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    1. 1/17/2017 - "Untitled"; "Pencildragon" (Lucid)

      by , 01-18-2017 at 06:02 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      All I remember is that I woke up to some guys coming into my house, like they owned the place. I think they were supposed to be of some relation to my landlord and his son. They pretty much just made themselves comfortable, as if they were going to be staying for quite some time - one of them posting up in my windowsill and just gazing reverently at the outside world. I also remember that I was on the second floor of a two-story house.

      Dream Two:

      I was at some outdoor carnival or festival, held out in some rural field at dusk. Munching on cotton candy while I walked, I spontaneously realized that I was dreaming. Immediately, I was surprised at how much I could smell and taste the cotton candy (I have very few experiences with tastes and smells in lucid dreams), and even though the dream already felt very clear and grounded, I decided to take a few moments to touch my surroundings, running my hand along the wooden frame of a wooden kiosk nearby. Raising my free hand up in front of my face, I saw that my fingers were very wavy, which was a bit at odds with the solidity of everything else around me.

      Quickly, I tried to think of what I had planned to do with my lucidity once attained it, before I'd gone to bed. I remembered the 'Tasks of the Month' and that I wanted to try the pencil task (which was to "ask a pencil to draw something for you"). I turned back to the kiosk, expecting to find a pad and pencil there, in which I could do the experiment. Sitting atop the counter, I found a pad and a few, loose, colored pencils. I picked up one pencil - blue, I believe - and set it in the center of the pad. Without speaking, I attempted to "will" the pencil to draw something for me. The only thing I remember, about the actual process, was the pencil moving back and forth and making a few scribbles, but it ended up drawing a (quite simplistic) dragon. (One of the art pieces I have been brainstorming on, in waking life, has been a dragon. I haven't yet drawn the final draft, but I did draw a dragon thumbnail, about a week ago).

      Satisfied that I had completed the task, I took to the air and flew away from the carnival to do some exploring. While flying over the wide, green fields of the early evening countryside, I looked below me to see an actual dragon, roaming around the landscape and idly blowing plumes of fire at random. It had sort of a cartoonish, video game feel to it (I had been playing PlayStation VR, before bed - no dragon games, though), and felt as if it was just a manifestation of the dragon that was drawn on the paper. I decided not to bother with the creature and continued flying over the field. I don't really remember anything afterward.
    2. 1/11/2017 - "Untitled"; "Cancelling the Apocalypse"

      by , 01-12-2017 at 05:55 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      The only thing I remember are some vague images of sex, and then my landlord coming by and giving me shit about something or other. I just did what I could to avoid him, while he was hanging around.

      Dream Two
      "Cancelling the Apocalypse"

      I was with two other guys, and we were being stalked by the Marvel supervillain, Apocalypse. We were in some tall, unfinished building, surrounded by a cage of unfinished walls and concrete pillars. Apocalypse had this very Jason Voorhees type of way of following us, slowly and almost casually, before just "appearing" nearby, to try and attack us. (I had been watching beta gameplay from the new Friday the 13th game, not long before bed, which I believe inspired the way he gave chase in the dream.)

      On about the 3rd floor of this hollow building structure, Apocalypse appeared and snatched up of the guys in our party, disappearing with him and reappearing somewhere down on the first floor. We could see him through the many openings in the incomplete floors beneath us, holding our ally up by the throat, with his back against one of the support columns. I can't remember exactly what he did to our guy, but I remember it being very vicious and gory, as if he just ripped him apart, with his bare hands, in a shower of blood. Knowing it was too late to do anything about it, we started running again, and before I had a chance to even know where I was going, Apocalypse was back on the third(ish) floor with us, stepping out from behind a corner just as I passed by, and coming straight for me. Having no time to think of a safe escape, and after having seen what he just did to the other guy, I immediately lept from the ledge that I was approaching, still about 3 storeys up - basically resigning to the fact that I was Not going to enjoy the landing.

      In a panic, while careening toward the ground below me and preparing for the inevitable onslaught of pain and possible broken bones that awaited, I instinctively realized that this couldn't really be about to happen. This had to be a dream!! Without a moment to second-guess it, I pushed my feet straight down and braced for impact, relieved when I stuck the landing in an almost effortless crouch. I knew that Apocalypse would soon follow behind me, though, so I instinctively lunged backward, throwing my right elbow back and cracking him in the face with it, when he predictably showed up behind me. (Not sure if he was always going to be there, or if my anticipating him being behind me caused him to just 'be there'.)

      I didn't stop there, though, immediately turning around and rushing him with a barrage of punching combinations to the head and gut, confidently and aggressively driving him back with each solid hit. While in mid-attack, I wondered if I should not get too carried away and try stabilizing the dream before it ended or I lost my lucidity, but I was fired up and didn't want to stop hitting him. It was only a matter of seconds, though, before the dream fell apart and I woke up.
    3. 1/07/2016 - "Ring Totem" (Lucid)

      by , 01-10-2017 at 08:57 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Ring Totem"

      My earliest memory of this dream was having sex with my girlfriend on the living room couch. Afterward, we were being flirty in the kitchen, and I went to pick her up by her waist and set her on the counter. When I did so, I realized that she was light as a feather - almost totally weightless. Because of this, I realized that I was dreaming. (I'm glad that she was understanding, when I told her about that part. Lol.)

      Once lucid, I set her down and began to roam about the kitchen, trying to think of what I wanted to do with my lucidity. My usual, first order of business is to stabilize the dream, so I reached out to the wall and ran my fingers along it, taking in the texture and paying a good bit of attention to it. Then, I remembered my totem. I held up my right hand and began to rub my ring with my thumb, looking down at the inscription and anticipating at least some sort of change. (The ring in the pic above is my actual ring.) The text began to glow a bright white, and it helped me to remember that I wanted to try out the ring as something of a conduit for dream "powers".

      The room had changed, and I was now walking through an area with other people. Stepping up to one, random DC, I held up my hand, palm out, and attempted to conjure fire from the ring. I got nothing, though. Curious as to whether or not I would find a different hand position more comfortable, I made my hand into a fist and held that out to the nearest person to me, instead. My attempts to shoot flames from the ring had - again - failed, and I got a little frustrated. The last thing I remember was trying a few more methods to conjure fire before the dream, itself, faded, and I woke up.
    4. 1/2/2016 - "Hallway to Haven"

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:41 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Hallway to Haven"

      I was walking through a tile and concrete hallway, metal doors and drawers lining the walls, with the feeling that someone(s) was following behind, searching for me. Eventually, while searching for somewhere to hide, I realized that I was dreaming. (Upon going to work, this afternoon, I recognized the hallway in my dream to be the parking garage hallway I normally do my reality checks in, when I'm entering or leaving the office.)

