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    Spring 2018 Competition: Night Twelve

    by , 03-28-2018 at 05:45 PM (519 Views)
    [HR][/HR]I am standing it my kitchen when something (I can't remember what) prompts me to do an RC. I plug my nose and breath in and am shocked to find that I'm dreaming. I look around a marvel at how vivid and stable my dream is (my past few lucids have been right as I wake up so they have been very unstable). I look around and see a man and a woman. I say hello and they say hi back. I don't want them to distract me so I leave the room and try and remember my goals. I remember the grass goal. I know I get extra points for teleporting, so I teleport outside. There I see a field of grass which I walk over to and sit down on. I pick a piece up and smell it (it smelled just like grass in real life, but a little stronger, it was fun to experiment with how vivid the dream can be). Then I look around and see a pizza, which I eat a slice of (I forgot the picnic basket part). I walk over to another house, trying to remember something else I could do for points. I remember transformation and while I try to transform something, another DC approaches and tells me something about the house I have gotten to. I lose lucidity.

    Throughout the night I also had 3 non lucids.

    3 Non-Lucids: 3
    Lucid: 10
    RC: 1
    Interact with a DC: 2
    Teleport: 10
    Completed Grass task: 20 points
    [B]Total: 46[/B]

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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      At least you got some real food and a nice view. All I could get was a bitter peanut and a lousy dump of a lot!
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    2. OneMoreDreamer's Avatar
      That's true! No garbage here!