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    07/08/2011 - "Portals: the Search for the Dream World Academy Begins" (Dream Chain)

    by , 07-09-2011 at 01:08 AM (1552 Views)
    (An amazing adventure, this morning. So I had become really interested in the new Dream World Academy concept, and wanted to give locating it in a lucid dream a shot. I wasn't really sure that I would have a lucid dream, but I got up early and had enough time to try a WBTB. With about 3 hours left to sleep, I came to the computer and browsed DV for a while, reading through the Academy thread once again. Then i lay be down and set my intention to recognize when I was dreaming. [Eidt:] By the way, I still have some journal entries to post, from the days and weeks before this, but I figured I would just start again from here, and I will post those previous dreams later.)

    Dream One (a):
    "Portals: the Search for the Dream World Academy Begins" (Dream Chain)

    It was night out, and I was in a type of old, harbor town, near the water. There were two teams of tactical military forces battling each other, throughout the streets, and I had been sneaking around in the dark - scrambling over rooftops and slipping through shadowy hallways - trying not to get discovered by these gunmen. At one point, I was running along the edge of a rooftop with one of the soldiers trailing behind me, wearing very modern and high-tech gear. When I came to the edge, I knew I had no choice but to try to jump for it, but I was in the air before I realized just how high up I was. My stomach turned as the street-lit road came up at me. In that last moment of panic, though, I recognized how unreal this situation was. On hope and desperation, I braced my hands and feet for impact and landed in a surprisingly relaxed crouch on the cobblestone(like) walkway. I was definitely dreaming. Immediately I remembered the goal of trying to find the Dream World Academy. Even though this area had a lot of close-set houses, there seemed to be many more dark hallways then actual doors. So my chances of finding a portal to the Academy weren't looking all that good. I did find a statue of an elephant or some other large creature, in a courtyard and, remembering the importance of touching things, to keep grounded in the dream, I climbed atop the statue and sat on its head, feeling the stone surface beneath me with my palms.

    After some time, I found myself on the far side of the small town, still set close to the water. This was the opposite team's quarters, and they accepted me in as if I was automatically on their side, anyway. The way they ushered me in - as opposed to the way the other team was actually trying to capture/kill me - made me feel like I was already a member of their faction. Once I got accustomed to them, and things had settled down, I went exploring again. This place was basically an old restaurant, on the water. There were plenty of doors - bathrooms; closets; etc. - and I quickly got to work, opening them all and trying to find anything behind them which I wouldn't expect to find, otherwise. But, even when putting some will power and intent behind it, a bathroom was still a bathroom. A closet was just a closet. While moving through the quarters, I kept touching things; dragging my fingers along the walls and counters, just taking in the sensation of how the surfaces felt. I also made sure to keep looking at my hands, periodically, not wanting to lose the dream before I could meet my objective. After searching to no avail, I found myself back in the bathroom. Everything was still vivid, but I was losing lucidity, probably due to just getting daunted by the fruitless search. Something caused me to remind myself of my mission, though. I had almost forgotten. I was still dreaming, and I had to find the Academy. I looked briefly in the foggy bathroom mirror, but I didn't want to focus too much on my reflection. (I've had some pretty crazy encounters with my reflection, before, and didn't want to get side-tracked.) I left the bathroom and kept searching.

    There are some parts here in which my memory seems to jump around. At one point, I was in the kitchen, which looked just like mine. It seemed to be day time outside now, and there was this really shady-looking cook in there with me. He made some type of threat to me and pulled a knife. I told him that he didn't want to try anything, because this was my dream, and I could crush him, if I wanted. I proved this by raising my hand and levitating some Tupper-ware off of the counter with telekinesis. Shocked and amazed, this cook instantly developed some freakish, homosexual crush on me. He casually slipped around behind me, embraced me, and kissed me on my cheek. Completely weirded out by this, I almost reached back and elbowed him square in the nose. I decided against it, though, and just slid out of his grasp, turning to face him defensively and making my way away from him, also not wanting to get caught up in fighting in this dream. Another fragment came when I found myself sitting in a residential garage, at night. There were headlights of a car beaming in on me, and two guys got out and began walking toward me, threateningly. My lucidity had begun waning, but it was still there. I reached out my hands and tried to push the oncoming men away from me with TK, but it didn't work. Uncontrollably, I questioned whether I was back in the real world. There was a fleeting moment, there, where I felt entirely stupid for trying to use TK on these guys, like I was some kind of wizard or something. I jumped up to my feet and ran like Hell.

    (I woke up here, and saw that I still had about an hour and a half to sleep, so I lay still and relaxed, trying to drop myself back into the same dream.)

    Dream One (b):
    I was back in the harbor town. I don't believe I WILDed, but I was already lucid, from my earliest recollection of this new dream. Moving along the docks at night, I had to stick to the shadows again, slinking my way passed the opposing team's sentries, and making it back to the HQ of my apparent allies. Still checking my hands and touching things, to keep the dream stable, I started searching around the restaurant again. Stepping into the dining area once more, I noticed that I had just passed a stunning woman, whom had grabbed my attention from the corner of my eye. I actually turned around in place, and looked back over to the wall, where she was sitting. She was a classy-looking brunette in an old-fashioned black dress and hat, sitting by herself. Smiling, I walked back over to her, leaning in close. She stared up at me, becoming visibly excited at how close my face was getting to hers. Again, she looked like she knew me, much like everyone on 'this side of the battle.'. There was an anxious recognition in her face - kind of like she and I knew each other very well, and she knew that we weren't supposed to be getting this close. (Now that I think of it, she reminded me a lot of Mal, from Inception.)

