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    1. 09/03/2014 - "First Totem Test"

      by , 09-03-2014 at 11:45 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "First Totem Test"

      (A bit of success met with horrible recall, this morning. (Hanging out after work and catching a buzz typically messes up my recall...) I know that quite a bit went on in this dream, after I initially became lucid, but the only thing I really remember is the few seconds surrounding the onset of lucidity. My main focus throughout the day, though, was my Totem. I just wanted to see if I could incorporate it into the dream, and I wasn't disappointed.)

      The first thing I remember is walking through a white hallway and turning to step through one of the doors lining the walls. While entering this room, which turned out to be a classroom with a bunch of high school aged kids turning to face me, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my singing magnet (as I had been doing all day, in waking life, particularly when walking into new rooms and walkways while at work). I rubbed it a bit and checked my state, immediately realizing that I had no idea what I was doing in this classroom. I knew I was dreaming, and I remember grinning at how easily the Totem idea had worked.

      Looking back down at the magnet, I waited to see if it would direct me toward my objective. (During the day, I had been attempting to set the intention for the magnet to somehow be a link between myself and my goal, either by flying toward it or somehow pointing me in the right direction.) The magnet gradually levitated upward, a few inches over my palm, and oriented itself in a fixed direction - like a compass trued to North. I turned to walk back out of the classroom and started heading down the hallway again, following the fixed position of the compass and asserting that it would lead me either to a portal or some other way finding the place I was looking for.

      It is during this search that I began to lose both lucidity and my recollection of the dream.

      (In hindsight, I think I got a little excited and forgot to stabilize my dream, before going off to explore. I will have to try to remember that, next time. I'm kind of stoked that the Totem idea worked so well on my first attempt! Can't wait to give it another shot. I'll be playing with it again, all day at work, today. Lol.)
    2. Side-Note

      by , 12-04-2013 at 12:40 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Yo yo. Just checking in. It's been a while, but I haven't been able to keep up with DV much, lately. I do have my blog still going, though, and I've been updating that with some choice DJ entries.

      Dreamwalker Chronicles

      And I've created a Facebook page for it:


      Feel free to keep up, there. I might eventually start posting my journal entries here, again, but I've only really been doing some notes in my offline journal and writing out my favorite entries for my blog, so I haven't been logging full entries in my journal for a while. =/ That might change someday, but I've got quite a bit on my plate right now.

      Much love,


      Might as well post my last DJ entry, which was also my last lucid dream. Had a bit of a show-down with the dragon Smaug (from the Hobbit). No time to format all the font colors and pics for DV, so I will just post a link for now, if that's ok.

      Dreamwalker Chronicles: 11/25/2013 - "Burning Bridges" (Lucid + Chain)
    3. 12/20/2012 thru 02/08/2013 - "Jedi Justice", "Biker Chick", Notes

      by , 05-16-2013 at 12:47 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Huge Dump of some past dreams. Trying to get my new journal caught up with my old one. More to follow.

      Some action going on and a few friends and I had to jump on some motorcycles to get away. I got on the biggest one. Riding was amazing and realistic. Torque/two-finger clutching/trying to keep the wheels on the ground/etc. Ripping through an apartment complex, doing laps and trying to get the handling right as the bike kept trying to get away from me.

      1) Playing ping-pong with exploding ping-pong balls, against someone else. On each side of the table, we had make-shift forts and other obstacles that we would use for defense. The game ended up moving out into the back yard at some point. Eventually, the method of play became a close-quarters game, instead of launching the balls across the table. We were grappling and I pushed one of the exploding balls into my opponents mouth, and covered his face with a cardboard divider. The balls had tiny fuses on them, though, and before the his went off, I threw away the cardboard shield and let him go, because I really didn’t want to actually blow his head off.

      2) All I remember is my neighbor’s house getting attacked by werewolves. I was moving the people in my own house out, while seeing someone in my neighbor’s house getting mauled up against a blinded bedroom window.

      I was being tortured, along with some woman, by a militant group of Carribbean or African ‘pirates’. They cut off my leg at about the shin for being non-compliant, and I just stared the leader down, the whole time he was doing it, to show that I would not break. This was a very painful dream, and the process was absolutely agonizing. I was screaming inside. It was unbearable. The bandit leader threatened to shove a long stick (which he had a specific name for, and I can’t think of it) down into the bloody stump – slowly, punishingly. I was going to tell him to do what he felt he must, but the girl pleaded that he stop and said that we would join his rebel group (which was the man’s goal all along). She didn’t want to see me tortured anymore. The leader made a threat that, if we ever double-crossed him after joining his gang – now that we were apparently a part of it – he would skin us alive with the spinning back wheel of his dirt-bike.

      I was in a snowy setting, playing around near a set of train tracks. Swinging an arm around, I smacked it into the base of a tree, surprisingly knocking it over onto a passing train and derailing it. It wasn’t long before the engineer and the rest of the crew came around, angrily, looking for the cause of the problem, but I don’t remember much after that.

      Sank two train cars in a harbor.

      With some shady character and Todd. Pulled some kind of caper (and I had a short spar with the character), then some old dude on a bike started following us, talking on his phone to the cops and telling them everything about what we looked like and where we were going (we were also on bikes). Once we got cornered, we confronted the guy. I suspected I was dreaming and tried to levitate a rock. It worked. I told everyone that I had this controlled, because it was my dream, and I made the snitch levitate, to prove it.

      I was in a bar and a bunch of armed robbers came in, causing chaos. Realized I was dreaming and jumped over a table to go confront them. Had some fun with them and Hadoukened one of the female thugs through a wall in a hallway.

      Was riding with some people and went to a shopping center that housed a police station. One of the guys in the back seat apologized pre-emptively and held up a pistol, jumping out of the car and running into the station. Not wanting to wait around to see what happened, the rest of us said “screw this”and took off, hearing a single shot from inside the police station as we passed by it. Turned out the boy had killed himself in front of the cops (or committed suicide by cop; I don’t know the details of which). MJ was in much of the dream (being a huge B, for the most part, but we ended up talking to each other).

      1)In a front yard and trying to fight off a guy who had run a friend of mine over in a large, menacing-looking tractor thing. I had become lucid for a moment, while kicking his ass, but don’t really remember much of it, at this point.