      The first thing I could think of to do, with my lucidity, was touch one of the concrete structures and ground myself into the dream. Then, I decided to try and change the scenery. Since I've had pretty good luck with creating and utilizing doorways, I turned to the wall and pulled open one of the panels, imagining that there would be some other, random scene within. I don't believe I waited to see if anything showed up, visually. I just moved my head in and 'dove' into the opening, focusing on the intention to simply 'be somewhere else.'

      My forward momentum turned into a headlong dive, and I immediately found myself flying over dark blue ocean in midday. I was moving at a high speed trying to keep myself above the surface of the water. I could sense the feeling of being over the ocean becoming more and more overwhelming, and the water, itself - already a strange and almost 'fake-looking' hue of opaque, navy blue - began to form long strands or tendrils, that rose up from the surface like tentacles as I flew just over it. The entire ocean looked a bit like ferrofluid, writhing and undulating beneath me, and it was starting to freak me out.

      I turned to find land, and saw a large landmass in the distance, completely surrounded by water. I flew closer and saw that it was a sort of plateau, with a raised center. The entirety of the surface was covered with lush, green jungle, leading up at a gentle incline - over what seemed like a few dozen square miles - to a central point in the center that housed some sort of large castle or fortress. The closer I got to the raised structure at the middle of the landmass, the more I could see that there was something flying about it, circling over the top of the building. A dragon.

      The moment I recognized this dragon for what it was, I got the feeling that there was something large coming up behind me - possibly flying, but that could have been moving through the water but standing tall enough to feel like it was breathing down my neck as I flew. Still flying to the island, now trying to escape what was behind me more than what was in front, I saw that all of the color from the jungle trees and tropical landscape was beginning to 'drain' down off of the mountainous incline upon which the building sat. All of the greens and purples, browns and reds that made up the jungle beneath me now began to run like dyed water, down to the ocean that surrounded the island. (It reminded me very much of the painted field from What Dreams May Come, but after someone would have thrown a glass of water on it.)

      I don't remember ever touching down on the island or making it to the building.

      Dream Fragment Two
      I was at someone's house, cooking. Standing in the kitchen, I spontaneously remembered that I was just lucid dreaming, a moment ago. I became lucid, again, and felt kind of stupid that I'd gone from lucid dreaming to spending a dream cooking. Before I could really think of anything else to do with my lucidity, I woke up.

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    5. 12/22 thru 12/26/2016 - "Snake Among Dragons;" "Diva Scorned;" "The Thin Lucid Line"

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:13 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One
      "Snake Among Dragons"

      I was with a fairly close-knit group of martial artists, meeting with each other about something or other. There was a cop within the group, sitting there in street clothes and trying to blend in with us, but it was becoming more and more apparent that he was there to dig up dirt on our group.

      Fragment Two
      I just remember a cat diving into a pool and being able to sort of freedive and hold its breath for an impressive amount of time.

      "Diva Scorned"

      I was being chased by some psychotic, pistol-packing diva - with her expansive group of henchmen - through a big, fancy hotel setting. I have no idea why they were chasing me, or who my companion was, but I know the orders were to shoot on sight. During the chase, someone was able to take us into their apartment and hide us in a small space at the side of a bed, just as the woman showed up. They ended up torturing the person that was hiding us, and who had absolutely refused to give us up. I can't remember what all they did to him, but at one point, I do remember them taking high-pressure heat to his face - like a modified blowtorch with no flame - and literally burning and blistering all over his face and head.

      Next thing I knew, they were gone and we were back on the run, through the hotel hallways and out onto the scaffolding outside, goons firing a few pot shots at us along the way. Making it down to the parking lot, we looked for crowded areas and tried to stay hidden.


      There was a bright green viper loose in Shaun's house - pretty much just slithering around, wherever it pleased. I did a fairly good job of avoiding it, in the beginning but eventually it struck out at locked onto my calf. The last thing I remember was wondering if I was going to make it to the hospital in time to not die.

      Fragment One

      This one was something about the Tree of the Dead, from the movie Sleepy Hollow. I don't remember much from the dream, except chopping away at the center of the tree, as if more trying to destroy it than investigate it. Just like in the movie, though, I was getting sprayed and saturated with the human blood and gore that made up the tree's insides. I don't remember any encounter with the Headless Horseman, or anything like that - just the tree, itself - though I do know that I had someone with me.

      Dream Two
      "The Thin Lucid Line"

      I was out for some good times with friends, and there was an attractive woman that just kind of fell into our group, after a while, along with some of her male and female friends. The woman and I had been getting along really well, and one of her friends was continuously trying to hook her up, but we all knew that there was going to be nothing going on between us. Throughout the day, I had been driving, and I vaguely remember stopping into a grocery store, before we all went to an apartment complex.

      The sun had just gone down, when a group of maybe 8 of us were walking through the parking lot, and two of the guys - one white, one black - decided to play, what they referred to as "a prank". They, then disappeared behind one of the buildings. A few seconds later, a woman comes running out from one of the hallways, screaming for the police, just as a patrol car 'happened' to be pulling into the complex.

      Naturally, we all scattered and attempted to evade the police. While running through the parking lot, I'd begun to suspect that I was dreaming. Taking one huge leap, I launched myself into the air, and nearly touched the roof of one of the tall apartment buildings, slowly descending back toward the ground. Trying to keep myself calm and get my bearings within the dream state, I took another jump, just a bit more focused, and touched-down to the rooftop. I, then, flew across the parking lot, to the rooftop across from the building I was once on. (I had originally wanted to do the 'Lucid Task of the Month' but I had completely forgotten, by this point.) Now, assured that I was dreaming, I went back down to find my group.

      The cops had everyone rounded up. There were two black cops and one white one - the two black cops acting nonchalant and, ridiculously enough, carrying basketballs as if they were trying to appeal to us level (while being racial stereotypes, obviously). They started putting us in their cruiser and the white cop turned to me and started making bigoted remarks. Still lucid, I just laughed at him and said something smart, in return. Becoming instantly defensive, the cop pulled out his gun and shot me in one leg. It felt like a light punch, and ultimately didn't faze me at all, in terms of pain. The act was, though, irritating, and it caused me to laugh directly in his face, at his futility.

