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    May Competition 5/17/18

    by , 05-22-2018 at 02:17 AM (425 Views)
    I am in a huge orange room which I know is underground. I am with two other people sitting at a table, about to have a meal. Both of them realize they need to do something and they say that they will return soon. I sit alone at the table for a second, before it occurs to me to do an RC. I plug my nose and breath in, but it doesn't work. I try a couple more times with a little more success. However, I am confident this is a dream and ignore the false readings. I leave the building through a grate near the ceiling and climb out into my bedroom. I jump out of the window before seeing the men that were going to serve us at the table I was at earlier. I lose lucidity and begin to run from them, although I do not think they follow.

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