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    Tree Core; White Dragon Tree

    by , 12-10-2016 at 02:06 PM (318 Views)
    I head outside and see some workers. I look at my hands and realize I'm dreaming. I'm in the front of M Street, looking at the large tree in the front. I continue through the grass at nighttime, and appreciate the dim light over the scene. I head toward the tree and gaze at it's massive, texture trunk. I phase into the tree, and realize I'm standing inside it's core. I intuitively feel this is a teleportation area, so I imagine myself transitioning somewhere new, then phase back out through the bark of the tree. I begin feeling the outer bark of the tree, and appreciate the rich texture. The dream fades.

    I find myself in the front of M street at night walking toward a tree in the front with crimson leaves. I continue toward the street and gaze across at the mansion across the road. I decide to fly in this direction and explore the dreamscape. Bright lights are coming through the second story windows in yellow hues. I continue to head forward. I ask the dream casually to last for an hour, expecting it with calmness. I remain calm and keep ground into the dream. I enter the house and it transitions into a gym with many people on elipticals. I fly around a bit then exit through the back. I progress through a series of outdoor areas during mid-day. In each area, there is typically one mystical looking tree with a different theme. I am very interested in climbing each one and observing the protrusions from the trunk. I wonder if I can find any artifacts in the trees. In one area, the surface of the bark is covered in dragon heads with open mouths that serve has grips. The bark is a white dull color, and the tree has a mystic quality. I imagine what might be at the top and climb. Eventually I descend and head to the next area. I explore the outdoor setting and view another mystic tree. At the top of another tree is a powerful enemy who I decide not to fight. I descend to another outdoor space, and attempt to cast a massive fireball out of my hands. No visuals appear, so I continue to fly through the scene.

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