      I said something like "you fool! This is a dream. This is My dream! You think you can hurt me, here??" I then held up one hand and challenged him to shoot me in the hand, just to prove to him (read as: myself) that I could override the pain. He looked at my hand, and back at me...and then he shot me multiple times in the Legs, again. It caught me a little off-guard, but I focused on ignoring the pain and what little discomfort came about had immediately disappeared.

      Again, his defiance irritated me, but caused me to laugh at him through grit teeth. I was just just about to go completely OP'd on him, when I felt the dream beginning to fade away. I didn't even try to fight waking up, though, even though I would have enjoyed tormenting this DC, and I just let the dream slip away while I awoke.

      I've noticed some recurring themes of racism and fascism in my dreams, lately. Makes sense, really. I've been taking in a lot of politics, and playing games like Tomb Raider and The Last of Us, which contain a lot of such situations. No question as to whether waking world media is seeping into my dreams. Lol.
    6. 12/06/2016 - "Locked In"

      by , 12-07-2016 at 12:22 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Gonna TRY to get my ass back in gear!

      "Locked In"

      I remember being in my old neighborhood, with friends, and getting into some supernatural situation. We were looking around for what might have been ghosts or some other things that go bump in the night, when my old friend JC decided to play a joke on us and start screaming for help, after we'd split up. While running, frantically, to find him, I began to suspect that I was dreaming. We found him in his own driveway, seemingly locked inside of a car. Still convinced that I was dreaming, and before doing any reality checks, I reached in to the window, phasing my hand through the glass as if it were water and opening the door from the inside.

      JC got out of the car, laughing, saying that he was fine and was just joking about being in trouble.

      That's all I recall.
    7. 12/15/2014 - "Once the Sun Goes Down"

      by , 12-30-2014 at 04:14 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Once the Sun Goes Down..."

      I was in a supernatural town, where everything apparently goes ape-shit, after dark. (Think 'Silent Hill''.) People turn into zombies; monsters come out to prowl - the whole nine.

      My first experience with this town was absolute horror. Everyone around was sporadically transforming into Nightmare Creatures, and it seemed as if they were fixated on me. I was constantly on the run, with a new 'breed' of monster popping up around every other corner. I came to be sprinting through the high, balcony walkways of a massive castle when I was confronted by some sort of 'spinning wheel of death'. It radiated red and orange sparks and whizzed through the air like a large Frisbee, ricocheting off of the walls and stone surfaces as I ducked and dodged out of its way. Shortly after escaping this disc, I began to hear thunderous footsteps approaching me from behind. Something big was coming. I ran faster through the hall, trying to put as much distance between myself and those giant footsteps as I could.

      Then, the dream reset.

      I don't know if I was eventually killed by something, or what, but the dream suddenly zapped me back to sundown, and to the very start of this town's hellish transformation. This time, though, I was aware fact that my experience had just started over, and that it wasn't simply Deja Vu. I realized that this was a dream! Again nightfall came, and again, the populace of this city turned to hideous, blood-thirsty monsters.

      This time, though, I was able to tear through the beasts with little resistance, acting as a warrior god among these now-harmless hordes. Utilizing mostly telekinesis and simple energy blasts from my hands, and following pretty much the same path as I had previously taken through this world, I was soon back up in the castle, confidently (and whimsically) fighting my way through the hallways and back onto the balcony. Just as before, I saw the 'spinning wheel of death', however, this time, it was inactive. It looked to be just a rickety, old sewing wheel with blades set around it, propped up against the balcony, but it lacked the glowing, rotating element of 'surefire death' that it had, the last time I saw it.

      Then, those booming footsteps returned, just as before. Instead of running, though, I turned back to face their origin, surprised to see Thanos, of all people, stomping his way toward me. Even while lucid, I hesitated to rush at my mental projection of an advancing Thanos, so I took a flying leap off of the balcony and dove all the way down to the ground level. The titan followed suit and landed directly behind me. We then began a sort of cat-and-mouse down the side of the mountain upon which the castle rested. Even though I was lucid, I was admittedly on the defensive, but I was doing a good job of blocking and dodging his rushing attacks as he pursued me down the mountainside.

      The chase was the last thing I remember.
    8. 12/08/2014 - "Social Slug"

      by , 12-30-2014 at 03:32 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Social Slug"

      I was swimming in a lake or pond, and I could see a large, unfamiliar creature nearby. I couldn't get a good look, at first, but finally saw that it was a long-face creature that, aside from its exaggerated snout, looked like a big, green manatee with triangular, spinal protrusions on its back. It was very docile and social, swimming around idly and playing with everyone. Overall, it was about the size of a full-grown hippo; large enough to come from beneath someone and toss them in the air, playfull, and into the water. We were all having a great time with it. Over time, though, we could see it becoming more and more 'clingy'. It didn't want to let anyone swim away, or take their attention from it. It would follow as all relentlessly, until we managed to slip away.

      Later, still hanging out in a wooded / park area (it seemed like a campground or something), we did some level of research on this thing; on our phones, I believe, and saw that it was some kind of mutated sea slug or something. We eventually found another, smaller version of the slug. This one was much more lively, and running and from person to person and trying to get everyone to pet it. Then, even more surprisingly, the zippy little slug revealed that it had the ability to speak. I believed the thing to be alien (and I think, at one point, it told me it was, but I'm not sure on that one).

      We played with this little guy for a little while longer, and over the course of this time, the slug continued to talk about him and his kind - about how they grow to be such 'loving' creatures. I said the other slug was more "clingy" than "loving". This little one said that he was much different. And, for a moment, it seemed like he was. But..then it was time to leave.

      He began following us. We would look back and gesture and hint that it was time for us to be parting ways. He was having none of it, and would faithfully follow every step we took, continuing to banter on like our visit had just begun. Once we got to our canoe, though, his entire behavior change. He became manic and aggressive, demanding that was stay and starting to scamper around, enraged. By the time we got about a dozen feet from the dock, the slug shot into the air and then dive-bombed our canoe, bouncing around it like a ricocheting bullet and capsizing it, dumping us into the water.

      Finally, soaking wet and chest deep in this water, I realized that this was all a dream. Instead of swimming, I attempted to levitate myself out of the water, but the dream quickly unraveled, here, and I woke up.
    9. 11/17/2014 - "Picking a Fight with Spider-Man"

      by , 11-18-2014 at 03:46 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      I've had a couple of dreams, over the last few days, that I still have to expand from notes. However, this morning's dream involved Hukif's Lucid Dare, so I wanted to type it up as soon as I had the time. I don't know if it counts as a success or not, but it was a pretty good one - albeit frustrating...

