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    10/25/2014 - "These Cuffs Won't Save You..."

    by , 10-26-2014 at 07:28 AM (672 Views)

    "These Cuffs Won't Save You..."

    Spoiler for Short version...:

    I woke up in my room, and my roommate had come home and was moving some stuff in and out of the house. There was another guy with him, who apparently 'lived' here before we did (a sort of alternate version of my other friend, J, whose father owns the house I'm renting; yet it wasn't exactly him). This guy was just coming in and out of my room, while I was asleep (and undressed). He was pulling stuff, that he apparently owned, out of my closet and pretty much just moving things around as if I wasn't even there. When he left the room, I got up to get myself situated, and when I opened the door to walk into my bathroom, I was surprised to see I was walking into the living room, instead. This didn't seem right, at all, as my living room is through the other door in my room. Before I could think about it for too long, I became distracted by the fact that there were even more people in the house; a couple of females. They were hanging out in this living room, and it wasn't long before I'd made myself decent and came back out to socialize.

    Next thing I remember is that we were all walking out of a department store, and I happened to notice a really attractive girl walking in through the glass doors, beside us. I had to do a double-take when I realized that she was wearing a cut-off shirt with absolutely no pants or underwear on, whatsoever. Again, due to our forward momentum, I simply looked back and kept moving, too distracted to stop and think about how absurd that was.

    We ended up at a bar. I was the first one to grab a table, and I started checking Facebook on my phone while waiting for the others. It seemed that pic after pic of hot women were the only things showing when I scrolled through my news feed. One of the girls from the house came up to me and tried to sneakily move around behind me, to see what I was doing. I flipped my phone, face down, and set it on the table, turning to her with a 'can I help you?' sort of glare. (I hate people that try to look over your shoulder at your business.) She sat down in a chair beside me and started throwing a bunch of questions at me, as if she were trying to find out some background on me. She asked if I would be happy to be able to have access to someone's secret letters or documents, and be able to read everything about their lives without them knowing. I told her that that kind of thing doesn't wouldn't interest me, because I have no desire to go around disrespecting others' privacy in such a manner. She had this really smug, condescending look to her and continued interrogating me, just as everyone else was beginning to show up at the table.

    I didn't really like where this line of questioning was going, and she was simply beginning to wear out her welcome. I stood up and started turning the questions around on her, asking how she felt about herself, trying to drill someone with such personal questions, which were none of her business. I brought her character into question, rather publicly (with a verbal onslaught that I can't really remember), and got her to back off. Twisting the knife, I mocked her attempt to make a fool of me by calling her an 'amateur', in front of everyone else, which prompted a round of laughter from the group. As if seeking one, last dig at me, she reached over and pulled my chair to her, as if she was going to sit down on it. I was like "Uh....no.." and I slid my chair out from under her, sitting on it, myself. Then, with my conscience getting the better of me, I actually reached over to an empty table, grabbed one of the chairs and pushed it over for her to sit on.

    Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind. It was a cop, and there were at least 4 more standing nearby. They immediately threw some cuffs on me and began dragging me away from the table, telling me that I was going to be detained and searched because I was "suspected to have 'H'" on me. I was like "H? What the hell is that??" (I know that "H" is normally short for 'heroin', but that is so far away from anything I've ever done that the even the idea that I was suspected of having it was absolutely ridiculous.) The cop stammered, as if he either misspoke or was just trying to make up something on the spot. "Ohh...uh..I don't know...marijuana or something..." While they were hauling me away, one of the guys in my group was trying to tell me something about 'what to do', to get out of going to jail, but I couldn't hear him over the din of the bar.

    They took me to another room in the building and, with the cuffs to the front of my body, I tried to discretely dig through my pockets, to make sure I didn't have anything else on me. I, somehow, ended up getting an empty potato chip bag stuck on each hand as I pulled them out of my pockets. So stuck, in fact, that I had to ask these cops to help me pull them off. They, then, turned me toward a darker corner of the room, where a woman was having her coat removed, rather regally, by a group of about 3 other people, at least 2 of whom were female. Beneath her coat, she was pretty scantily dressed, and walking toward me, slowly. She was completely unattractive, though, and the whole situation was making me more and more uncomfortable. She was, apparently, an investigator who was charged with interrogating me for....some reason? The way she was looking at me, though, it seemed that she had something else in mind.

    Suddenly, her expression lightened, and she nodded over toward a more secluded area of the room, asking me to join her. Taking a few steps away from everyone else, she turns back toward me and sits down on the floor, Indian-style, inviting me to sit with her. Unsure about where this was going, I did, sitting down in front of her, rather awkwardly, due to the handcuffs, and facing her. The woman smiled, leaning in a bit, as if trying to keep our conversation between the two of us.

    She said something along the lines of "you know, I had been watching you since you first came in the bar, and you know what I've been thinking? ....You are beautiful..." She smiled and was very visibly bushing, and I was beginning to get an anxious feeling of 'Just WTF is happening, here??'

    "...I couldn't believe my eyes..." she continued. But, just as she said this, she leaned her head forward, and a thick, red fluid began oozing out of her left eye, in large amounts. She developed a slack-jawed expression as if she was falling into a full-on demonic possession. The gore poured down her face and onto the floor between us.

    "Whoa!", I yelled, terrified and falling away from her. The realization then hit me like a sack of bricks: "Ok, I get it! I'm dreaming!" Just to confirm, I immediately tried some telekinesis, focusing on the woman and slinging my cuffed hands upward and lifting her off of the ground with my mind. Now, embarrassed, enraged and completely confident in my lucidity, I stood up and slowly lowered her feet down to the floor. A few, vengeful words spewed out of my mouth and I swung my hands in one direction. The woman's body followed, being telekinetically flung across the room and slamming, face first, into a white, marble counter-top. Blood splashed outward from the front of her head and spattered across the counter and wall. I snapped my gaze to one of her helpers - another woman - and 'pushed' forward with my mind, slinging her away from me and causing her to smash into shelf full of glass bottles, shattering them. I then stalked over toward her, looking from her to the window near her, and then back to her. I said something snarky like "you know you're going out that fucking window, right?" and, with my hands still cuffed, I used my TK to pick her up, draw her away from the wall and then sling her back toward the window. Her body crashed through the thick, wooden blinds and disappeared into the darkness outside.

    Still in a fit of rage (and having no mind to focus on any tasks I might have wanted to use my lucidity on), I stormed back toward the DCs I had been hanging with, earlier. When I walked from one room to the other, the scenery switched back to the house/apartment, where we were previously hanging out. Three of the DCs were hanging out in a hallway, and the annoying girl DC I had been quarreling with, earlier, was laying on the floor, looking up at me with this shit-eating grin. The first thing I did, when I came within distance, was cock back my right foot and give her a vicious soccer kick, right to the mouth, to wipe that damn smirk off her face. I didn't even care enough to pay attention to her reaction.

    Feeling somewhat satisfied, it was then that I tried to remember something to do with my lucidity, but I was still so miffed at how unpleasant the majority of my experience had just been, that I couldn't even think straight. The dream began unraveling, and I was finding myself unable to pull it back together.

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