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    Piano Telekinesis (LD)

    by , 04-12-2024 at 09:58 PM (44 Views)
    Spring Competition 2024 - Night 14

    Iím in the backseat of a car, leaning over the center console. I wonder when Iíll get lucid again...this is a dream! I see a bunch of lights illuminated on the center of the dashboard. I may as well use some electronics. I lean forward, hit a few buttons, and see lights glow. Nothing directly happens. I should interact with these guys. I place my hand on the driverís shoulder.
    ďHowís it going man!Ē
    He doesnít quite respond. I look up and notice that we seem to be heading out of a neighborhood in Meadow. I decide to just fly out of the car. I phase through the door to my right and fly upward. The car continues on itís way down the road in a wooded area that looks like the entrance to a development in Meadow. I fly upward and decide to ground. I look at my right and breathe slowly as I float slowly forward. I see the car turn around and head back toward me quickly, passing me and heading into the development. I stick my arm out and go for hook shot. I hear the chains clanking and Iím pulled rapidly and directly toward the front of the car. Sweet! I disconnect as we reach one of the first houses at the entryway. As I walk, I tune closely into gravity, studying the sensations. I notice that the sense of gravity is quite heavy as I walk. I begin thinking about dream goals. I notice a large building diagonal and across the street and another immediately to my right. I head toward the one on the right and notice a massive glass wall, raising two stories tall with a piano player seated to the right in a massive, white room. I phase through the glass and see the male piano player in a tuxedo at a black grand piano and another half-grand piano in front of that one. Iíll get something to eat for the competition.
    ďDo you have any chocolate?Ē The piano player looks at me, yet doesnít respond. I begin digging in a large plastic container at the base of the half-grand piano, I expect to find a bag of chocolate underneath some of the contents. I donít find any at first, yet soon find a bag underneath. I take it out, expecting chocolate inside of aluminum foil. I quickly find it and begin eating as I walk back over to the piano player whoís now eating a thin piece of dark chocolate. I turn to the half-grand piano. Time for mass TK. Look at it and notice it suddenly move to about three feet off the ground. I quickly raise it to the ceiling, then lower and raise it once again. I then use TK to throw the entire piano across the huge room, roughly twenty meters to the ride and it crashes into a massive grand piano without a sound, embedding itself into the top. I begin exploring down in that direction. I think more about dream control and consider time manipulation. I begin raising up my watch to go for it, then see some type of machine against the wall that looks like a gray ATM and decide to play around with advanced summoning instead. I go for portal, yet it doesnít work and follow it up with fireball which doesnít work. I revert to trying portal a couple times as I continue my way down the hall. I soon enter an area with shops on both sides that resembles a cross between a mall and the shop section of an airport. I see several teddy bears on a display in the center of the hall and try to both multiple then advanced banish, yet neither works. I continue to walk, taking in the sights, and checking out the shop entrances. I go to cast my dream catcher into a wall to make a portal, yet it doesnít appear. I see a a guy who appears to be a father with some kids and I pass the group. I begin to hear a song play and I enter into a large black room that appears to be a large restaurant area with a section for music playing. I wake up.
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