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    Dream Body of Light

    by , 05-13-2023 at 11:22 PM (118 Views)
    I have a dream where I'm draving down a three lane highway and I'm about to crash. I have a false awakening on my couch and I'm super grateful that I'm alive and it was jus a dream. Then I realize I'm dreaming! With the realization I shoot out of my dream body in another body which is glowing with light. I am up about 7 feet in the air and a loud celestial song of sorts plays. I lower back to the floor, standing, and my dream eyes are closed. I feel that if I open them too rapidly, it'll stir me awake in real life. I take a few steps forward, then begin opening them slowly and see the blinds covering the windows. I then feel as though I am waking, and have a false awakening. The dream then transitions to a period of a dream in the same room.
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