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    Random dream of the day

    by , 09-12-2017 at 05:43 AM (108 Views)
    1. So I was sitting in the backseat in my mom's car, and she was driving. The sky was overcast with dark clouds, and the air was cool and crisp. I had no idea where we were going, but I was just enjoying the fall-ish vibes. I look down at my phone, but I do not remember what I was doing on it. I look up from my phone and notice that my mother has suddenly vanished, and now there is no one driving the car. Obviously this trips me out. Luckily the car is going in a straight path, but as I look ahead I see that I don't have much path left ahead of me until the car goes straight into a cave.
    I decide that now is a good time to climb over the back seat and take control as the new driver. As I start climbing into the driver's seat I experience much difficulty. The back seat is so high that I have to squeeze my body through the top opening with much effort. At this point the car is now starting to enter the cave. I see a wall in the path of the car and realize that I do not have much time left. I end up getting stuck in between the back and front seats, and am now helpless dangling, having no idea at all what to do.
    An idea pops into my head. Suddenly I yell "Stop!" at the HUD display in the front seat. Nothing happens. I once again yell "Stop" and now the car starts to slow down, but alas, tis not slowing down fast enough. The car slams into the cave wall at what seems like 20 to 30 miles per hour. Twas not a soft impact, but I felt no pain, only pressure. Still dangling between the seats, I once again continue my efforts of freeing myself. It works. I get out of the car and look around. It's dark, but not too dark. I see that I am at the end of the cave, or at least so it seems.
    I look at the dead end of the cave and notice that there's an extremely small clearing, but it is not anywhere near big enough for me to fit through. Suddenly I hear an extremely loud boom, and the clearing that I am currently looking at lights up as though something on the other side exploded. I then hear people talking, and I assume that there is some sort of mining operation going on. The momentary silence that was had ended abruptly with another loud boom. The booms continued to occur for the next few minutes or so. It was such a strange feeling, hearing these booms because the ground literally shook every time and I could feel the explosion.
    Somehow I find myself on the other side, but I have no idea how. If I remember correctly I did attempt to fit through the opening and made it through, but why I wanted to get closer to wherever these explosions were coming from I have no idea. I am now deeper inside the cave. An odd situation has arose out of the blue. Around me I see many people walking about, but I know not what they were doing. I felt as though I was in some sort of underground cave city. There were stores and food places everywhere. I encounter a group of people, but they look as though they have some sort of disease.
    I am a little apprehensive to talk to them, but I do so nonetheless. One of the women in this group approaches me. She has no hair and her skin looks as if she has been burnt to death; and her face is disfigured. She tells me of a virus that is passing through this cave city. I am now unnerved as I look around and notice just how strange everyone in this group of people around me look. The woman suddenly touches me, and poof, just like that I am infected with this virus. I am not sure if my appearance was changed suddenly, but I felt different. I looked at my arms and hands and they now had the appearance of being burnt. My skin looked awful.
    Out of no where, everyone starts sprinting out of sight. I follow along, having not the slightest clue as to what is going on. I follow the woman in particular. The woman, I, and two other infected people hide in a hole in a wall that is nearby. The other two people, along with myself, hide in the shadows so as not to be seen by whatever is coming. The woman however stands right at the opening, watching for something. Suddenly I hear the voices of men yelling. They all have assault rifles and are covered in armor and gear. They approach our location. Once they come up to the opening where we were hiding. they take the woman. As they take her by both of her arms she looks back at me with a sort of hopelessness in her face.
    The rest of us were not seen by the soldiers. That was the last I saw of the woman.

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