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    Hotel and Focus

    by , 05-25-2023 at 11:24 PM (81 Views)
    I find myself on a couch and get the feeling I may be in a dream. I will myself to move over to the edge and begin sliding. I say “I’m lucid” several time and find myself standing up easily. I’m in what appears to be a hotel room at night. There’s a long dreser to the left and a very large bed to the right with ruffled covers which are pulled back slightly and large ruffled pillows as well. I take a few steps, considering finding a DC, but decide not to get distracted and instead focus on dream goals. I consider finding my dream sanctuary. I look up attempting to raise my awareness and say “focus” several times. I think to a Trevor Hall song, but decide to ignore it as it brings up a silly frame of mind with the lyrics. I reflect on my dream sanctuary goal. I look up and notice a large amalgamation of blankets which looks almost like a throne. There’s a conical top that appears almost like a canopy portion. The dream soon fades.
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