      2) Trying to stop Zachary Quinto from becoming a werewolf, though he seemed really determined to. Also lucid. I remember grabbing him by the face, during the early stages of his transformation, and trying to 'will' him to stay human. Don't remember whether or not it worked, though.

      Another parking lot shooting – this time it was a shootout between some hothead in my group of friends, and who I believe to have been some random redneck. I almost caught a bullet in the neck, while running for cover inside the store. It broke through some glass and whizzed right by me. The police came, eventually. I had a pistol hidden in my car that I almost got in trouble for, but the cop was cool, and knew I wasn’t involved in the shootout.

      1) In some swampy area, I was using tree branches to cross gator-infested water, crawling and swinging from them as if they were trapeze. On the far end of the wetlands, and dropped down to the ground, which began to move, and wound up proving that I was standing on the scaly back of an impossibly-large, 100+ ft. long alligator, which began to wake up from its slumber.

      2) I was in a school, watching some family movie. Someone asked if I liked it, and I could only remember that it was decent. Later, I was walking through the halls with my friend JCS, carrying sword replicas or some other mock-blades. While we were at the lockers, an old friend of my parents walked by, whom I haven’t seen since I was back in Houston. I become lucid and began using telekinesis to confirm it. Another older woman walked by (who kind of looked like L, from my present job). Waving my hand and focusing my mind, I pulled someone’s nearby wig off of their head and tied the strands of hair to [the woman who looked like L]’s real hair as she walked down the hall. She shared a laugh about and asked how I did it. I explained the whole lucidity thing, briefly. Some of the nearby people started talking about getting pizza, so I created some in an oven that happened to be nearby. A party eventually started and there was a really hot cosplay chick working a stand of something. I took her outside to hang out, and it was your typical BBQ atmosphere. I remember some intense, evil chick hanging out near the fence – standing next to a sinister weapon that radiated bad energy – and something about a tiger. The tiger was friendly to me, though. The last thing I remember was beginning to start something with the hot cosplay chick...

      ...but I was woken up by the sound of my daughter knocking on my bedroom door to ask me for a dollar. -_-

      Dream One
      ”Jedi Justice”

      The first thing I remember is sex with an old g/f. In the middle of it, for some reason, I had left the room and gone into the kitchen. My mom was in the kitchen, and started telling me about what we had to eat, so I got hungry (and distracted) and made myself a plate, having to put both the food and the BBQ sauce in the microwave, because they were both apparently too cold to eat. I went back in the room, set the food down on my desk, and my ex and I went back at it for another round.

      Later, after she had gone to sleep, I was BSing with some friends in a dorm-like room. Something happened where I had to put something away before too many people got a hold of it, but I don’t remember what it was. A few of the guys followed me into the room, but I quickly ushered them out because the girl was sleeping. The two friends I was with were in a huge rush to go ‘somewhere’, but didn’t seem to be able to settle on where it was they wanted to go. We all ended up arguing over what we were going to do with our time.

      By this time, we were out on a highway at night. There was a motorcycle left alone in a median, and we all stepped over to get a good look at it, thinking about taking it for a joyride. Out of nowhere, this chick looking like Mi’chonne from The Walking Dead comes riding up on a bike of her own. Seeming to know that we were thinking about stealing the other bike, she kicks it over, off of an embankment, and it falls into a [quite random] ice-covered puddle on the highway, sinking beneath the street. Not wanting to be connected to this destruction of property, my group and I ran like Hell.

      We got back to our (now futuristic-looking) school area, trying to keep a low profile so that we wouldn’t be tracked down over the fallen motorcycle. The downstairs lobby of this place was enormous, and it was there that I became lucid, trying to keep myself out of sight of the authorities that I know were going to be chasing us. I tried to fly up to the high second floor, where our dorms were, but couldn’t stay off the ground, so I ended up taking the stairs. Moving through the hallways, I passed a classroom with a gorgeous dirty-blonde co-ed and took her with me into a nearby bathroom stall.

      I was pretty aggressive with her, at first, but it seemed she wasn’t into it at all. The more I pressed myself against her and rubbed her body, the more she froze up and shuddered, staring at me with wide-frightened eyes, as if she wanted me to stop, but was too afraid to say anything. After a moment of attempted foreplay, it seemed way to creepy, and almost like I was trying to rape her, so I decided to leave it alone and leave the bathroom stall. An enormous group of other DC’s had gathered outside the stall, obviously responding to the girl’s ‘distress’. So, I just willed myself to ‘dash’ right through them, coming out on the backside of the mob and continuing through the hallways, meeting up with my friends from earlier.

      It wasn’t long before the ‘cops’ found us, and began trying to attack us…with lightsabers, of all things. And enormous lightsaber/force battle broke out, myself using telekinesis to strip men of their lightsabers and use them against themselves. At one point, one of the agents through his own lightsaber toward a disarmed partner, and I used my own lucid telekinesis to redirect the sheathed saber over toward myself, while it was in mid-air, then having two sabers to rip through the remaining police force with. Most of the fighting involved quick, evasive attacks while I was running through the lobby, away from the growing number of patrolmen.

      I remember one instance of the dream beginning to fade, so I looked at my hands (which were, at first, all green and gooey, as if they were melting) and quickly began to bring things back into focus. After all of the opponents had been defeated, I took some time out to recall of the things that had happened in the lucid so far, knowing that I would have to try to wake myself up soon, so I could remember it all.

      Dream Two
      "Lil' Biker Chick"

      I was a woman in this – somewhat scantily clad, and resembling my Thalia Darkthorne character. I’d stolen a rickety, black moped one night and stashed it in a random neighborhood. The next day, I went to retrieve it from this old guy’s house, where I’d stashed it among a bunch of old motorcycles. He saw me hovering around his bikes and came out to confront me, so I walked away nonchalantly, avoiding him. While I was gone, some little girls, who had seen me eyeing his bikes, came over and put chains all around them, effectively locking my own (stolen) bike in with them. This left me no choice but to actually talk to the man who lived there, and try to persuade him to hand over the bike, while trying not to tip him off that it was stolen. Of course, being the hot as chick that I was portraying in this dream, he was all smitten, and was buying into everything I said. I don’t believe I got the bike right then and there, though…

      It wasn’t until later. I was outside of some bar, and a bunch of country boys pulled up in big trucks and motorcycles. They were selling the motorcycles, and one of them happened to be the piece of shit moped that I’d stolen. I remember talking to them about buying it, but nothing after that.

