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    Spring 2018 Competition: Night Fourteen

    by , 03-30-2018 at 04:19 PM (492 Views)
    I become lucid in the second story of a house. I decide to do my three step tasks, phasing through a solid object, teleporting, and flying. Except I forget the order and think its phasing through a solid object and then flying. I phase right through the wall to the outside and begin flying. It is dark outside, but I can see small houses below. They gradually begin getting harder and harder to see, until I wake up.

    While awake I remember that I had mis-remembered my ordering and had to now teleport and then fly again. I fall asleep again.

    I become lucid again and do an RC. I remember I need to teleport, so I spin and then fall backwards (this is how I usually teleport). However, it doesn't work, and I stay exactly where I am. I try again with the same results. (The lucid was clearly pretty low-awareness because I usually have no problem teleporting.) There are several DCs around, so I think maybe they're distracting me, so I leave the house by walking through a wall and use super speed to get to a small abandoned building I could see nearby. There, I try again to no avail. I try a different approach, closing my eyes and trying to summon a different surrounding. I open my eyes and find I am in the exact same place, except there are flowers everywhere now. For some reason the flowers bother me, so I will them to disappear, which they do after I look back again. I spot some chalk and think I can make a portal-door with it. I go inside the abandoned building and draw a circle of chalk around my feet. Then I jump and will myself to fall through the hole and into another location. I begin falling through and then land somewhere, and think I've done it, but then I look around and see I am in the same building. I look up and see the hole that I fell through and above that is the same room I am in now. I have effectively created an infinite loop of the room. I leave the building, my lucidity gradually slipping away, but still semi-lucid. I see a car driving down the driveway and think that perhaps if I asked the advice of a DC and then followed it, I could trick my brain into thinking that I could do it. I approach the DC and ask them what I should do. They begin to say a bunch of nonsense, but as my lucidity is already low, I continue to listen. I lose lucidity and soon wake up.

    I also had 1 full non-lucid.

    Non-Lucid: 1
    Lucid: 10
    Phasing Through Solid Object: 10
    Completed 1st Three-Step Task: 5
    Flying: 5
    Second DILD: 5
    RC: 1
    Phasing Through Solid Object in Second Dream: 10
    Super-Speed: 5
    Basic Summoning: 5
    Basic Unsummoning: 5
    Use an Ordinary Object (Chalk) to Preform Dream Control: 5
    Ask for Advice: 5
    [B]Total: 72[/B]

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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Wow, you're really racking up the points! Also, that was a clever stunt you pulled off with that piece of chalk.
      OneMoreDreamer likes this.
    2. OneMoreDreamer's Avatar
      Thanks! Not sure I would have thought of using the chalk like that while awake. Sometimes my dream mind amazes me. (But usually I just marvel at how stupid dream me is.)
      FireFlyMan likes this.