      "Picking a Fight with Spider-Man"

      Spoiler for Short-Version:

      I 'awoke' in my bed. Looking around the room, I could tell that things just seemed 'different'. Eventually, I came to realize that my TV and entertainment center had changed shape and size. There was also a strange feeling about me. I felt like I was in a bit of a daze. Like I wasn't quite 'with it'. I pulled up a glowing clock in front of me (I don't remember if it was on a watch or a cellphone), and I checked the time. Instead of numbers, the clock face began to morph into random letters. A calendar appeared, instead of a clock. I immediately knew that I was dreaming.

      Looking at my hands, I attempted to bring the dream into more clarity. It seemed to work, but the room was still dark, so I couldn't quite see exactly what level of detail there was. I took a moment to think about what it was that I wanted to do, stepping over to the bedroom window. I knew I wanted to be outside, so I put my hands up to the window and pressed forward, phasing through the glass and leaning halfway out, taking a good look at my surroundings. It was a still night, and I believe I remember it feeling a little brisk. From the look of the neighborhood, I was back at my old home in Canterbury (again), and there was a single house across the ditch, which had green Christmas lights on it. It was one of the only things I could see, in the dark.

      I remembered Hukif's Dare, about trying to fight Spider-Man, so I floated the rest of the way through the window, and up onto the roof. Instead of my normal roof, it seemed like I was now on the conjoined roofs of some big, sprawling city, with old-fashioned architecture (such as London). I flew up a few levels, from one rooftop platform to the next. Up ahead, I could see Spider-Man. He was a few levels higher than me, so I elevated to his position and saw that he seemed to be working on something; building some sort of structure. I couldn't tell what it was, but there were barrels of material and scraps laying around. He was clearly focused on what he was doing, and didn't seem to pay me any mind.

      He simply ignored me, when I called down to him for a fight, continuing to work on whatever it was he was working on. I thought I might try antagonizing him a bit, so (having forgotten that one of the caveats of the dare was that I had to fight him without using any dream powers) I slung my hand out and made Spider-Man's trademark gesture, effortlessly causing a string of webbing to fly out of my wrist and cover him from chest to boots. He made some comment about how he didn't want to fight me, sounding as if the idea completely bored him to tears, and then he ripped his way out of the webbing, which flickered away and disappeared like some low-tech video game effect.

      All of a sudden, there was a series of explosions, closing in on us from a higher point upon the cluttered stacks of rooftops. Spider-Man said that there was a very powerful villain coming, and he began scampering in the other direction when the explosions began blasting in toward us. I quickly followed him, flying Superman style as we rushed to evade the incoming ordinance. I couldn't see who was actually chasing us, but I was amazed (no pun intended) at the way Spider-Man moved - flipping and twisting and landing on the smallest of surfaces before rebounding off and tucking into all sorts of various, aerial maneuvers. It was a trip to watch, even while making our escape.

      Finally, we got back down to the edge of the rooftop on which I had begun. I flew over the side and landed to the ground in front of my bedroom window. I believe I was going to phase back through the window, to head inside, but it was right around here when the dream reset itself.

      I was back in my room, on my bed, and looking around in the dark. This time, my TV was on, so there was a dim glow that I don't believe was there, the first time around. Spider-Man and the heavily-armed mystery villain were nowhere to be seen. Still lucid, I sat in bed for a few moments and attempted to ground myself into the dream again. I started rubbing my hands and feeling around on my arms, to focus on the texture. This time, I could see a strange black set of tattoos, which ran halfway up my arm. The were symbols, or abstract objects, which kind of looked like the bones of a spinal column, from my wrist to the top of my forearm.

      Getting out of bed and walking to the TV, I wanted to try and use it for a scene change. I can't remember what program was showing, but I pushed my face up to the screen and attempted to 'go into' the TV, itself. After a few moments, everything had just gone dark. I pulled my head away and saw that what was once a TV, had transformed into some sort of cabinet or dresser. Frustrated, and attempting to test my level of control in this dream, I levitated myself a couple of inches from the floor, checking to see if I could stay afloat. Then, after a few seconds, I lowered myself to the ground and slung my first down at it. My fist smashed into the ground with incredible force, and I could feel a sonic boom shake the walls of the home. From what I could tell, I still had at least a little control over things, here.

      I knew I wanted to try my hand at Spider-Man, again, but I didn't want to have to waste the time in going to find him. I 'willed' for him to be in the room with me, and he soon walked in through the bedroom door. The lights were on, by now, and he just stood between me and the dresser, as if silently waiting for an explanation as to why he was summoned. I asked him if he wanted to spar, and he simply made some dismissive gesture. He just wasn't having it, apparently, and I was getting nowhere. I decided to try attacking him, again. At first, I was going to try webbing him again, but I remembered about the rules. So, I tried throwing a few punches. It just felt really awkward, and I was hitting nothing but air. I even tried DBZ-style 'rapid-fire punching', but it was just like he wasn't even there. I couldn't tell if he was moving too fast for me to see him, or I was just punching 'through' him. Going for broke, I jumped up and threw a double drop-kick right at his chest. It was powerful enough to knock him back against the cabinet and send me hovering across the room and smashing into the wall behind me. Ultimately, though, he brushed it off and stood up straight once again.

      I was growing more and more frustrated, and I really didn't want to end this dream in a complete failure, since this jackass was too stubborn to want to fight me. I wanted to fight someone, at least. Phasing back through the window, I took off into the (still night) sky, leaving Spider-Man to his anti-social self. Screw him, anyway. I wanted to fight Goku!

      The dream went into this really weird, very trippy flight sequence, where the sky would turn this kaleidoscope of colors while I went on my search for Goku. There were weird creatures flying around, and some of them were talking all kinds of nonsense. Everything turned 2-D and cartoonish. Total DBZ environment. It actually looked a lot like I was flying through Snake Way.

