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    Ophelia's Book O' Fun II

    The King and the Books of Trolls (aka it's been a while)

    by , 08-31-2016 at 07:21 PM (1635 Views)
    This dream was a reward bestowed upon me from my subconscious for having a really rough night sleep. I experienced a little REM atonia that I was unable to transition into a lucid dream from. Then I couldn't get back to sleep for ages. Then this lovely non lucid dream happened:

    I'm recounting this dream initially as narrator, because for most of the dream I was merely third person observer, and entirely unaware of my existence. It started out with a king whose name I don't know, his queen named Elizabeth, the Kings mother, and a small but suspicious looking staff. The king was not a bad man per say, but he wanted the best for Elizabeth. He wanted a big castle lots of gold and servants. But he was not a rich king, so the way he made his riches was by going from kingdom to kingdom and swindling the current king out of his castle and staff and gold. The way he would do this was by betting the king that his mother could make a handful of marbles disappear under some cups. It's not really understood for sure from my perspective if his mother actually had any magic powers or if she was just a really good con artist too, but every time the poor king made this bet, the richer King would lose and the former king and his queen Elizabeth and his staff would inherit the castle.

    The dream really started to get rolling when the poor king inherited a beautiful castle on top of a Mountain with a very steep cliff. The poor King liked the richer King so much that he allowed them to remain on staff in the castle without having to leave or be banished. Now I say that the poor King was not a bad King or inherently evil in anyway, but he was rather greedy. It seems like enough gold was never enough for his queen. sometime went by while they were at their new castle, when the king started to get worried that he wouldn't have enough gold. So he turns to his original staff of servants, who has now been promoted to nobleman and councilman to the king, for ideas on how to acquire more gold and riches.

    The creepy staff started to show their true colors on this one. They met in a conference room in the castle, and this is kind of important: there were seven staff members. This will come up again later. They told the king to tax the peasants nearly to death, and give them the opportunity to make the money back by participating in brutal gladiator style sports. The nobleman would pay gold to watch the sports. Then the peasants would pretty much all die from these bloodsports. So basically the king only made money and lost none with this idea. The queen was in the room during this discussion, and begged the king not to do this. But the king had changed somehow, from fear of losing money and losing her and brain washing from this evil staff, he wouldn't listen to her. She pulled on his arm and begged him to look at her and change his mind, when he yanked his arm out of her grasp, reared back and smacked her in the face.

    The queen asked what her punishment would be for standing up to his Royal highness. His face looked evil now, as he said that her punishment would be to be beaten in the dungeons and then banished where she would probably just get killed by the peasants. So she backed away from him towards the door to the balcony if the conference room and begged him for one last drink of wine with him from their marital chalices. He had an expression on his face like it was a stupid idea, but he turned to fetch the chalices anyway. The moment he did this, the queen jumped from the balcony to her death. The king screamed her name and rused to the balcony.

    This is where the dream took a really odd turn for me specifically. I was suddenly not so much observing the story as I was a little bit a part of it now. No one could see me but I was able to walk to the balcony and stand right next to the king where we both looked down. You couldn't even see all the way to the bottom. All I could see was a final wisp of the Queens red silk dress as it disappeared beneath the fog. I never even heard the sound of her hitting the ground. At that moment I flipped over to the other side of the balcony and hung onto the edge so that I could face the king, willing him to see me. I said "your majesty, we have to do something. Your queen's dead body is on the ground and someone is going to see it." The expression on his face looked as if he could hear me a little bit, but couldn't see me. I repeated myself louder, and suddenly his wide grief-stricken eyes were directly upon me. I told him that I would go get the body before somebody saw her, and I told him that I would be his new counsel from now on because I believed that his current seven members were evil trolls in disguise as humans. He simply nodded and turned around and left.

    So I let go of the balcony, and floated slowly down to the ground. I remember thinking to myself that I must be some kind of fairy lol. I couldn't see the queen at first so I kept walking down the gutters that were all along the base of the cliff. I finally saw the wind fluttering through some red material. It was the queen's dress, but it wasn't the wind moving the fabric, she was moving. I rushed up to her and I noticed that she was very much alive. I was worried that she was in a lot of pain and probably dying from such a fall, but she sat up and looked at me. I asked her if she could walk, and she stood up but stumbled a little. So I decided to carry her back into the castle and hide her to keep her safe until I managed some kind of plan .

    Of course there was an elevator in the castle. My silly ass subconscious. I got on to the elevator still holding the injured queen, when I noticed there was a staff member operating the elevator. Not one of the original seven, but one of the original staff of this castle before the poor king inherited it. I asked for the six floor, because I knew there was a library on that floor. For some reason that seemed important at the time. The queen suddenly looked up at the elevator operator and recognized him as a troll in human disguise. I asked if he was going to turn us in. He said he would not. Not all the trolls in the castle were evil, and he hinted that he knew I knew which ones were.

    The only way the queen could have survived that fall, as well as being able to recognize disguised trolls, was if she were also magic in some way. I wasn't sure if she was a fairy or troll or what, but I took her to the library on the 6th floor and was able to turn her into a wisp of smoke and hide her in one of the books. A red book. There she remained for the next 6 years, healing and gathering strength, while the king and his 7 continued with the plan to extort gold from, as well as the lives of the peasants.

    It didn't feel like 6 years, it was just referenced by someone, I forget. But I did watch some of those 'games.' They were awful: partially dismembered peasants limping and crawling through a muddy coliseum, trying not to get mauled by wild animals or trampled by gladiators on horse drawn carriages. There was lots of blood and mud and screams. I decided it was time to finally end this madness.

    I went to the library and grabbed the book with the queen. I also grabbed 7 green books, and kept them all concealed. I spoke to the queen in the book, telling her it was time to confront the king again, and that I would take care of the 7. She expressed concern that it was one thing for a king's ego to sustain the truth about being wrong in the moment about a single wrongdoing, but it was another for the same ego to withstand the force of realizing he had been wrong for 6 years. I told her this had to be done regardless. Besides, seeing that his beloved Elizabeth had survived might soften the blow.

    I went to the conference room to speak with the king, but of course the 7 were with him. I asked for privacy but they wouldn't budge. So I turned them into wisps of smoke and hurtled each one into a green book, while keeping the book of the queen still hidden. I told the king to listen to me and keep an open mind about this. I pulled out the queen's book, a red silk book similar to her dress fabric, and opened it, facing the pages toward the king. She poured out of the book into a pool of silvery smoke, and barely took on a corporeal form. He tried to embrace her but couldn't. She told him to listen to her, as tears streamed from his eyes. He said, "Elizabeth" so sweetly, and she just began to take on her human form once again, and them I woke up.

    I'm pretty sure everything turned out OK.

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