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    The Glowing Building (LD)

    by , 04-13-2024 at 03:52 PM (48 Views)
    The Glowing Building (LD)
    Iím meditating by a window and my eyes open. I wonder when Iíll get lucid again. I stand and head toward the opposite end of a room, which appears to be part of an apartment. I begin to sense that Iím moving through a dream Iím lucid. I turn back around and head toward the edge of the room with the large glass window. I feel a sense of excitement as I head toward the window and I'm interested in exploring toward the glowing building in the far distance.. I head back over to the window and set my sights on the building, glowing orange in the dark of night, some forty stories below. I phase through the large glass window and begin flying out toward it. It's pretty far away. I don't want to risk destabilizing the dream. I should fly to it really quickly. I get ready to zoom toward the building. I focus solely on the image and imagine myself zooming toward it rapidly as it simultaneously rushes toward me. I approach it at rapid speeds and I'm suddenly right in front of it. I float down slowly as I approach the entrance. I wake up.
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