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    Mass Telekenesis (LD)

    by , 08-17-2023 at 11:35 PM (128 Views)
    I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom area in Syrano.
    Man… no lucid tonight…and I finally slept well. Let me ramp up self-awareness…I should nose-plug too since I just got up…
    I’m dreaming! I feel a burst of excitement and make my way back into the room. Everything is very dark, and I get a faint glimpse of blinds. I head toward them in the haze, yet as I try to phase through them, it’s as if they simply move a bit further and I’m unable to move my dream body quickly. I want the dream to become clearer, so I demand it by shouting “Clarity Now!” a couple times. The dreams becomes a bit clearer and I phase through the glass area easily. I end up in what appears to be the first floor of a large house, in a room with an open concept with many plants all around There are many light cream colored couches throughout the central area, and the room extends to what appears to be a dining area to the right. I make my way farther into the room and enter the next section. The dream feels quite stable and is quite vivid at this point. I begin considering what to do and want to explore a bit more. I make my way into another area of the house farther ahead. The area is essentially an extension of the house, filled with many pieces of furniture and area to sit. At the edge of the room appears to be a small kitchen area with an area to cook, resembling a fire pit, in the middle. I see wooden cabinets up above the counter tops, and consider going for some chocolate bars. I decide this is a distraction, and turn around realizing I should pursue some dream goals. I head to the right and think of element manipulation. I try fire, wind, then ice, yet visuals don’t quite appear. I head a bit further into the dreamscape, which feels like a scaled down metropolis in the night. I approach the edge of a ledge, and see a bird take flight up and to my right, over the massive gap toward the concrete ledge on the far side. I consider shapeshifting into a bird expect myself to shapeshift. I feel myself shrink a bit and rise up into the air. I look to the ground to my far left and see a shadow which still appears to be humanoid, however. I think it looks silly, so I decide to transform into Djinn form. I instantly see my shadow transform into a massive form with enormous arms and shoulders, long thin beard traveling down to mid-chest. The lower portion of my body transitions into what appears to be wisps of smoke, as if a genie coming out of a lamp. I feel a surge of power run through me. I float a bit farther into the scene in this form and consider channeling lightning. The first time doesn’t yield visualize, and the second is simply very faint wisps. I move forward more and simply transition back to humanoid form by ignoring Djinn form. I make my way forward and to the left, thinking about telekinesis. I see a pile of sticks on the ground and I’m able to move it easily. I then do another pile even higher with ease. I'm happy with how awesome it feels. I then see several large bikes of different colors and try to move them with telekinesis. I’m unable to at first, but remind myself verbally, “E, everything in this dream is just your mind… everything here is your mind…you can do whatever you want”. I’m then able to move the bikes easily into the air. I walk a bit further into the community and see large houses, roughly four stories tall. I stick my hand out for telekinesis and move one of the four story structures easily into the air. I continue walking, rotating the massive structure quickly and with ease, pulling it slightly to the right through the dream sky. I simply let it go and transition to another area of the small metropolis. I enter an outdoor hangout spot which appears to be a conglomeration of house furniture and cabinets. Several young DCs are hanging out and I begin to search for some chocolate bars. I search a few cabinets, yet only find household items like aluminum foil. I find this strange as I expected that expectations alone would yield chocolate bars. I ask one of the girls for a chocolate bar, and she informs me that there are two bars next to a coffee machine. I look in the area and find two bars which resembles the brown packaged bars from the Hu company. I take a bar and begin walking. I turn to a couple nearby DCs and start talking about how my body is sleeping, and what it’s like to be in the waking world. I explain that there are many things that need to be taken care of in the waking world, and this place is more relaxed. I ask about how their experience in the dreamworld is. I look up toward the top windows of one of the houses in front of me and see a few DCs hanging out. I want to start a conversation, but think it would be cool to find H in the dream. I ask them if they know where she is, and they inform me that she’s a bit behind me in one of the nearby houses. I decide not to go in this area however as I feel it would take too long.I then think about how long the lucid is, and how simply it is just to stay in the dreamworld; it feels effortless. I think about teleporting somewhere else, but don't want to lose the scene. I find myself in a gym and see a few guys working out. I think it would be fun to TK one of them, and I begin lifting him up. I then try to TK myself over to a pullup bar, but it feels awkward. I fly to it instead, then turn around. There’s a guy at a bench press who sits up, explaining to me how he is trying to get into training. I ask him his name and he says something similar to ‘Jecimo’. He begins talking about his trainer, and I mention to him that nobody can read his mind, but I can help him with his training. I begin to talk to him about his training, and give him some advice with a lot of enthusiasm and speed. I get drawn into the dream with engagement in the topic and my lucidity begins dropping a bit. I wake up.
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