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    Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles

    07/12/2011 - 1) Fragment, 2) "War on the Water"

    by , 07-14-2011 at 12:55 AM (869 Views)
    Dream Fragment One:
    There was some type of art contest going on. I remember rummaging through some of the entries with EH (a really attractive friend of mine, whom I seem to be dreaming about quite often, lately). It took forever to get to mine, which actually turned out to be of noticeably less quality than many of the others, but it was still somewhat decent. I could have sworn that I had more entries to show her, but it turned out to be only that one. Later, I was sitting on the floor, and she was straddling my lap with her arms draped over my shoulders. I was kissing along her neck and we were whispering some things to each other. My (deceased) dad was asleep in the other room, and we were trying to keep quiet, so as not to disturb him, or anyone else who was in the house. Later, my ex, MJ, and friend, J, came over. I was telling J about the amazing time I'd been having with EH. We all know each other, and MJ was talking with EH. I could tell MJ was plotting something. She came back over, beaming to me about how her and EH were now 'best friends,' and I had a feeling that this was, somehow, going to lead to trouble.

    Dream Two:
    "War on the Water"

    I was a part of (another) special military force (on some G.I. Joe type shit), caught up in an enormous firefight, in a village with high grass surrounding it. The enemy was a guerilla force, which was very skilled in hiding in the bush and using camouflage. They would pop up in random places, and we'd have to be quick to react. I remember having some weapon that fired hundreds of tiny spikes into the grasslands, blindly, to take out whoever might be hiding in them. One guy cornered me with a rocket launcher, around the side of a building. He was too close to fire on me, though, and I ended up throwing a grenade actually into his mouth (somehow), and diving around another corner just before he exploded. (I had watched the end of one of the Rambo movies, yesterday, which had the whole 'hiding in the high grasses' war scene in it.)

    Then, we had to chase down some of the leaders of this enemy faction. We got down to the water, which seemed more like an enormous lake than an ocean. They had a boat in the marina, and they took off down the water, running pretty-much parallel to the shoreline. We had boats of our own, and were about to get into one model, when we were presented with another, upgraded model. This thing was bad ass. It was like a futuristic rocket-boat - all black - that skimmed on top of the water and had boosters on the back. When they started it, it sounded like a jet engine. This boat just soared across the water at an amazing speed. A few miles down the shoreline, we came up to a landmass that jetted out from the coast a little bit. There was a short skirmish with some of the enemy, here - one of whom didn't look human, but like some human/beast hybrid that had long black spines that stuck out, down the back of his head. During this fight, some of my teammates had been abducted. The ship that the enemy had been on suddenly submerged and dropped down into a watery tunnel that led beneath this landmass. We were about to follow, when one of my other crew members said that we needed to go back and get the other ship that we'd left behind, as well, just in case something happened to this one. He convinced me by telling me how deep they were going, and how horrible a death it would be to drown, simply because we didn't have a back-up ship. I was sold.

    Soon, we were racing back, in the jet boat, to where we'd come from, weaving through some of the other ships along the coast. Back where we had docked, it took us a moment to find the other ship, but we soon had it - along with some reinforcements, and were headed back to the mystery land mass. We never quite made it, though. Along the way, we were intercepted by these large, ethereal creatures. They reminded me of Hindu Gods/Goddesses. They were each identical, aside from the fact that they were different colors. They were very large - some 40 feet tall - and seemed to have a sort of glow to them. They had multiple arms, and each one held a very large, curved sword in it. The entities were all clearly female, and had light wisps of translucent gowns fluttering around them. They gave us some type of threat, as they floated there, on top of the water, but I don't remember much of what they said. It seemed that their mission was to stall us there, though, so I don't know if they were working with the enemy or not. After talking for a while, they asked an enigmatic question; whether or not we'd noticed how the water level had been rising, as we were talking. Looking out over the horizon, I could see a swell. The water was definitely rising. But why? I got a really bad feeling.

    I knew something huge was coming. It was just a sudden assumption that turned into an unmistakable awareness. I told everyone on my team that we needed to get out of here - now. These entities were not about to let that happen, though. As soon as we attempted to vacate the area, they attacked, swooping and diving all around us, throwing their enormous blades at us, which rotated around and returned to them like boomerangs. One of them launched a blade at the jet boat I was piloting. Instinctively, I launched myself high into the air, my vessel being destroyed beneath me. Now, boatless, I dropped back down toward the water. Suddenly, though, I stopped. I was hovering - practically standing on the water. I realized that I had the ability to fly! This immediately affected the battle, and I was now flying and fighting and dodging these things and their flying swords. Feeling just on the cusp of lucidity (yet I don't think I ever quite realized I was dreaming), I also began using telekinesis, myself, realizing that - once one of those oversized blades came spinning in toward me - I could mentally deflect it and send it whirling off in another direction, guiding it with a wave of my hand. I also quickly picked up on the ability to loosely control the paths of these weapons, offensively, sending them flying back toward the entities and trying to do them in with their own swords. The fighting was extremely fast-paced, like fighter planes dogfighting over the water; dipping close to the sea and then changing course at breakneck speeds. The rest of my unit continued to fire their weapons from their vessels, unless they had already been destroyed.

    Ultimately, though, we just weren't making any progress with these things. The huge swell in the water was just getting bigger and bigger. The swell then turned into a wall of water heading toward us. It was a few dozen feet high, and I could see that, after it, the rise in water level would be completely overwhelming. 'Standing' on the surface of the water, once again, I quickly increased my altitude in just enough time for the wave to pass beneath me. On the back side of the wave, the water level was now practically touching my feet again, and I looked back toward the shoreline just in time to see the wave smash into the rest of my crew and the passenger boats in the area, immediately capsizing them and washing them away. I looked down toward my feet to see an enormous black shadow forming. Something massive was surfacing beneath me. I pivoted on the water and shot off in one direction, the surface of the water speeding off into my peripheral vision. I could see that this shadow was following me, though, moving just as fast as I was. Again, I went even higher, arcing up above the water and looking down below.

    Finally, my pursuer appeared - bursting out of the water with jaws wide open. It was as if Godzilla, himself (the 1997 version) came jumping out of the water like some sort of leviathan. (It was, without a doubt, the largest sea monster I can recall ever dreaming.) I frantically increased my speed and the gigantic teeth snapped closed behind me - so close that I actually had to tuck my legs and then kick off the monster's closed maw to fly even faster. The only thing I ever saw was the head because its incredible size blocked any possible view of the rest of its body. This colossus just continued to chase me - diving in and out of the water and keeping pace with me - repeatedly snapping its teeth within just feet behind me as I tried to fly faster and faster away from it.

    I don't remember the outcome of the chase, though. But damn that was intense.

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