of the house on M street, in the grass in the middle of the night. The night time atmosphere is very peaceful and I'm looking toward the exapanse of grass as well as the tree to my right. I consider going to the left to the area I went to in a previous lucid, an area which contains the Growing Red Tree of Life, but decide to go in a new direction. I walk a short distance in the grass and come upon a bush with dim yet shining spiked leaves. I keep repeating "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming..Focus Focus". I continue rubbing hands and making sure I'm grounded. I shout to the dream: "What is my greatest joy?" yet there is no response. I continue in the front yard for a bit. The visuals cut out and I place my hands on the ground. I think of a Xanous lucid where he stabilized a great lucid by making out with the sidewalk. I bend down and kiss the dream floor which has no visuals. I stay a bit longer in the void then enter a vivid non lucid for a short period.

    I enter an intebetween state and have thoughts which question how I would know if I were dreaming

    I soon find myself in the kitchen area in Via San and become lucid spontaneously. I think I could go for some dream goals, but realize I could explore the front and grab some cacao slabs before I head out. I grab some big bags of cacao and begin making a trip to the front doors. There's a greening hue glowing through the double glass doors to my left in the middle of the night. I turn and continue to the front door. I decide against fading through the glass and make it more difficult by phasing on an angle through the thick non-transparent wall. I pop out in the front and consider going to my left toward a tree. I decide instead on heading right since I've never been there in a lucid. I decide against flying. I think about stabilization and turn to a small tree to my right with big yellow and black sunflowers growing off of the branches. I reach out and feel the vivid texture and smell the full fragrance and am intrigued. I continue on and consider trying some of the chocolate. I walk a bit further in the grass, yet the dream fades, and I keep reminding myself I'm dreaming as I rub hands. the dream soon fades.

    [COLOR="#000080"]I realize I'm dreaming spontaneously within a void state. I stay in the blackness for a short period, and think back to a podcast about Astral Projection. I decide I need to head back to my body and project. I enter a slightly different state of awareness, and separate from what I perceive as a sleeping body. I appear in an area - which appears to be via san - with green couches. I walk up appreciatin the realism and feel the texture of the couches for a bit to stabilize.[COLOR="#000080"] The dream soon fades

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