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    1/2/2016 - "Hallway to Haven"

    by , 01-04-2017 at 08:41 AM (2203 Views)
    Dream One
    "Hallway to Haven"

    I was walking through a tile and concrete hallway, metal doors and drawers lining the walls, with the feeling that someone(s) was following behind, searching for me. Eventually, while searching for somewhere to hide, I realized that I was dreaming. (Upon going to work, this afternoon, I recognized the hallway in my dream to be the parking garage hallway I normally do my reality checks in, when I'm entering or leaving the office.)

    The first thing I could think of to do, with my lucidity, was touch one of the concrete structures and ground myself into the dream. Then, I decided to try and change the scenery. Since I've had pretty good luck with creating and utilizing doorways, I turned to the wall and pulled open one of the panels, imagining that there would be some other, random scene within. I don't believe I waited to see if anything showed up, visually. I just moved my head in and 'dove' into the opening, focusing on the intention to simply 'be somewhere else.'

    My forward momentum turned into a headlong dive, and I immediately found myself flying over dark blue ocean in midday. I was moving at a high speed trying to keep myself above the surface of the water. I could sense the feeling of being over the ocean becoming more and more overwhelming, and the water, itself - already a strange and almost 'fake-looking' hue of opaque, navy blue - began to form long strands or tendrils, that rose up from the surface like tentacles as I flew just over it. The entire ocean looked a bit like ferrofluid, writhing and undulating beneath me, and it was starting to freak me out.

    I turned to find land, and saw a large landmass in the distance, completely surrounded by water. I flew closer and saw that it was a sort of plateau, with a raised center. The entirety of the surface was covered with lush, green jungle, leading up at a gentle incline - over what seemed like a few dozen square miles - to a central point in the center that housed some sort of large castle or fortress. The closer I got to the raised structure at the middle of the landmass, the more I could see that there was something flying about it, circling over the top of the building. A dragon.

    The moment I recognized this dragon for what it was, I got the feeling that there was something large coming up behind me - possibly flying, but that could have been moving through the water but standing tall enough to feel like it was breathing down my neck as I flew. Still flying to the island, now trying to escape what was behind me more than what was in front, I saw that all of the color from the jungle trees and tropical landscape was beginning to 'drain' down off of the mountainous incline upon which the building sat. All of the greens and purples, browns and reds that made up the jungle beneath me now began to run like dyed water, down to the ocean that surrounded the island. (It reminded me very much of the painted field from What Dreams May Come, but after someone would have thrown a glass of water on it.)

    I don't remember ever touching down on the island or making it to the building.

    Dream Fragment Two
    I was at someone's house, cooking. Standing in the kitchen, I spontaneously remembered that I was just lucid dreaming, a moment ago. I became lucid, again, and felt kind of stupid that I'd gone from lucid dreaming to spending a dream cooking. Before I could really think of anything else to do with my lucidity, I woke up.
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    1. LifeStandsStill's Avatar
      Nice one Greg. Perfect detail imagery as always, really puts the images in my mind. Loved What Dreams May Come by the way.
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    2. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Thanks, Lindz!! <3

      And yeah, What Dreams May Come was great. It's been a while, since I've seen it, though. Might have to find it, again!