      The clouds cleared, and I was then flying over a mountainous terrain while one of the creatures were telling me about how some villains were hiding in the caves and building a huge 'space craft' (and that this was inherently bad, for some reason or another), so I decided to go and find them. I landed at the mouth of a cave and wandered into the darkness, growing slightly anxious at what I might find, but trying to keep my anxiety down, so as not to produce a nightmare. While walking through the winding tunnel, dragging one hand along the rocky wall in order to keep myself grounded by feeling around the environment, I was suddenly confronted by two alien henchmen. Immediately, I curled my hand into a fist and charged a sphere of energy around it. It even made the familiar sound effect of a ki blast charging, from the DBZ cartoon (though it was unintentional, and it was funny when I heard it, because it was completely unexpected). I quickly spun in place and fired two blasts from my hand at the henchmen, the explosions filling the hallway with smoke and debris. When the smoke began to fade, I saw that at least one of them were still standing. I dashed toward him and tried swinging a barrage of punches. However, all I got was the 'underwater' feeling that I sometimes get when trying to punch things. Through the smoke, I could hear the alien laugh and say something like "you're funny," in a completely childish manner. Just as this was beginning to frustrate me, the dream scene changed again.

      I was then at my Aunt's house (but it was different than it is in waking life), and sitting on her couch. I was still lucid, and beginning to think that this dream wasn't going to be lasting much longer, so I began trying to backtrack and go over the past events of the dream in my head, in order to keep the memories fresh in my mind. My cousin came out from a bedroom, and she had another (gorgeous girl) with her, whom was also being identified as another cousin, even though she was a complete stranger to me. They said that they had just voted, for their first time, and were tired after doing a lot of studying on the candidates and the voting process. It was around here, when I noticed that neither of them were wearing any clothes. Unable to resist, I started sizing up the unfamiliar girl, and getting a little 'hands-on'.

      Not wanting the dream to fade, I looked at my hands again, not wanting another premature scene change. I noticed that the weird tattoo I'd had before had returned, and it was now going all the way up my arm, to the shoulder. When I looked back at the girls, I saw that they had similar markings up their arms, as well as parts of their faces and heads. It was very tribal-looking, and kind of cool, but I already had my intentions set. The unfamiliar girl and I began to fool around on the couch, but just as things were starting to really get going (keeping it vague and appropriate, since I'm writing this at work ), I felt the clarity of the dream slipping away from me. I tried to run my fingers along her skin some more, to keep things going, but I was already stuck with the idea of waking up, and the thought of the dream ending pulled me too far away from it all to get it back.

      Having just barely gotten inside this tattooed beauty, I woke up.

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    10. 10/27/2014 - Untitled Fragment; "Coke Challenge"; "Superhero Scapegoat"

      by , 11-06-2014 at 02:45 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      (I was attempting to complete Hukif's Lucid Dare; challenging me to fight Spider-Man, without the aid of Lucid Powers. After waking up and doing a few brain-teasers, at about 5 a.m., I went back to sleep with the intention of finding and fighting Spider-Man.)

      Fragment One

      I was at an outdoor festival with friends. A specific girl I was chilling with was absolutely gorgeous (tall, exotic, dirty-blonde hair. Reminded me a little of AP), and we were getting really cozy; hugged up on each other and dozing off while I was rubbing my fingers along her thigh.

      Dream Two
      "Coke Challenge"

      I had a false awakening, where I woke in my Canterbury bedroom. There was barely any light coming in through the window, but I could tell that the room was different (from my present one), but couldn't recognize how. While I was trying to figure it out, a young boy walked into my room, immediately alarming me because I always keep my door locked when I sleep.

      He stood in the shadows of the doorway, trying to grab my attention, talking about how I should come and try the "coke (cocaine) and [something?]" that he'd just made. I sat up in bed and started questioning him about who he was and how the Hell he got into my room. He seemed to try to avoid my questions, remaining suspiciously quiet and just standing at the open doorway.

      "This is a dream, isn't it?" I asked, rhetorically.

      The moment I became lucid, the dream transitioned (or ended).

      Dream Three
      "Superhero Scapegoat"

      I was back with the girl from the original dream, and we were walking down the sidewalk of a city street. There was a bank, off to our left, and we turned to step inside...walking right into the middle of a bank robbery in progress.

      The thieves were running in and out of the back of the bank, taking turns leaving carts of money for short periods, before coming back in and grabbing as much more as they could. I don't remember actually seeing any employees or customers. With one of the carts being near to us, my lady-friend and I simply couldn't resist grabbing onto the handles and rushing over to the door with the cart, trying to wheel the money out. (Not that I would have ever done that, in waking life, but it was just made sense, in the dream. Lol.)

      There was some cloth hanging from the car (with a design on it like the gray and black plaid on my PJ pants) and it got stuck in a closing door on our way out. Before we could get ourselves unstuck, a man with a gun appeared before us. It was the alleged 'boss' of this operation, and he was looking to get onto us about trying to steal 'his' money. I also remember that there was some lackey helping him out, a midget who was dressed in some sort of animal costume. He didn't stay long, though.

      The crime boss, ironically, turned us in to the police, convincing them that we were the ones who orchestrated and executed the entire heist. Strangely enough, though, he said that there was one other person helping us: Spider-Man.

      While we were being escorted toward the police station, so was the Webslinger. He was surrounded by about a dozen officers with automatic weapons trained on him, walking solemnly toward the front steps of the precinct. I could see a large, armored vehicle nearby, which is what I think they delivered him in. Even with his mask on, I could tell by his body language that he seemed completely defeated and dejected while they ushered him to jail.

      That's the last thing I remember.

      (Damn! So close! )
    11. 10/26/2014 - "Maritime Mercenary Mayhem"

      by , 11-04-2014 at 06:00 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Seems like cops and mercenaries have been recurring elements in my dreams, lately...

      "Maritime Mercenary Mayhem"

      Spoiler for Short Version!:

      This was a crazy, long dream. I really don't remember all of the details, but will do my best. I was with my family, and we were having a small party. Sometime during the night, the neighbors ended up calling the police, and there was a huge ordeal about it. The cops turned out to be mercenaries (again), and we found out that the reason they were messing with us had less to do with our noise than it had to do with some hidden treasure, that they were after, thinking that we had something to do with its disappearance.

      There was a lot of action, in this dream, and we were in constant skirmishes withe these mercs. I remember being out on the water, and the mercenaries had some sort of cliff-side fortress, on a peninsula, which we were trying to storm, conceivably to get a hold of whatever treasure it was that they were looking for. My allies and I died many, many times and I just kept re-spawning back in the same place, destined to repeat the scenario. (Likely a throwback to Edge of Tomorrow, but the fortress reminded me much of Alcatraz in The Rock.) It became less about us trying to get away from the mercs than it was about trying to beat them at their own game.