      Dream Fragment One

      At some outdoor school function. People were trying to make themselves famous by shooting up the function, so they kept showing up with guns and we kept having to take them out before someone innocent was killed. We took out at least a dozen people, before one of the people in my group accidentally discharged his weapon and shot my mom in the stomach (an earlier bullet grazed her side). It was horrible. I cried over her while she died in my arms.

      Dream Fragment Two
      I remember waking up to the sound of jets flying around outside. I watched them for a while, out my bedroom window, and they all seemed to be flying ridiculously low to the ground. Later, mom, her b/f and I were all smoking cigs outside. Neighbor was playing with a boomerang and it went over our fence and then costed back over into the yard between ours. I hopped the fence to go get it and mom's b/f was trying to beat me. I then won some kind of bet where I could get anything I want from a heavy Spanish chick. I chose to receive oral from her, but it was interrupted by a sudden, live FPS scenario that was a mix between really happening and being some new edition in a video game shooter franchise. I don’t remember much of it, though.
    4. 05/29/2012 - "Engage"'; Fragment

      by , 05-31-2012 at 07:46 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One:

      I was walking around town with an awesome silver spear with a black handle. I noticed that I had long, silver-ish hair, huge muscles, black pants and was walking around shirtless, just whirling this badass weapon around like a boss. I remember being at a gas station with my old best friend's Dad from Houston. I jumped into his car, and then the dream seemed to transition.

      We were then in the hull of an enormous spaceship. I don't remember much of what happened up here, but I still had the staff. At the end, I was able to realize that we were on the Starship Enterprise. We had been caught in the tractor beam of some larger ship and it was pulling us in. Somehow, a main villain from the other ship and I got to fighting outside the ship, in mid-space, while his ship continued to pull the Enterprise in. In the end, I was able to launch some gravity pulse out of the end of the spear, tricking my opponent into dodging it and causing it to hit the two spaceships. Upon impact, the two ships flew off in different directions like two billiard balls hit by the cue ball. The second it was free, the Enterprise stabilized its rotation and then suddenly made the jump to warp speed to escape. I watched it disappear into the canvas of black space and stars in the distance, leaving me behind to fight this thing alone

      Dream Fragment Two:
      (I was attempting to do one of the Dream Warrior task on the volcano.)
      The first thing I remember about this dream was being in a high, mid-air battle between the Avengers and some enemy faction. I was helping out the Avengers, and apparently had the ability to fly, but I simply cannot remember whether or not I was lucid. The enemy had its own hellicarrier type of vehicle. It was gigantic, but instead of an aircraft carrier, it looked more like Col. Quaritch's vehicle from Avatar. I could see patches of brown from the ground, far below (but I couldn't tell whether or not I was near a volcano), and nothing but air and a lower plane of clouds between it and me.While some of others were battling in the space around the vessel, a teammate and I dropped down to the deck of the ship, battling a few armed guards. The last thing I remember is climbing down one of the ladders on the sides of the ship and heading toward the interior.

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    5. Side Note: 03/30/2012

      by , 03-30-2012 at 04:04 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      I've been out for a while. This work schedule hasn't been very nice to my dream recall. I've still be jotting down fragments in my offline journal, but haven't been remembering very much. Gonna start an earlier shift next week, so I will try to get back into the swing of things. Stay tuned...
    6. 09/19/2011 and 09/20/2011 - "Hoverbikers", Fragment

      by , 10-03-2011 at 06:28 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      I don't remember very much of this one, but I was in what seemed like a Final Fantasy type of setting, and in a motorcycle chase, much like the one that Cloud had against Yazoo, Luz and Kadaj, on Advent Children. However, in this dream, we were actually on hover-bikes, that were a lot like the bikes in the game Jet Moto (which I saw an ad for, just the other day). There was one specific moment, that I remember leaning back on the bike as I soared down a steep, declining highway at breakneck speed, feeling like I was riding on a rocket.

      Later, we found out that there was some sort of big conspiracy going on, and the cops of this Midgar-like town were killing off newcomers, to keep them from learning some type of secret. The last thing I remember was trying to escape some part of the city that was just crumbling down around us, while being bombarded with explosives.

      All I remember is that I was a Broly type of character, and I was brawling with another really powerful villain. We were flying through the air and firing energy blasts at each other. We were also tearing through buildings like during the Z-fighters' first encounter with Broly, on the The Legendary SuperSaiyaJin DBZ movie.
    7. 08/23/2011 - "Autobots Abroad", "Soap", "Market Melee", "Dirty Pool", Fragment

      by , 09-08-2011 at 04:50 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Autobots Abroad"

      I was Optimus Prime. The other Autobots and I were being summoned by the humans' governmental leaders, to be shipped off to far-away worlds, individually; each distant planet harboring some sort of elite Decepticon 'monsters,' that we were going to have try to destroy, before they came to Earth. There was a lot of contempt for this mission, because we didn't think the humans knew exactly what we were going up against. These weren't any ordinary Decepticons. They were ancient badasses, and even I wasn't sure we would stand our chances against them, on our own. For some reason, though, we had to do what the humans told us on this one.

      I got to watch the others depart - even able to see their landings from a disembodied perspective - watching them crash down onto their assigned worlds like fallen meteors. There was a particularly nasty customer left for me, and I was the last one to be shipped away. I don't really remember much of the flight through space, but I do remember first seeing the planet that I had been dispatched to. It looked like almost any other planet, though I can't remember what color it was. Its one unique characteristic was an enormous storm cloud which literally sat 'above' the entire 'northern' part of the planet. It was like a cloud hovering over a snow globe, in that it truly seemed as a separate entity from the planet, itself - like an ominous growth atop the sphere, black and forboding, and seemingly poised to eat the entire planet whole.

      I don't remember anything about actually landing, or facing off against the Decepticon giant.