    I could see her breathing heavier, the closer I got, and she just stared up at me. Finally, I kissed her. Nothing too crazy. I really wasn't trying to get caught up in LD sex, and I could see how easily that could have come next. She decided to tag along with me, though, and we moved on through the dining area. Still feeling a little, uh, randy?, I used some telekinesis to tug at the shirts and blouses of a few of the girls that were seated at nearby tables. I was never able to pull one of them off, but could only kind of tease them into moving a little bit. Moving further down this hallway, and headed back toward the kitchen area, we passed an older man; a waiter or host. I decided to ask some more DCs if they new about this Academy/castle, stopping the waiter and inquiring about it. He seemed to have at least some idea of this place I was speaking of, but really no information that helped us in finding it. In the kitchen area, still unable to find a portal, we came across an old T.V. Then, it was actually the woman, who came up with an ingenious idea. Why just look for doors? She turned on the T.V., which was only static, and she jus kind of motioned to it. I knew immediately what she was implying. Stepping forward, I put my hands out to the glass, slowly phasing into it. I had been through mirrors before, but never into a T.V. The white and black fray of static filled my view and completely enveloped me. I simply relaxed and went with it, trying to set the intention for this makeshift portal to transport me to the Academy.

    I wound up in a jungle area, in the day time, still lucid. There was a stone slab of wall in front of me, and lush green vegetation all around. A small pit full of water sat off to one side, about 7 feet in diameter and filled with knotted ropes of vines and plant life, stretching down into some of the most crystal clear water I could imagine. I met another woman here, who was a bit of an Amazon, and very 'Earthy.' We got to talking about the Castle I was looking for, and she seemed to be well aware of it. She said that it was hidden back in the mountainous area behind the old harbor town, where the two opposing forces were battling. She also went more into detail about how varied the portals can be, saying that portals are everywhere. Whether or not they will take you to the Academy isn't guaranteed, but that they were everywhere. She pointed to the little well/water pit next to us, that I had been looking at earlier, and told me that it was a portal that would take me back to the harbor, and that I could continue my quest for the castle from there. I jumped into the waterhole, and sank, everything going dark for a moment, and then doing some generic, kaleidoscope-like tunnel transition.

    I was back in the harbor, at night, coming up from beneath the water, somewhere way out in the lake or bay or whatever it was. I could see the layers of stone buildings, just off the water. I knew that the warring parties were still battling, and was going to continue to do my best to stay out of sight. While I was treading water, I could see a figure moving around, just beside me. It was still the dead of night, but there seemed to be some sort of soft light coming up from beneath the water, just enough to see that the silhouette was of a dolphin. It poked its head up near me, and I could see that its skin was actually as black as its silhouette was. I then began to get a little anxious, because I was in this huge body of water at night. I knew it would only be a matter of time before the sea monsters came out to play. So, focusing my mind for flight, I sort of 'surfed' my way forward through the water, and then up and out of it, hovering up onto one of the docks and setting out to find more portals. My flight was feeling very awkward, and my body kept wanting to defy my intention; floating in opposite directions, having trouble staying elevated, etc. I was able to float up to one of the high rooftops, and I grabbed onto the ledge, just on the outside of a staircase. Some of the 'enemy' team were assembling on this rooftop, and they then began walking down the stairway that I was hanging on the outside of. I ducked away behind the railing, hanging precariously off the edge, overlooking the street. They passed practically within inches of me while I watched them, through the stone banister, and one of them looked back to talk to his squad. When he did, I could have sworn that he looked dead at me...but he never said anything to alert his men.

    Within this area of the harbor, I still had a hard time finding a lot of doors, so I went to searching for other 'types' of portals. I found what looked like a sewer drain, in the street, and figured that this could serve as a great portal. Setting the intention to show up somewhere within the academy, I jumped into the hole in the earth. Another Avatar-esque transition through a colorful tunnel, and I again found myself in the jungle setting, where I had earlier spoken to the Amazon woman, but she was nowhere to be found. I took another tunnel from this scene, and ended up back at the harbor town. Still not having any luck with doors, I just kept crawling into holes and dark paths, trying to find a portal that would lead me to the Academy. Throughout all this 'jumping,' I vaguely remember one moment where I showed up in some place where there was a kid around, whom I considered a threat, for some reason. I think he was going to alert the opposing team of my position. I got him side-tracked by asking him if he wanted to see some 'magic' and used pyrokinesis to light my hand on fire. He was enthralled by it, and I somehow used that distractions to escape the area. After another portal jump, I ended up back at the harbor for like the 4th time, only it was day time, this time. I wasn't really expecting to find the Dream World Academy in the daytime (I'm gonna have to ask if it's supposed to appear in the daytime or not), so I actually tried to make it night out, myself. I went through a hallway and commanded that it would be night time, when I emerged from the other side. Didn't work. So, I spent the next few moments hopping in portals and trying to find one that would bring me back to this harbor area in the night, so I could just fly to the mountains and look for the castle the old fashioned way.

    I woke up before I was able to find anything, though.
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    1. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Awesome! I like your persistence. Even though you didn't find the Academy, you came across a lot of cool shit.

      I would think that the castle appears differently depending on where you are. Maybe in the area you were exploring, the castle only appears at night (especially since you felt that it wouldn't appear during the day). The academy can show up anywhere in the dream world, but there may be certain requirements/restrictions in some areas (like the day/night thing, etc). At least, that is what I would like to imagine .
    2. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Makes sense to me.
    3. Geodae's Avatar
      Your dream journal reads like a novel. Me gusta.
    4. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Muchas gracias, chica. My entries can get a little long-winded at times, but I try to put in all the details that I can remember.