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    10/26/2014 - "Maritime Mercenary Mayhem"

    by , 11-04-2014 at 06:00 PM (854 Views)
    Seems like cops and mercenaries have been recurring elements in my dreams, lately...

    "Maritime Mercenary Mayhem"

    Spoiler for Short Version!:

    This was a crazy, long dream. I really don't remember all of the details, but will do my best. I was with my family, and we were having a small party. Sometime during the night, the neighbors ended up calling the police, and there was a huge ordeal about it. The cops turned out to be mercenaries (again), and we found out that the reason they were messing with us had less to do with our noise than it had to do with some hidden treasure, that they were after, thinking that we had something to do with its disappearance.

    There was a lot of action, in this dream, and we were in constant skirmishes withe these mercs. I remember being out on the water, and the mercenaries had some sort of cliff-side fortress, on a peninsula, which we were trying to storm, conceivably to get a hold of whatever treasure it was that they were looking for. My allies and I died many, many times and I just kept re-spawning back in the same place, destined to repeat the scenario. (Likely a throwback to Edge of Tomorrow, but the fortress reminded me much of Alcatraz in The Rock.) It became less about us trying to get away from the mercs than it was about trying to beat them at their own game.

    It was around this time that I realized I was dreaming. We were heading back to the fortress, on a small, military-style motorboat. My best friend T was now with us, even though I don't think he had been there the whole time. Now lucid, I was revved up and ready to face this mercenaries again, and I was expressing my excitement to T, talking about my lucidity and trying to get him to join in, once the fighting started again. I took a look at my hands and grounded myself into the dream, hoping to make it last as long as possible. Off to one side, an enormous mech suit or robot towered about waste-deep in this ocean. It looked to be Godzilla-sized and had a shiny, metallic-gray body with blades that stuck out to all sides. T commented on it, and I told him about how it just had been standing there, throughout the entire battle, immobile, and was nothing that we needed to worry about.

    When we arrived to the small, waterside fortress, which had two tall towers rising above the jagged rocks on one side of the shore, it was all-out war, once again. At first, I stuck to using firearms, as I had done earlier in the dream. We pushed into the towers, making our way up through the levels, periodically ducking in and out of cover while mowing through enemy after enemy. Just as we had completely taken the upper-hand, I found out that one of the girls in my group, to whom I had been really close, was abducted from the fray, in a tank, and taken away from the tower, further into the mainland. From the top level of the tower, I could see the tank speeding away through the dirt, maybe 100 yards from the base.

    I planted my feet, bent my knees and then launched myself into the air, flying straight through the roof of the tower (not sure if I broke through or phased through) and into a high arc over the rocky terrain before dropping me, feet first, directly onto the body of the tank. Through the front window slot, I could see the mercenaries scrambling to attempt to attack. Both the machine gun and cannon began whirring around in my direction, taking aim on me from point blank range. (This is surreal, now that I look back on it, because even though I was standing on the front of the tank, the cannon was, somehow, short enough to still be aimed at me.) I laughed at them and told them that 'this was my dream' and I was in control, standing my ground and egging the weapons to begin blasting away at me. When the firing began, I pushed my hands out in front of me, feeling the bullets bouncing harmlessly off of my palms, along with a couple of explosive shells which did no more than their smaller counterparts. I just kept all of my focus on pushing away, and it created a sufficient enough barrier that not a single shot was able to penetrate. When the shooting ceased, I reached one arm down below the barrel of the cannon, planting the other one on the deck. I then shoved the cannon upward, trying to bend it up and away from me. Instead, the barrel didn't bend, but rather the entire top portion of the tank ripped open like the lid of a wet cardboard box, exposing the two or three terrified mercenaries (and female hostage) within.

    My memory gets really muddled, around here, and I don't remember much detail. I know the fighting went on, but my recall skipped ahead until sometime after the ordeal was over. T and his girl were pulling up in a car as if they were picking me up. I, still being lucid, walked toward the approaching car and phased through the front of it, turning around to sit in one of the back seats. We all got to talking, and they were being pretty 'hush-hush' about something that they had 'brought back' from our ordeal with the mercenaries. No sooner did they say this than a few ghosts of our earlier allies (who hadn't re-spawned back to life) poked their translucent heads through the back seat (having been stowed away in the trunk). They said they were smuggled off the battlefield and that there was some plan to bring them back to life. Though I was happy to see them, part of me figured that the mercenaries would find out about this, and would soon be chasing us down again.

    That's all I can remember.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Sometimes I wake up with the feeling of having an enormous dream and get lazy to write it down lol.
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    2. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Lol. Same here.

      I always just write down notes when I wake up. It takes me about 30 seconds (and sometimes it's even hard to do that. Lol). I just run through everything I can remember and do like one paragraph of broken English. Lol. That way, whenever I get the time, I can go back and write them all the way out...which generally takes an hour or two. It's such a damn chore. That's why I'm still trying to get caught up. Lol.
    3. PercyLucid's Avatar
      I am very behind on many dreams too, mostly, days I skip from my DJ is not about not dreaming, is about dreaming too much lol.
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    4. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Yeah, it's the same with me. I've been really trying to commit to at least writing my notes down. It's the least I can do. It keeps my recall [somewhat] sharp, and I tend to regret completely losing my adventures by not writing something down. Self-discipline was never really my strong suit, but it's something to shoot for. Haha. That way, even if I end up deciding not to write out the whole dream, I can post the notes, even if they are hard to read. Lol. I've had some pretty good successes, lately, too, so I really want to make sure I log those.

      I read something, a few weeks ago, but I can't find the thread so I don't know if I read it on this site or another. Someone suggested doing the WBTB method and upon waking, doing Logic Puzzles and Brain Teasers online, in order to exercise the logic center in the brain, so that it will be more active whenever you fall back asleep to complete the WBTB. I've tried this 3 times, since reading it, and have had lucid dreams each time. 3 out of 3 is pretty good, so I'm going to keep on trying it (when I get enough sleep to warrant it, which has been hard, lately). But that is helping me stay motivated.
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