      Dream Two

      Friends, family members and I had been taken at gun-point. There was this little faction of forgettable villains who were going to use me in their scheme to help spring one of their associates from a local prison. Apparently, their plan involved fitting me with some device - which was disguised as a bar of soap - and having me trojan it into the prison. I don't exactly remember what the device actually did, but what I do remember is that they were planning on getting it into the prison by shoving it up my a$$. As one might imagine, I was not down for this.

      They, however, didn't really care about my opinion. I was told that, if I didn't comply, they would kill all of us without question. I was chained up by my arms, and some woman stood before me (looking a lot like Emma Frost from the new X-Men movie). I could see the plans for the device, printed on the wall behind her. She moved in closer to me, bringing her hands up and snapping on a pair of latex gloves. I knew that this was not going to be pleasant. Suddenly, though, I realized that I was dreaming! I was just completely creeped out by this situation, though, and the first thing that I did with my lucidity was instinctively cause myself to wake up.

      Dream Three
      "Market Melee"

      I was an employee in a grocery store. There was quite a bit that had gone on, already, that I don't remember, but I soon became aware that there was a faction of ninjas and other assassins coming to kill me. I can't remember how I found this out, but I remember walking through the aisle, pushing a stock cart, while explaining to my older, female boss about the killers that were coming for me. She had been walking with me, accusing me of stealing beer from the freezer. Shortly after the accusation, though, she admitted that she found out it wasn't me, but Keifer Sutherland (who was apparently a co-worker) was the guilty party. Again, most of this part I've forgotten. Soon, though, I had become lucid, and anticipating the insurgency.

      I don't remember much about when the assassins first started showing up - only that they were mostly a bunch of generic ninjas. I thought about my previous dream, and figured that the assassin concept might have been left over from my prison-scheme escape. They would attack in small groups, but I was just completely outclassing them with martial arts. And there was one female ninja, in particular, to whom I remember giving a vicious spinning heel kick to the face, and at one point, I was walking around the store with a pair of padded nunchaku (like the ones I have IRL, only black instead of white) taunting my attackers with a practice toy.

      I remember one break I took, between skirmishes, to rub a stuffed bear on a nearby shelf, taking in the texture and using it to try to solidify the dream state. It worked a bit, but then I got into more fights, and my clarity began waning. At one point, I almost completely lost the dream. I could feel my waking world eyelids, and I tried to keep them from opening. In the dream, things were fading to black. I relaxed and held my eyes closed, but moved my ('real') eyes, as if looking around the room, trying to bring the grocery store environment back into view. After a bit of focus, and taking a brief look at my hands, things were much more vivid again.

      There was a short break in the fighting, shortly after, and what seemed like an intermission in the dream.
      I was no longer lucid, and riding in a car with a girl who seemed to be a mix between my baby's mom and MJ. Apparently, this girl and I had an infant daughter with each other. She looked a lot like my ex's (MJ) daughter, and even had her daughter's lazy eye, but her eyes were a bright, almost neon green. In the car, I saw the mother being really rough with the baby and, when I went to say something, I noticed that it was just a baby doll in her hands, and the child was safe in her seat. Soon, we were back in the grocery store - baby and all. What I had come to find out was that this baby was rather advanced at her age, and some of the gestures she did, like waving and smiling, were just really surreal to see coming from a kid as little as she was.

      Some time around here, my mom had showed up in the dream. I noticed that there were a few strange men following me. Until this time, I had forgotten about the initial onslaught of ninjas, but I was quickly reminded by the shadowy figures looming behind me. I remembered that I was dreaming, and this faction was apparently still after me. I left the child with my mom and drew my followers up near the front of the store. A few stray girls from around the store began to follow along as well, like groupies, which I thought was funny. Now that we were up near the check out counters, I turned to let these guys know that they'd been following me long enough. These particular guys were much more like thugs than ninjas (and kind of more-closely fit the look of the goons from the previous dream), one of them dressed in leather with a biker's vest. We had one particular exchange, where he kept telegraphing that he was going to throw a foot sweep. I kept waiting for it, and when it inevitably came, I hopped over it and twisted at the hip with a roundhouse kick to his face. I remember looking down at him and seeing a pool of blood forming beneath him as he lay there. It looked strange, though; like a crystalized liquid. I reached down to it, and actually picked up the whole red puddle at once, as if it were made of glass. When I got it a few feet off of the ground, it instantly turned back into liquid and splashed down on the ground in front of me.

      There was one more opponent that I remember, after the 'biker.' He was dressed to the 9's in a blue tuxedo, slick black hair tucked under a matching top hat. He stood confidently with a magician's wand in one hand. From inside the leather vest of the downed biker, I removed a shoge. I knew I had no experience with a shoge in waking life, but since I was dreaming, I wasn't the least bit worried about it. I began whirling the chained weapon like a pro, using a few generic wrist twirls, and the weapon became a bladed blur. As nonchalant as could be, the magician raised his wand and began spinning it in front of him, between his fingers. I unleashed a barrage of swipes with the shoge - still rotating it around in something of a figure eight - but he blocked every motion with the effortless twirling of his wand as if it were a baton.

      This stand-off was the last thing I remember.

      Dream Four
      "Dirty Pool"

      I was on a high wall, on the backside of a power plant or something. Murky water/waste was running out of a tube below me - set high in the wall that was standing on - and falling down into a run-off pool. Todd and I were messing around on top of the wall, telling some jokes that I can only remember had something to do with Jean-Claude Van Damme. In the middle of one of my impersonations of him, I ended up falling over the railing nearest to me. Somehow, on my way down to the dirty water, Todd caught me by one leg and pulled me back up onto the wall.

      Below another section of this wall, there was a wire-mesh platform suspended over the pool. There was a commotion, and we moved over to get a closer look. Two fighters were circling each other on this mesh, with a crowd of onlookers around them. I can't remember what he was doing, but something tipped me off that the fatter, shirtless fighter (apparently the reigning champ) was cheating. I started yelling accusations at him from my perch, and he was getting visibly annoyed. After 'winning' his fight, he finally called up to me, challenging me for running my mouth, and not coming down to fight him and prove that I had room to talk. At first, I just waved him off. I might have caught the guy cheating, but I'm not stupid, and I know that this guy had the size to just destroy me. Just when I was wondering how to get out of the situation with some dignity, I realized that this had to be a dream. Immediately, my timidness disappeared. I smiled down at him and jumped over the railing, from where I was standing, dropping down toward the mesh platform. It was a good 20ft drop and, halfway down, I tried to levitate before touching the mesh. I wasn't able to pause in the air, but I landed without even bending my knees, with the platform giving just a bit under my weight. It was a relaxed stance that felt a little awkward, but I held it, because it made me cool, as if showing off that I was completely unfazed by this dude's challenge, or the superhuman leap I had just taken.

