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    Plants Around The Pool

    by , 05-20-2023 at 10:05 PM (31 Views)
    I'm in an inside area which resembles the central area of Serrano. My awareness begins to raise on it's own and I begin to realize I'm in a dream and become lucid. I float toward the glass doors in front of me and float outside. There's an area outside with a lot of plants/foliage around and a body of water in the middle which a appears to be a pool with another section adjoined to it. I have the thought of raising awareness and consider asking the dream to ramp up clarity. I decide against this and resolve to simply use my own ability to increase awareness. I take in the scene and float around a bit. I make my way back inside after 30 seconds or so and take in the visuals of the inside area. There's what appears to be a kitchen with a larger island in the middle which is lighter in color. There is a another room connected in an open concept. The dream soon fades.
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