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    A Horrible HORRIBLE Nonlucid

    by , 07-13-2015 at 07:58 AM (1915 Views)
    I dream these alot with my current or past pets.

    As with any dream, something might morph into something else. So what started out as Snuggles the Siamese, turned into Ziggy at some point. But that's not the point.

    Sofie was grooming Snuggles/Ziggy, behind a couch. And where she licked him, which was on one side of his ribcage, the hair was gone, and the skin was like cooked salmon. I freaked out and tried to tend to the area, but chunks of fishy skin would flake off. I kept telling myself that new healthy skin would grow underneath and replace it. He didn't seem to be in pain. Fortunately as I was examining the flakey skin, he turned over so that the affected area was against the floor. I just didn't want Sofie to lick it anymore.

    I love how no where in the dream did I consider a vet or sequestering one cat from the other. I was glad to wake up from it though. Yuckypoo.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      Awww, man, I get those too : (

      I worry about my pets so much that every dream I have with them is bad. They getting lost, or I'm carrying them on the street without cage and I'm worried they will get lose. My last one was the worst. Didn't even type it down.
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    2. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Man, I hate these kind of dreams. I dreamed at least two or three times of a demon that came into my house and cut of the heads of my cats. But the heads and bodies were both still alive and the heads would meow and the bodies would walk around and stuff. I haven't had this dream in a long time and I really hope I never do have it again.
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