      Unfortunately, I don't remember much of the blow-by-blow, during the fight. All I can remember was that the guy was so slow and sloppy, and I was just completely destroying him. He would lunge and swing and flail - but not hit anything - and I would just be all over him, slinging quick combination counter-punches. I ended up winning, but don't really remember anything after that.

      Dream (Fragment) Five
      All I remember is riding a folding chair down Palm Springs Road, in Altamonte, like it was a luge. The road was on a steep incline (which it's not, in waking life), and I was just zooming. It was so much fun and intense. I didn't have any brakes, so I had to lean left and right as hard as I could, at breakneck speed, trying to dodge traffic. There was one time where I was unable to hold my line around a sharp turn, just as an 18-wheeler was coming around the corner, toward me. Careening out of control, ended up going under the bed of the truck, and sliding out the other side before the rear tires had a chance to run me over. That's about all I can recall.
    8. 08/22/2011 - "Escort Servicemen"; Fragments

      by , 08-26-2011 at 11:12 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One:
      "Escort Servicemen"

      I was a soldier, during a modern war, and we men were going through some trial, where we had to choose wives from a crowd of random women, and prove ourselves worthy of them by escorting them through this sort of 'bonding' exercise. That exercise consisted of leading them into a hostile area, reaching a checkpoint at about 100 yards, and then escorting them back to our camp. The twist was that we men were given blast-resistant suits, and the women were made to remain in their civilian clothing. With our flack suits, we men had to shield our prospective women with our bodies, while escorting them across the killing field, constantly maneuvering ourselves to block the bullets and explosive blasts barreling in on us from all sides.

      The conditions were hellish, moving from cover to cover, but getting tagged by all kinds of ammunition, while we staggered through the explosions, bullets zipping by our ladies' uncovered bodies. We did our best to traverse the field, but I watched many couples die in their attempts, either blown apart by ordinance or gunned down by shots to unprotected areas. The smoke was blinding, and the explosions were disorienting, but my future bride and I had finally made it to the end of the field. This was like the hornets' nest, and the resistance greatly intensified. I don't even remember the moment at which we hit the checkpoint and began our way back, but we were soon huddling back toward camp, fighting off the continued barrage.

      It was then that I noticed that I couldn't feel the woman in my padded arms anymore. Looking down at the hollow between my arms, I saw that she was nowhere to be found. Immediately, I knew what happened, stopping in place and turning back to face the checkpoint. It was now being swarmed with enemy combatants, and I knew that I had somehow lost her in the fray. For a moment, I tried to muscle my way back toward the checkpoint, but I was getting hammered with heavy machine gun fire and RPG's - smoke trails streaming out from the 'hornets next' and detonating on and around my huge, cumbersome flack suit.

      Finally, caught a glimpse of her, through the smoke and flames, she was being hanged. I can't remember if I actually saw her, or just a silhouette, but I remember the image of her dangling from the noose, before being cut down and then impaled on a spike, as if to be propped up for show. At this point, I knew there was nothing I could do and I turned to make my way back to camp, feeling absolutely horrible about my failure...and still getting rocked by explosions and assaulted with gunfire. On the way back, I found another woman on the ground. Her protector had been killed, and she was down in the dirt, completely helpless. I lifted her to her feet and shielded her as I had done with the other woman, guiding her the rest of the way back to camp to meet up with the rest of the survivors. I don't remember anything that happened when I got there, though.

      Dream (Fragment) Two:
      I was on a stretch of dirt road which ran alongside a highway - the two roads separated by a chain-link fence. I had to get from one side of the dirt road to another, on foot, and there were a few people with me. The thing was, whenever we'd try to get across this stretch of dirt and grass, we would get killed by some psychopath who was roaming the area. Then, we would have to 'restart' at the beginning of the stretch, and try to take another route, or move through a little more quickly to try avoid the killer. I remember that he would kill really disturbing ways, and I recall one time having my entrails carved out of my body with a spoon.

      There was also a female voice narrating the entire dream's details, like a commentator on some 'shocking video' show. That's about all I remember of the dream, though. I don't know if I ever ended up getting passed that stretch of road.

      Dream (Fragment) Three:
      All I really remember was that I was skateboarding with some old friends. I've never been all that great at skateboarding, but I was rather impressed with myself, in the dream. I pulled off a few ollies and one flip trick where I stood the board up vertically and balanced on it, but for setting it back down on the wheels.

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    9. 07/11/2011 - Untitled Fragment; "All Hands On Deck"

      by , 07-13-2011 at 06:19 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One:
      I was with two of my ex-girlfriends and some other gorgeous chick who looked like EH. The first thing I remember is laying on the bed and talking/flirting with EH. Before too long, we were all hugged up on each other, and things were just going great. I was kind of resting on top of her, and she actually lifted me up in the air with her feet, like one would do a child, and kind of 'flew' me around over her. Then she let her hands go and I was suspended by nothing but her legs on my stomach. I remember being amazed at how strong her legs were. It was then that I realized I was only in my boxers, and my, uh, 'infatuation' was fully exposed, through the unbuttoned hole in the front; pretty much just hanging down right in front of her, and everyone else. More than just a bit embarassed, I had her put me down so I could 'adjust.' Shortly after this, I got up from the bed. She quickly followed - jumping off the bed and onto me, wrapping her legs around me and holding on with her arms around the back of my neck. Playfully, I carried her around the room like this, resting her back up against one of the walls at some point.

      Don't really remember much else from this dream.