      It was around this time that I realized I was dreaming. We were heading back to the fortress, on a small, military-style motorboat. My best friend T was now with us, even though I don't think he had been there the whole time. Now lucid, I was revved up and ready to face this mercenaries again, and I was expressing my excitement to T, talking about my lucidity and trying to get him to join in, once the fighting started again. I took a look at my hands and grounded myself into the dream, hoping to make it last as long as possible. Off to one side, an enormous mech suit or robot towered about waste-deep in this ocean. It looked to be Godzilla-sized and had a shiny, metallic-gray body with blades that stuck out to all sides. T commented on it, and I told him about how it just had been standing there, throughout the entire battle, immobile, and was nothing that we needed to worry about.

      When we arrived to the small, waterside fortress, which had two tall towers rising above the jagged rocks on one side of the shore, it was all-out war, once again. At first, I stuck to using firearms, as I had done earlier in the dream. We pushed into the towers, making our way up through the levels, periodically ducking in and out of cover while mowing through enemy after enemy. Just as we had completely taken the upper-hand, I found out that one of the girls in my group, to whom I had been really close, was abducted from the fray, in a tank, and taken away from the tower, further into the mainland. From the top level of the tower, I could see the tank speeding away through the dirt, maybe 100 yards from the base.

      I planted my feet, bent my knees and then launched myself into the air, flying straight through the roof of the tower (not sure if I broke through or phased through) and into a high arc over the rocky terrain before dropping me, feet first, directly onto the body of the tank. Through the front window slot, I could see the mercenaries scrambling to attempt to attack. Both the machine gun and cannon began whirring around in my direction, taking aim on me from point blank range. (This is surreal, now that I look back on it, because even though I was standing on the front of the tank, the cannon was, somehow, short enough to still be aimed at me.) I laughed at them and told them that 'this was my dream' and I was in control, standing my ground and egging the weapons to begin blasting away at me. When the firing began, I pushed my hands out in front of me, feeling the bullets bouncing harmlessly off of my palms, along with a couple of explosive shells which did no more than their smaller counterparts. I just kept all of my focus on pushing away, and it created a sufficient enough barrier that not a single shot was able to penetrate. When the shooting ceased, I reached one arm down below the barrel of the cannon, planting the other one on the deck. I then shoved the cannon upward, trying to bend it up and away from me. Instead, the barrel didn't bend, but rather the entire top portion of the tank ripped open like the lid of a wet cardboard box, exposing the two or three terrified mercenaries (and female hostage) within.

      My memory gets really muddled, around here, and I don't remember much detail. I know the fighting went on, but my recall skipped ahead until sometime after the ordeal was over. T and his girl were pulling up in a car as if they were picking me up. I, still being lucid, walked toward the approaching car and phased through the front of it, turning around to sit in one of the back seats. We all got to talking, and they were being pretty 'hush-hush' about something that they had 'brought back' from our ordeal with the mercenaries. No sooner did they say this than a few ghosts of our earlier allies (who hadn't re-spawned back to life) poked their translucent heads through the back seat (having been stowed away in the trunk). They said they were smuggled off the battlefield and that there was some plan to bring them back to life. Though I was happy to see them, part of me figured that the mercenaries would find out about this, and would soon be chasing us down again.

      That's all I can remember.

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    12. 10/25/2014 - "These Cuffs Won't Save You..."

      by , 10-26-2014 at 07:28 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      "These Cuffs Won't Save You..."

      Spoiler for Short version...:

      I woke up in my room, and my roommate had come home and was moving some stuff in and out of the house. There was another guy with him, who apparently 'lived' here before we did (a sort of alternate version of my other friend, J, whose father owns the house I'm renting; yet it wasn't exactly him). This guy was just coming in and out of my room, while I was asleep (and undressed). He was pulling stuff, that he apparently owned, out of my closet and pretty much just moving things around as if I wasn't even there. When he left the room, I got up to get myself situated, and when I opened the door to walk into my bathroom, I was surprised to see I was walking into the living room, instead. This didn't seem right, at all, as my living room is through the other door in my room. Before I could think about it for too long, I became distracted by the fact that there were even more people in the house; a couple of females. They were hanging out in this living room, and it wasn't long before I'd made myself decent and came back out to socialize.

      Next thing I remember is that we were all walking out of a department store, and I happened to notice a really attractive girl walking in through the glass doors, beside us. I had to do a double-take when I realized that she was wearing a cut-off shirt with absolutely no pants or underwear on, whatsoever. Again, due to our forward momentum, I simply looked back and kept moving, too distracted to stop and think about how absurd that was.

      We ended up at a bar. I was the first one to grab a table, and I started checking Facebook on my phone while waiting for the others. It seemed that pic after pic of hot women were the only things showing when I scrolled through my news feed. One of the girls from the house came up to me and tried to sneakily move around behind me, to see what I was doing. I flipped my phone, face down, and set it on the table, turning to her with a 'can I help you?' sort of glare. (I hate people that try to look over your shoulder at your business.) She sat down in a chair beside me and started throwing a bunch of questions at me, as if she were trying to find out some background on me. She asked if I would be happy to be able to have access to someone's secret letters or documents, and be able to read everything about their lives without them knowing. I told her that that kind of thing doesn't wouldn't interest me, because I have no desire to go around disrespecting others' privacy in such a manner. She had this really smug, condescending look to her and continued interrogating me, just as everyone else was beginning to show up at the table.

      I didn't really like where this line of questioning was going, and she was simply beginning to wear out her welcome. I stood up and started turning the questions around on her, asking how she felt about herself, trying to drill someone with such personal questions, which were none of her business. I brought her character into question, rather publicly (with a verbal onslaught that I can't really remember), and got her to back off. Twisting the knife, I mocked her attempt to make a fool of me by calling her an 'amateur', in front of everyone else, which prompted a round of laughter from the group. As if seeking one, last dig at me, she reached over and pulled my chair to her, as if she was going to sit down on it. I was like "Uh....no.." and I slid my chair out from under her, sitting on it, myself. Then, with my conscience getting the better of me, I actually reached over to an empty table, grabbed one of the chairs and pushed it over for her to sit on.

      Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind. It was a cop, and there were at least 4 more standing nearby. They immediately threw some cuffs on me and began dragging me away from the table, telling me that I was going to be detained and searched because I was "suspected to have 'H'" on me. I was like "H? What the hell is that??" (I know that "H" is normally short for 'heroin', but that is so far away from anything I've ever done that the even the idea that I was suspected of having it was absolutely ridiculous.) The cop stammered, as if he either misspoke or was just trying to make up something on the spot. "Ohh...uh..I don't know...marijuana or something..." While they were hauling me away, one of the guys in my group was trying to tell me something about 'what to do', to get out of going to jail, but I couldn't hear him over the din of the bar.

