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    1. Onforty's New Dream Journal

      by , 08-14-2010 at 11:53 AM
      I have been away from this forum in a long time, because i suddenly thought that it was all bullshit and lies.. as most of this newage crap is (I began jugding the art as some newage crap lying and all my "lucid" dreams where illusions caused by sitting to the middle of the night reading about stupid spells and mumbojumbo.. Now im rejugding).. But due to having a lucid dream this morning, i am feeling like re-entering my training again, but not focus too much on it..

      Heres the Dream:

      I dreamed that i wanted to look at some picture on the internet, bu then suddenly i got a fuckload of addware and virusses out of nowhere.. I was sad, my computer slowly degraded from a highend pc to some sloppy crap.. Seriously thats the worst i can dream.. Then i figured out i was at some hotel, and then i ran around.. also i read a map of suprising detail compared to other dream cartography i have aqquired, and speaking of information generally.. Then i found some other horrific stuff but i dont know what.. Then suddenly my dream faded out, but i was still able to think "Wait if the world is fading out, then i must be dreaming!" so i stabilised the dream, just by holding my hands on the head and concentrating.. As when you try to concentrate, with a headache.
      But i didnt do anything about it, i didnt try to fly, i just kept exploring untill i was so aware that i just kinda slipped out of the dream and into the waking world, with my eyes open..

      Recurring dreamsigns: My computer getting virusses Running around in circles?
      I dont know.. i cant find my DJ papers.. proably trashed.. Due to my disbelief..