      Dream Two:
      "All Hands on Deck"

      I was a crew member on a military ship. A frigate, maybe. My earliest memory of this dream was my unit being poised to attack an enemy ship, not too far from us, at night. Apparently, everyone was waiting for me to fire the first shot, and kick off what was supposed to be a covert attack. I had this huge, cumbersome chaingun, which had two joysticks and an array of buttons on it. I just looked at the thing, really having no idea of how to work it. The enemy boat was far enough away that I couldn't see what I would be aiming at, in the dark. There had to be some kind of sight on this thing. Fumbling with the buttons, I flipped a switch and mistakenly turned on a huge spot light, which shined across the water and directly onto the enemy ship. Well there went any chance of a surprise attack. Quickly, I tried to recover, hearing the hushed curses of the guys in my unit. I flipped another switch and a night-vision display came up, between the joysticks. Not having much time to adjust to the image, I just opened fire at all of the little blips on the screen. Following my - quite embarassing - lead, the rest of my team opened fire as well, kicking off the full force of the attack.

      The next day, I was having to report to my superior's quarters, presumably to get chewed out for making such a mess of what was supposed to be a precision attack. On my way across the dock/harbor area, which seemed to be a mixture between a dock and an airport, I saw my best friend just getting back home from his trip. Completely surprised by this, I went over to greet him. A crowd of our family and friends were around, including JD, MR and I think JS. We all gave him a huge group hug and welcomed him back - with a few tears of joy throughout the group - but I knew that I didn't have time to stand around. I told him I had to go, because I was about to get reamed out for what had happened the previous night. I jogged off and continued my way across the dock and onto the ship, trying to find my way to my CO's quarters. The ship was basically a labyrinth; just an endless maze of tiny compartments, suffocating hallways and ladders. I rounded a corner and came to a wide area, within the hull. On the outside of the room was an Autobots symbol, and inside, there were dozens of giant robots, many of them identical, practicing drills. Apparently, we were in the midst of a joint operation with the Transformers. They were going over tactical transformations and timing, repeatedly transforming and de-transforming in unison.

      Moving on, I finally made it to where I was supposed to be. Just before stepping in the door, though, I noticed that I wasn't wearing any shoes or boots. I knew that it would be unacceptable to show up like this, so I had to run all the way back to my own quarters (wherever that was. Can't remember). On the way back across the deck, I remember weaving through some male and female soldiers that were doing PT; mainly pushups. While running across the ship's deck - not too far from the edge - it became hard to run. It's that old, dream scenario where, no matter how hard you're running, you just don't seem to be getting anywhere. It didn't quite feel like I was running underwater - as it usually does. Instead, it felt more like trying to run into a hurricane, and the wind was just so strong that it was holding me in place. After trying to run for a bit, I would slow down, and the sensation would completely go away. And then, once I started running again, it would come back again, and this imaginary wind, which did not affect anything around me, would keep me running in place.

      This strange sensation caused me to realize I was dreaming. I tried to confirm this by focusing on a window a few yards away and motioning with my hand, toward it, trying to break the glass from a distance with telekinesis. I could almost 'feel' an impact, from afar, but didn't really seem to affect the window at all. Still, I knew that I was dreaming. There was a cargo net in front of me, which I would have to climb, to get back to where I needed to be. It was elevated onto a platform, at the far end, and I took one high jump toward the center of the net. It was maybe a good 20ft jump, and I could hear some soldiers gawking and gasping in amazement. I made a second jump, bounding maybe another 30 feet in the air and landing on the top of the platform, skipping most of the obstacle. I had to walk along a slender catwalk, after that. It was somewhere around here, where I lost lucidity. And the last thing I remember is just going back through the hallways and trying to find my CO's office again.

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    10. 07/08/2011 - "Portals: the Search for the Dream World Academy Begins" (Dream Chain)

      by , 07-09-2011 at 01:08 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      (An amazing adventure, this morning. So I had become really interested in the new Dream World Academy concept, and wanted to give locating it in a lucid dream a shot. I wasn't really sure that I would have a lucid dream, but I got up early and had enough time to try a WBTB. With about 3 hours left to sleep, I came to the computer and browsed DV for a while, reading through the Academy thread once again. Then i lay be down and set my intention to recognize when I was dreaming. [Eidt:] By the way, I still have some journal entries to post, from the days and weeks before this, but I figured I would just start again from here, and I will post those previous dreams later.)

      Dream One (a):
      "Portals: the Search for the Dream World Academy Begins" (Dream Chain)

      It was night out, and I was in a type of old, harbor town, near the water. There were two teams of tactical military forces battling each other, throughout the streets, and I had been sneaking around in the dark - scrambling over rooftops and slipping through shadowy hallways - trying not to get discovered by these gunmen. At one point, I was running along the edge of a rooftop with one of the soldiers trailing behind me, wearing very modern and high-tech gear. When I came to the edge, I knew I had no choice but to try to jump for it, but I was in the air before I realized just how high up I was. My stomach turned as the street-lit road came up at me. In that last moment of panic, though, I recognized how unreal this situation was. On hope and desperation, I braced my hands and feet for impact and landed in a surprisingly relaxed crouch on the cobblestone(like) walkway. I was definitely dreaming. Immediately I remembered the goal of trying to find the Dream World Academy. Even though this area had a lot of close-set houses, there seemed to be many more dark hallways then actual doors. So my chances of finding a portal to the Academy weren't looking all that good. I did find a statue of an elephant or some other large creature, in a courtyard and, remembering the importance of touching things, to keep grounded in the dream, I climbed atop the statue and sat on its head, feeling the stone surface beneath me with my palms.

      After some time, I found myself on the far side of the small town, still set close to the water. This was the opposite team's quarters, and they accepted me in as if I was automatically on their side, anyway. The way they ushered me in - as opposed to the way the other team was actually trying to capture/kill me - made me feel like I was already a member of their faction. Once I got accustomed to them, and things had settled down, I went exploring again. This place was basically an old restaurant, on the water. There were plenty of doors - bathrooms; closets; etc. - and I quickly got to work, opening them all and trying to find anything behind them which I wouldn't expect to find, otherwise. But, even when putting some will power and intent behind it, a bathroom was still a bathroom. A closet was just a closet. While moving through the quarters, I kept touching things; dragging my fingers along the walls and counters, just taking in the sensation of how the surfaces felt. I also made sure to keep looking at my hands, periodically, not wanting to lose the dream before I could meet my objective. After searching to no avail, I found myself back in the bathroom. Everything was still vivid, but I was losing lucidity, probably due to just getting daunted by the fruitless search. Something caused me to remind myself of my mission, though. I had almost forgotten. I was still dreaming, and I had to find the Academy. I looked briefly in the foggy bathroom mirror, but I didn't want to focus too much on my reflection. (I've had some pretty crazy encounters with my reflection, before, and didn't want to get side-tracked.) I left the bathroom and kept searching.