      They took me to another room in the building and, with the cuffs to the front of my body, I tried to discretely dig through my pockets, to make sure I didn't have anything else on me. I, somehow, ended up getting an empty potato chip bag stuck on each hand as I pulled them out of my pockets. So stuck, in fact, that I had to ask these cops to help me pull them off. They, then, turned me toward a darker corner of the room, where a woman was having her coat removed, rather regally, by a group of about 3 other people, at least 2 of whom were female. Beneath her coat, she was pretty scantily dressed, and walking toward me, slowly. She was completely unattractive, though, and the whole situation was making me more and more uncomfortable. She was, apparently, an investigator who was charged with interrogating me for....some reason? The way she was looking at me, though, it seemed that she had something else in mind.

      Suddenly, her expression lightened, and she nodded over toward a more secluded area of the room, asking me to join her. Taking a few steps away from everyone else, she turns back toward me and sits down on the floor, Indian-style, inviting me to sit with her. Unsure about where this was going, I did, sitting down in front of her, rather awkwardly, due to the handcuffs, and facing her. The woman smiled, leaning in a bit, as if trying to keep our conversation between the two of us.

      She said something along the lines of "you know, I had been watching you since you first came in the bar, and you know what I've been thinking? ....You are beautiful..." She smiled and was very visibly bushing, and I was beginning to get an anxious feeling of 'Just WTF is happening, here??'

      "...I couldn't believe my eyes..." she continued. But, just as she said this, she leaned her head forward, and a thick, red fluid began oozing out of her left eye, in large amounts. She developed a slack-jawed expression as if she was falling into a full-on demonic possession. The gore poured down her face and onto the floor between us.

      "Whoa!", I yelled, terrified and falling away from her. The realization then hit me like a sack of bricks: "Ok, I get it! I'm dreaming!" Just to confirm, I immediately tried some telekinesis, focusing on the woman and slinging my cuffed hands upward and lifting her off of the ground with my mind. Now, embarrassed, enraged and completely confident in my lucidity, I stood up and slowly lowered her feet down to the floor. A few, vengeful words spewed out of my mouth and I swung my hands in one direction. The woman's body followed, being telekinetically flung across the room and slamming, face first, into a white, marble counter-top. Blood splashed outward from the front of her head and spattered across the counter and wall. I snapped my gaze to one of her helpers - another woman - and 'pushed' forward with my mind, slinging her away from me and causing her to smash into shelf full of glass bottles, shattering them. I then stalked over toward her, looking from her to the window near her, and then back to her. I said something snarky like "you know you're going out that fucking window, right?" and, with my hands still cuffed, I used my TK to pick her up, draw her away from the wall and then sling her back toward the window. Her body crashed through the thick, wooden blinds and disappeared into the darkness outside.

      Still in a fit of rage (and having no mind to focus on any tasks I might have wanted to use my lucidity on), I stormed back toward the DCs I had been hanging with, earlier. When I walked from one room to the other, the scenery switched back to the house/apartment, where we were previously hanging out. Three of the DCs were hanging out in a hallway, and the annoying girl DC I had been quarreling with, earlier, was laying on the floor, looking up at me with this shit-eating grin. The first thing I did, when I came within distance, was cock back my right foot and give her a vicious soccer kick, right to the mouth, to wipe that damn smirk off her face. I didn't even care enough to pay attention to her reaction.

      Feeling somewhat satisfied, it was then that I tried to remember something to do with my lucidity, but I was still so miffed at how unpleasant the majority of my experience had just been, that I couldn't even think straight. The dream began unraveling, and I was finding myself unable to pull it back together.

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    13. 10/23/2014 - "Inception-Style"

      by , 10-26-2014 at 07:04 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      So, I won't be able to smoke anything, for a little while, so my recall is already kicking back in (which will probably mean taking much more time to write out my entries, but I'll do what I can). I also need to find a thread I read a few days back, about a DV member proposing a WBTB method where you do some logic puzzles, while awake, to keep the logic center in your brain slightly active, when going back to bed.

      I intend to thank him, because I've tried it twice, in the past 3 nights, and have gotten lucid on both nights! I just can't seem to find the thread, but I will keep looking. Anyway, I've had some pretty crazy ones, in the past couple of days!)


      Spoiler for Short Version!:

      There was a girl with me. I believe it might have been my ex, MJ, but I'm not sure. We were in an apartment or small house, with a few other people and a couple of kids. She and I were alone, though, tucked away in some room and about to have a some discrete sex, but she had to get up and take care of something, before getting started. When she walked out of the room, another girl came in and immediately began seducing me. My previous companion and I weren't really a couple, in this dream, so I began fooling around with this other girl, but we never ended up going too far because neither of us had protection. After a little more anti-climactic foreplay, we went out into the living room again, and hung out with everyone who remained in the house.

      After a few minutes, the girl that I had most-recently been with said that she wanted to try something and disappeared into the bedroom again, emerging with some sort of device in tow. She explained that it was some Inception-like device, and would allow us to share a dream. Each hose that came out from the device was topped with four-pronged syringes, which she stuck into our arms. I was a little apprehensive, but it ended up not hurting very much. Before long, we were all passing out, and the scenery transitioned.

      We were now in a wooded area and surrounded by beautiful, autumn colors. Specks of red and orange leaves covered the grass, fallen from the thin, scattered trees, and we took a while just soaking in the scenery. There were a few locals running around, but they didn't pay us much mind. Everything was just beautiful, though. The environment almost seemed ancient, or at least Feudal-Japan-esque.

      My 'crew' and I were apparently searching for something [color](though I have no idea what)[/color], and I remembered that we had to go into the dreamworld, to get it. Looking around, I realized that I had been thinking I was still in the waking world, but also that we had all just taken the dream serum and went to sleep. So, I wondered, did that mean I was already in the dream world? But, then, I thought about the dream serum itself - how absurd that was. I figured that that meant all of this might have been a dream. Everything was just so vivid, though. I couldn't be sure that I was dreaming, as I felt completely grounded in reality. I tried toying with the gravity a bit, and leaned backward as if I was going to 'force' myself to not topple over. It didn't work. I lost my balance, stumbled a bit and fell on my ass. Figures. Slightly embarrassed at this, I got up and continued to walk with my group, about to give up on the idea that I might be dreaming.

