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    Gravity Walk (LD)

    by , 04-03-2024 at 01:26 AM (86 Views)
    Gravity Walk
    I continue to walk next to Han through the shopping area. The lights illuminating the sides of the building have a glowing aura. This looks…dreamlike…. I tune into the feel of gravity throughout my body. My hands feel a bit heavy and my body feels a bit…light…This feels kind of normal…something's off…I turn around. I’m lucid. I take in the sites of the outdoor area. The area I’m situated in now doesn’t quite have the same ‘dream glow’ and bright lights illuminating the walls of the shops. As I glance back, I notice the area that I just past, with the shops continuing to glow off-white in the night. Han continues to walk ahead, talking to me about something. She’s moving very quickly and rapidly ascends a large stone staircase that’s on the right, quite a bit far ahead. I fly in the direction after her.
    I reach the foot of the staircase, and she’s already disappearing around the turn at the top.
    Whatever… it’s just a dream. I’m going to just do stuff for the competition. What should I work on? I already did my three step…
    I turn and notice the dream scene behind me getting quite dim. It appears that the previously lavish outdoor shopping area is now barren; the walls are plain and the area feels desolate.
    I’ll just teleport to Haven.
    I quickly fly into a wall a few meters away from me and phase inside. I begin repeating Haven Haven in mind as I visualize Haven Peaks. After a moment, I wake up.
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    1. Harlequin's Avatar
      This feels kind of normal…somethings off…
      Classic dream logic, lol