      There are some parts here in which my memory seems to jump around. At one point, I was in the kitchen, which looked just like mine. It seemed to be day time outside now, and there was this really shady-looking cook in there with me. He made some type of threat to me and pulled a knife. I told him that he didn't want to try anything, because this was my dream, and I could crush him, if I wanted. I proved this by raising my hand and levitating some Tupper-ware off of the counter with telekinesis. Shocked and amazed, this cook instantly developed some freakish, homosexual crush on me. He casually slipped around behind me, embraced me, and kissed me on my cheek. Completely weirded out by this, I almost reached back and elbowed him square in the nose. I decided against it, though, and just slid out of his grasp, turning to face him defensively and making my way away from him, also not wanting to get caught up in fighting in this dream. Another fragment came when I found myself sitting in a residential garage, at night. There were headlights of a car beaming in on me, and two guys got out and began walking toward me, threateningly. My lucidity had begun waning, but it was still there. I reached out my hands and tried to push the oncoming men away from me with TK, but it didn't work. Uncontrollably, I questioned whether I was back in the real world. There was a fleeting moment, there, where I felt entirely stupid for trying to use TK on these guys, like I was some kind of wizard or something. I jumped up to my feet and ran like Hell.

      (I woke up here, and saw that I still had about an hour and a half to sleep, so I lay still and relaxed, trying to drop myself back into the same dream.)

      Dream One (b):
      I was back in the harbor town. I don't believe I WILDed, but I was already lucid, from my earliest recollection of this new dream. Moving along the docks at night, I had to stick to the shadows again, slinking my way passed the opposing team's sentries, and making it back to the HQ of my apparent allies. Still checking my hands and touching things, to keep the dream stable, I started searching around the restaurant again. Stepping into the dining area once more, I noticed that I had just passed a stunning woman, whom had grabbed my attention from the corner of my eye. I actually turned around in place, and looked back over to the wall, where she was sitting. She was a classy-looking brunette in an old-fashioned black dress and hat, sitting by herself. Smiling, I walked back over to her, leaning in close. She stared up at me, becoming visibly excited at how close my face was getting to hers. Again, she looked like she knew me, much like everyone on 'this side of the battle.'. There was an anxious recognition in her face - kind of like she and I knew each other very well, and she knew that we weren't supposed to be getting this close. (Now that I think of it, she reminded me a lot of Mal, from Inception.)

      I could see her breathing heavier, the closer I got, and she just stared up at me. Finally, I kissed her. Nothing too crazy. I really wasn't trying to get caught up in LD sex, and I could see how easily that could have come next. She decided to tag along with me, though, and we moved on through the dining area. Still feeling a little, uh, randy?, I used some telekinesis to tug at the shirts and blouses of a few of the girls that were seated at nearby tables. I was never able to pull one of them off, but could only kind of tease them into moving a little bit. Moving further down this hallway, and headed back toward the kitchen area, we passed an older man; a waiter or host. I decided to ask some more DCs if they new about this Academy/castle, stopping the waiter and inquiring about it. He seemed to have at least some idea of this place I was speaking of, but really no information that helped us in finding it. In the kitchen area, still unable to find a portal, we came across an old T.V. Then, it was actually the woman, who came up with an ingenious idea. Why just look for doors? She turned on the T.V., which was only static, and she jus kind of motioned to it. I knew immediately what she was implying. Stepping forward, I put my hands out to the glass, slowly phasing into it. I had been through mirrors before, but never into a T.V. The white and black fray of static filled my view and completely enveloped me. I simply relaxed and went with it, trying to set the intention for this makeshift portal to transport me to the Academy.

      I wound up in a jungle area, in the day time, still lucid. There was a stone slab of wall in front of me, and lush green vegetation all around. A small pit full of water sat off to one side, about 7 feet in diameter and filled with knotted ropes of vines and plant life, stretching down into some of the most crystal clear water I could imagine. I met another woman here, who was a bit of an Amazon, and very 'Earthy.' We got to talking about the Castle I was looking for, and she seemed to be well aware of it. She said that it was hidden back in the mountainous area behind the old harbor town, where the two opposing forces were battling. She also went more into detail about how varied the portals can be, saying that portals are everywhere. Whether or not they will take you to the Academy isn't guaranteed, but that they were everywhere. She pointed to the little well/water pit next to us, that I had been looking at earlier, and told me that it was a portal that would take me back to the harbor, and that I could continue my quest for the castle from there. I jumped into the waterhole, and sank, everything going dark for a moment, and then doing some generic, kaleidoscope-like tunnel transition.

      I was back in the harbor, at night, coming up from beneath the water, somewhere way out in the lake or bay or whatever it was. I could see the layers of stone buildings, just off the water. I knew that the warring parties were still battling, and was going to continue to do my best to stay out of sight. While I was treading water, I could see a figure moving around, just beside me. It was still the dead of night, but there seemed to be some sort of soft light coming up from beneath the water, just enough to see that the silhouette was of a dolphin. It poked its head up near me, and I could see that its skin was actually as black as its silhouette was. I then began to get a little anxious, because I was in this huge body of water at night. I knew it would only be a matter of time before the sea monsters came out to play. So, focusing my mind for flight, I sort of 'surfed' my way forward through the water, and then up and out of it, hovering up onto one of the docks and setting out to find more portals. My flight was feeling very awkward, and my body kept wanting to defy my intention; floating in opposite directions, having trouble staying elevated, etc. I was able to float up to one of the high rooftops, and I grabbed onto the ledge, just on the outside of a staircase. Some of the 'enemy' team were assembling on this rooftop, and they then began walking down the stairway that I was hanging on the outside of. I ducked away behind the railing, hanging precariously off the edge, overlooking the street. They passed practically within inches of me while I watched them, through the stone banister, and one of them looked back to talk to his squad. When he did, I could have sworn that he looked dead at me...but he never said anything to alert his men.