      Giving it one, last try, I took a slight hop into the air, using every bit of my concentration to 'pull up', before coming back down. My feet fixed themselves above the ground, hovering just about a foot over the leafy terrain. I was flying! "Ah...there it is..." I said, smiling and fully-lucid. For the next minute or so, I did some superhuman acrobatics and parkour in this lovely, wooded area - performing high, twisting somersaults and short-range flying/floating up into the treetops.

      I began to notice there was a commotion going on, with the locals. A group of men came running passed, saying that they were under attack by some powerful, unknown entity. I don't remember much of the frenzied briefing they gave, but I told them not to worry, seeing as how this was my dream and I was now in control. To prove it (more to myself, than to them), I raised one foot and then stomped it down on the ground, yelling "RRRRAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" and expelling a massive burst of energy out, in all directions, DBZ style. The men recoiled as the wind blew them backward, nearly off their feet. It was then that I could see that one of the men actually had two faces - his normal face, and one that was kinda 'stuck' to the left side of his head. It was slightly gruesome, and very surreal.

      Content that I had a good level of control, I prepared to do battle with whomever it was that was soon to be approaching our position. Figuring I could use a little DC help, I asked if any of the strange men had any 'dream control' powers of their own. I then realized how pointless my question was, and just went off to find my unknown opponent figuring that any DC, who wanted to help, would tag along.

      Unfortunately, I don't remember anything about the battle...

      We were soon coming back to the previous area, and I was talking to the DCs about lucid dreaming, just to see their reactions. I tried to show off a little, by doing the 'falling back' thing, again. It still didn't work, and I fell....again. They laughed and me, and I have to be honest when I say it upset me a bit, even though I was still lucid. I tried a few other tricks, but my 'powers' seemed like they were starting to leave me. 'MJ' finally showed back up, around this time, and said that we had to get back to where we originally started, as the dream was about to end. She led the way and we began walking back to the starting point of the dream (The rest of the crew had disappeared, by now, and it was just 'MJ' and I.) I noticed that she was moving faster and faster, among the trees while she led, and I was finding it hard to keep up. I attempted to use some lucid super-speed, to catch up to her, but everything just felt so realistic. I couldn't control the dream anymore. No matter how hard I tried to 'rush' ahead, I could only run at normal speed.

      Finally, I realized that I didn't really need to 'go' anywhere. I could just exit the dream from wherever I wanted. Figuring that the dream may have been going so long that it might be tough for me to remember much of it, I woke myself up.

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    14. 10/14/2014 - "Pirate Punishment", Fragment

      by , 10-15-2014 at 08:11 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Pirate Punishment"

      I was boarding a ship with others. It looked to be a cruise ship, but smaller than the large vessels that you would normally see leaving from the cape. I don't remember where we were going, but there were quite a few people on the boat.

      While out on the water, before even having gotten too far, our ship was attacked by 'pirates' (for lack of a better name). These guys were real bad news, and seemed as if they had just stepped out of the pages of a comic book. One of them was a dark-clad, helmeted, Darth Vader-looking s.o.b., and he was apparently the overlord of the group.

      The majority of us were down in the ship's hull. The bay door was open, and these goons were ordering us all to surrender to them, or they were going to blow us out of the water. Though there were only a handful of these assailants, we could see that they had the weaponry to take us all out (some of them having metaphysical powers, as well). There was no way we would be able to stop them.

      That's when I realized that I was dreaming.

      Despite having planned to use my lucidity for other things - and never being one to shy away from lucid combat - I allowed the storyline to conduct me and stepped out onto the open rear hatch, eager to turn the tables on these guys. I assured the rest of the people that things were going to be just fine, since "this was just a dream" and "no harm could come to any of [them], anyway!" With that, I levitated out from the wide mouth of the ship's bay door, hovering over the still water of the harbor and squaring up in a position to where I could better face our would-be captors.

      I don't remember too many details of the battle, but I was controlling my flight rather well, changing elevations over the water while evading the attacks from the group of baddies. A bit more action took place between me, the pirates and the passengers, but I don't recall much. Throughout the fight, there were a few times that I used telekinesis to sling my enemies in all directions, but the main thing I remember is facing off against one guy, in particular, that had a throwing knives or straight-razors, that he would throw at me. I don't remember if all of the pirates were able to fly, but I know this guy could. We had a good mid-air cat-and-mouse, and I kept flicking his projectiles away with TK, before they could reach me, guiding them with my hands outstretched, to mentally arc them around my body.

      Finally, unexpectedly, he pulled out a large meat-cleaver and chucked it at me. Still on a telekinesis roll, I waved the weapon off to one side, but then imagined it spinning around behind me, hooking around from my other side and launching back at its previous owner. In a state of shock, the other guy didn't seem to know what to do. It tore through one of this legs, opening an enormous gash in his thigh. When he grabbed his leg and yelled in horror, I knew he was done.

      With the still-spinning cleaver now hovering in the air, nearby, I turned to confront the rest of the invaders. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything passed this point.

      Fragment Two

      I was on a ranch, and about to be taught to ride my first bull, just after seeing a more experienced rider get dumped on his ass. They had smaller, tamer bulls for us amateurs to ride, and I got a good look at mine, through the rails in the fence, while making my way to the pen. Smaller or not, I was preparing for the worst, and wasn't feeling all too confident as I climbed on his back and began to strap myself in...

      All I remember.

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    15. 09/29/2014 - Fragments: Untitled, "Decisions, Decisions..."

      by , 09-30-2014 at 02:18 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One

      A bunch of friends and I were hanging out in my old garage. Eventually, we got into doing acrobatics, and I came to find out that I was able to do some pretty insane moves. It seemed as if I were defying gravity as I easily landed aerials, b-twists and all kinds of other flips and spins. I began to wonder about how I suddenly had these skills but was not able to become lucid.

      Fragment Two
      "Decisions, Decisions..."

      I was in a classroom or workshop (or something), and my roommate was there. There was a lot of commotion going on, and I remember my roommate vaulting over a desk. It turns out that we were about to be invaded and attacked by some sort of evil horde, though I can't remember who (or what) they were. My anxiety turned to excitement, as I realized I was dreaming. My mind raced to try and remember what it was I wanted to do, but I was being distracted by the impending chaos around me. I remembered the experiment, and what I needed to do...but I also wanted to fight. The idea of a coming invasion made me absolutely giddy in my lucidity. Deciding that (just maybe) there was a chance that I could get back to my primary objective, after having a little fun, first, I decided to hold off on my experiment and focus on the inevitable battle.

      Unfortunately, that's all I can remember. What a waste!

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