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    1/5/2011 - six eyed bird flock checks me out

    by , 02-06-2011 at 06:03 AM (708 Views)

    multiple lucid dreams last night, they all occurred in a row. i really feel weird about the way i was able to stay in my lucid dream. i achieved the ability to stay inside the dream and experiment with all sorts of things. i also saw many eyed birds. i jumped off a cliff. flew. did all sorts of things. i remember exploring an area and flying over gently to see someone. i was also inside some sort of obstacle course in my mind. it was very exciting. i am not sure the "key" to staying inside the lucid dream. but i had definitely achieved it. it was wonderful!
    the strange thing about these dreams is that they were basically WILD (wake induced lucid dreams) where i went from being aware and awake straight into the dream realm.
    i also believe i met and talked to my "dream guide" when he/she was in male form. it was really an experience. i asked them who they were and they said something i can't really rememberů that they were "just a man" or something like that.
    the whole experience was amazing! i'm feeling like i've made a huge step on my path towards being a true lucid dreamer!

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      that's really cool! How about actually write the dream instead of write about the dream? You know what I mean?
    2. opalwolf's Avatar
      its sort of hard to remember. this is what i recollect.. from the point of complete lucidity.. i was walking.. a flat concrete like surface.. i walked by a flock of crazy looking (dark blue or black six-eyed birds).. i knew for a fact that i was totally dreaming. then i was in a sort of strange blocky landscape.. still flat and concrete.. i started doing some basic impossibilities... there was a pool of water i was suddenly standing in.. at first i was uncomfortable being in the water.. i saw that it got deeper.. i got over my fear of the water and dove in and swam down.. knowing that there was no way i could drown....
      blank out
      next thing i know i am standing back on the flat area with blocky stuff around... i jumped up to the top of one of the blocks.. i thought that since i was in a dream.. i could jump off a cliff.. so i did... i floated/fell a far way down and landed gracefully. i thought that was awesome!! so i did it again. except this time i dove face first down into the ground and was perfectly fine... not sure what happened then though.
      so another blank out.
      then i was walking somewhere.. i had an interaction with a friend of mine..
      add in some flying attempts here.. i could sort of fly.. much better than i have been able to in previous dreams, but i couldn't quite do it.. i'd consider it more like advanced floating.
      then i noticed that someone was in a room up behind a bigger cube...
      i floated/flew up to that cube and had some sort of interaction with them as well....

      oh boy.. i totally forgot to add in the part about my interaction with what i'm thinking was my dream guide.. i totally "knew" it was them. and i asked them who they were.. but they just said "a man"... or something to that effect.. i can't recall it that well....
      i'm pretty sure that happened... after i walked by the birds, but before i dove into the water...

      thats about all i can recall....

      is that any better? and thanks. i guess its a good idea to write down an actual account of the events.. just not "about" them.
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      That's cool, brother. Hyu had a dream about turning into a budgie last night!