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    The Seaside Bar

    by , 10-30-2016 at 12:45 AM (316 Views)
    I continue through a few corridors and finally reach the top of a staircase at the end. I approach the doors and realize I'm dreaming as I make my way through. There's a few tables to the left of people sitting down to eat at taller tables. I look forward through the glass lining the entire length of the room and stare out to a beach scene with light colored sand and water set back about ten yards from the building. In front of the glass walls, a long bar stands with a few people working behind it preparing drinks. I reflect that I'm in a dream again and remember I can grab anything to eat without worrying about it. I don't get anything, but turn and look to my left and phase through a set of double doors. I enter the next area, and the dream becomes unstable. I continue asking for focus and clairty repeatedly, but the dream fades and I wake.

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