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    Spring 2018 Competition: Night Sixteen

    by , 04-01-2018 at 09:13 PM (518 Views)
    I am in my living room with a friend. I become lucid and decide to complete the ToTM "Ask your dream what would happen tomorrow in real life." I decide to use her as an embodiment of the dream and ask her, "what will happen tomorrow in real life?" She says something strange about tinfoil being put on someone's feet. (I will keep you guys posted if something like that actually happens...:chuckle:) I remember this is the last night of the competition, so I do the first thing I can think of that scores points, which is walking through a wall. I also remember super speed, which I do in circles around a room for a little while. Then a DC begins to talk to me. I keep myself focused by pushing my hand through a table, which I for some reason can't do on the first try, but then can on the second.
    The dream ends.

    I am on a Ferris wheel with someone else. I become lucid again and think I should do the ToTM again and maybe get better results. I can't remember her answer and I quickly lose lucidity.

    I am trying to infiltrate somewhere (???) but someone else who is trying to help is messing it up. I become lucid and decide to do my second task for the three-step task, teleporting. I try to teleport outside, but halfway through I decide to instead teleport to the next room over. I do and then walk through the wall to the outside to fly. I begin to fly, and then remember that I found the dream I was having before I became lucid interesting, so I turn around in midair and see one of the DCs that was a part of it. I ask her something and she tells me to go to a certain website. I turn around to fly away again, but I forget to stabilize while in midair and the lack of sensations causes me to wake up.

    1 Non-Lucid: 1
    DILD: 10
    ToTM: 15
    Walking through wall: 10
    Super speed: 5
    Interact with DC: 2
    Push hand through solid object: 5
    Second DILD: 5
    Interact with DC: 2
    Third DILD: 5
    Teleport: 10
    Second Three-Step Task: 10
    Walking through wall in third dream: 10
    Basic Flying: 5
    Third Three-Step Task: 15
    Interact with DC in third dream: 2
    [B]Total: 112[/B]
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      That's a lot of nuts points!
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