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    A Character In A Scary Movie

    by , 09-09-2013 at 01:48 AM (282 Views)
    The dream started as a different dream that I can't exactly remember but somehow it led into me laying in a bed watching a movie. Next thing I know, the dream was taking place in the movie. I was a character in the movie instead of myself. I don't even think I looked like myself. I have never had a dream where I was not myself, this was the first one where I played another character. (If anyone else has had a similar situation, I would love to hear about it). In this horror "movie" I was a greaser type guy protecting my gf/date while we waited to see a movie (I know, lol) from a masked man who stood and pointed at her, blaming her for something she must of did. I do not recognize anyone in the dream. I finally see the masked man and decide to run towards him. As I do this I start to become lucid, but not fully. I try to yell for my friends to grab him but I can't (Common in my dreams for me to have trouble talking). I can fee,l what I think is, my real life mouth trying to open and talk but it won't budge. I am scared and try and wake up but what happens is the "Other dream me" "watching" THIS movie stands up to look away from the movie. As if the "me" watching the movie had woken up. I was not completely aware or in control for ether dream bodies. I barely controlled my actions and did not have a huge "I'm dreaming" moment. I realize I need to learn to control my talking in dreams and also control my dream body without trying to move my real body.

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