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    09/03/2014 - "First Totem Test"

    by , 09-03-2014 at 11:45 PM (572 Views)
    "First Totem Test"

    (A bit of success met with horrible recall, this morning. (Hanging out after work and catching a buzz typically messes up my recall...) I know that quite a bit went on in this dream, after I initially became lucid, but the only thing I really remember is the few seconds surrounding the onset of lucidity. My main focus throughout the day, though, was my Totem. I just wanted to see if I could incorporate it into the dream, and I wasn't disappointed.)

    The first thing I remember is walking through a white hallway and turning to step through one of the doors lining the walls. While entering this room, which turned out to be a classroom with a bunch of high school aged kids turning to face me, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my singing magnet (as I had been doing all day, in waking life, particularly when walking into new rooms and walkways while at work). I rubbed it a bit and checked my state, immediately realizing that I had no idea what I was doing in this classroom. I knew I was dreaming, and I remember grinning at how easily the Totem idea had worked.

    Looking back down at the magnet, I waited to see if it would direct me toward my objective. (During the day, I had been attempting to set the intention for the magnet to somehow be a link between myself and my goal, either by flying toward it or somehow pointing me in the right direction.) The magnet gradually levitated upward, a few inches over my palm, and oriented itself in a fixed direction - like a compass trued to North. I turned to walk back out of the classroom and started heading down the hallway again, following the fixed position of the compass and asserting that it would lead me either to a portal or some other way finding the place I was looking for.

    It is during this search that I began to lose both lucidity and my recollection of the dream.

    (In hindsight, I think I got a little excited and forgot to stabilize my dream, before going off to explore. I will have to try to remember that, next time. I'm kind of stoked that the Totem idea worked so well on my first attempt! Can't wait to give it another shot. I'll be playing with it again, all day at work, today. Lol.)
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      It's awesome that your idea worked. Congrats.
      I'll be playing with it again, all day at work, today. Lol.)
      Lol xD Is that what they pay you for?
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    2. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Thank you, DawnEye!!

      Quote Originally Posted by DawnEye11
      Lol xD Is that what they pay you for?
      Yup! Crazy, right?!? LOL.
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