      Within this area of the harbor, I still had a hard time finding a lot of doors, so I went to searching for other 'types' of portals. I found what looked like a sewer drain, in the street, and figured that this could serve as a great portal. Setting the intention to show up somewhere within the academy, I jumped into the hole in the earth. Another Avatar-esque transition through a colorful tunnel, and I again found myself in the jungle setting, where I had earlier spoken to the Amazon woman, but she was nowhere to be found. I took another tunnel from this scene, and ended up back at the harbor town. Still not having any luck with doors, I just kept crawling into holes and dark paths, trying to find a portal that would lead me to the Academy. Throughout all this 'jumping,' I vaguely remember one moment where I showed up in some place where there was a kid around, whom I considered a threat, for some reason. I think he was going to alert the opposing team of my position. I got him side-tracked by asking him if he wanted to see some 'magic' and used pyrokinesis to light my hand on fire. He was enthralled by it, and I somehow used that distractions to escape the area. After another portal jump, I ended up back at the harbor for like the 4th time, only it was day time, this time. I wasn't really expecting to find the Dream World Academy in the daytime (I'm gonna have to ask if it's supposed to appear in the daytime or not), so I actually tried to make it night out, myself. I went through a hallway and commanded that it would be night time, when I emerged from the other side. Didn't work. So, I spent the next few moments hopping in portals and trying to find one that would bring me back to this harbor area in the night, so I could just fly to the mountains and look for the castle the old fashioned way.

      I woke up before I was able to find anything, though.
    11. 02/13/2011 - "Freestyle Walking"

      by , 03-18-2011 at 10:25 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Freestyle Walking"

      I was walking through the street with a group of what I think were probably (ex-)fellow TMC employees. There was just a huge mob of us, strolling along through the parking lot of a strip mall. I definitely did recognize A.B., who really make me think that the entire crowd was made up of my co-workers at the time. Off to one side, we passed an almost comically large truck/van. Someone told me that there were G.I.'s in there, undercover. Again, almost comically - there was an oh-so-incognito, massive antenna sticking up out of the top of the vehicle. The first urge that I had was to blow up the van. I got into Call of Duty mode, and saw a HUD come up in front of me. I kind of "scrolled" through weapons, seeing the barrel of one come up in front of me, before I switched to another. Yet none of this made me lucid. Someone beside me told me that I should use the Mac-11's. I told them that I was planning on using grenades. Whatever my intentions, I didn't ever actually get around to blowing up the vehicle. I ended up just abandoning the idea, and we kept on walking.

      Stepping passed an intersection, I saw this insanely hot girl, crossing the street. I could only see her from her back and profile, but she was smokin. She looked Spanish, with long, wet hair, pulled back in a ponytail. She had a purple-ish shirt on, with a low-cut back and a tattoo visible between her shoulder blades. I can't remember what it was, though. Her body was incredibly fit, muscular in just the perfect propotions - remarkably toned, but not the least bit masculine. I lagged behind a bit to check her out, and nudged a few of the people around me to look over at her. A.B., who is a bisexual girl, was like "Hell yeah!" Apparently there was someone leading our group, because some girl beside us asked if 'so-and-so' would mind if we all stopped, so she could go to the bathroom. None of us figured it would be a problem, though someone in the group said that 'she (the group leader) might'.

      Noticing that we were all falling way behind, I tried to speed up my step a little bit, to catch up with the group. When I did this, I noticed that I began gliding; sliding across the concrete parking lot with my sneakers, as if I were in a hockey rink. At first, it began to freak me out. I couldn't figure out why it was happening. Quickly, though, it just became fun. I was passing everyone, without the slightest effort - just kind of speeding up by sheer intention alone. At one point, I turned around, 'skating' backward, asking a few other people in the group about how hot they thought that girl back there was.

      Suddenly, another tall, more-slender black man 'skated' up close to our group (also gliding on his own shoes, as I was). Without breaking stride, he cocked back and punched one of the white guys in the group, laying him out with one hit, and skating then toward me, as I was the next person in his path. Just by looking at him, I could tell that I was either going to have to defend myself, or I was going to get knockedthefuckout. Still sliding backward at a speed which just about matched his glide, I slipped aside his first punch. He then reached both hands in at me, grabbing me by my shirt and one arm. My left hand grabbed one of his arms, and instinctively drew my right hand down to my pocket, grabbing hold of my folding knife. Just when I was drawing it out of my jeans, I woke up.
    12. 02/12/2011 - "Sunken Teeth", Fragments

      by , 03-18-2011 at 10:22 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One:
      "Sunken Teeth"

      Vampires. I really don't remember very much about this dream, but it was pretty vivid. There came to be some sort of underwater scene, and I was paired up with some woman who was a love interest of one of the vamps (or something like that). The sun was to be coming up soon, and the vampires had almost caught up to us, underwater (I can't remember if we were just swimming or in some underwater habitat or what), however they had to retreat, because they had no more time to spare, and had to be some place safe by the time the sun actually showed itself. I watched from a disembodied perspective - just above the surface of the water - as the vamps blasted out of the ocean and flew off toward the surrounding cliffs. The sky was just beginning to turn an early morning orange.

      Later on, the woman had said that she wanted to take revenge on the vampires for killing someone close to her, but she didn't want to let the one vamp she was in love with to die. She wanted my help, and I told her I would help her exact revenge. What I didn't tell her was that - due to my (apparent) nature as a hunter - I knew I was going to have to take him down, like the others.

      Dream Fragment Two:
      I was in a night club. For a while, I was walking around with some girl that I don't believe I recognized. This night club had a huge floor, and at one point, there was actually an indoor motorcycle race, around a circular track in the middle of the room. At first, I simply watched the race, but then I ended up competing in one of the events. The odd(er) thing about this was that I was the only guy in the race. All of the other racers, in every event, were women.

      Dream Fragment Three:
      Some scenario about a behavioral group or something. Some kind of seminar. The only thing I really remember was that there were children with attitude problems playing around in this center, and we were using the game Jenga as a demonstrative tool and lecturing aid. Don't remember the details on how, though.