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    Ophelia's Book O' Fun II

    Me, My Sister, and Charlie

    by , 02-09-2016 at 10:02 PM (1437 Views)
    Non lucid, but super fun rpg-ish kinda thing! I'm a little foggy on the order of events, as dreams tend to have that non-linear thing going for them anyway. I'll try my best to make it make sense for us all. There's going to be a Part I and a Part II. The two parts are only slightly related, but can stand separately, in case you want to read one or the other but not both.

    PART I - The Cube, the Sphere, and the Triangle

    I have no memory of my sister's name, or mine. Just her boyfriend, Charlie. They met at a Ramen Noodle house and fell in love and started dating. Charlie was a scientist, and he was working on inventing something that was pretty controversial. Meaning everyone either believed he couldn't do it, or that he shouldn't do it. My sister unfortunately, was occasionally on the "shouldn't" do it team. Not because she really felt that, but because she was bipolar bat shit crazy. Half the time she was my sweet, smart, pretty, blonde older sister who I looked up to. But then she'd randomly spaz out and get these fits of paranoid delusions and try to start attacking people. Charlie and I started to get a little closer about the time my sister started trying to attack him with syringes.

    Why my sister went cray cray: I don't recall my past, but I believe I was raised by our parents. In England. Because I had an English accent in the dream (don't laugh) but hers was American. She was kidnapped as a child by a freaky American woman who claimed to be her Aunt Ruth (<< I remember it was a name that started with R). Sweet Aunty Ruth told my sister that she (my sister) was brain damaged. She wasn't really, but she grew up believing it. I don't know how or when we were reunited, but the damage had been done. Most of the time she was normal, but you never knew when she'd have one of these fits, or what would trigger it.

    Charlie was almost done with this project, that was basically a tiny but powerful apparatus. It reminded me of that thing Doctor Oct was trying to make in Spiderman. But instead of this thing having the same power as a small star, it had the capability of producing massive quantities of water. Oh yeah, there was a water shortage on earth. Charlie set it up in a park, hoping to help keep all the plants and animals there alive, and then see how green things could get from it. It's hard to describe, but he set this little shiny metal box inside a giant clear sphere. The sphere was full of teeny holes. When the box was clicked to "ON" I guess haha, it just exploded with water. Once the sphere filled with water, the force of it shot out through all the tiny holes in very fine sprays. And there was some electricity involved because I remember he turned it on at night, and the water reflected all these different colored lights. It was AWESOME I wish I could draw it. It looked like a very fancy water fountain installation, except the water came from itself.

    My sister had tried to stop him at the apartment we 3 lived in earlier that day. She attacked him with syringes and he fought her off. She ran off and we hadn't seen her since. So I went with him to the water installation site because I believed in it, and him ofc (yeah you know where this is going). The sphere put out sooo much water, that it began to form a small creek that was moving downward through the park. I grabbed Charlie's hand and pulled him into a run, so I could find where the water was headed. It was already connecting to the town river, which had been dried up for ages. He said it was better than he had planned, and I felt proud In retrospect, I sure hope the cube had an "OFF" switch

    Later on Charlie and I were back in the apartment, waiting for my sister. We talked about her past and stuff, and he seemed to have an unspoken forfeiting despair about her. Or was that just wishful thinking. Hey it's MY dream We stayed up a while, and I remember him trying to do some experiments on the drugs in the syringes she was attacking him with. Turns out they were tranquilizers. Where on earth did she get those? Anyway, we both laid down on opposite sides of the same bed. I think it was my bed, yeah it was, because my phone and charger were on my bedside. We both fell asleep, but my phone went off at 5am, and I swear that this was a glitch alarm. It went off and Siri said "It is 5am, and you need a massage." "Charlie, I swear that this is a glitch on my phone, I didn't make it do that." He just laughed and started rubbing my back anyway. A moment of silence please while I recall the massage ............

    It was not the kind of massage that you give to your girlfriend's little sister, I don't care HOW crazy she is. But I was the one who supported him and believed in his work, and you were the one attacking him with needles then running off.. [shrugs]. Neither of us said a word, he just kept rubbing my shoulders and back, while we laid on our sides, and I kinda kept scooting closer, and so did he, until we were practically spooning. Then he stopped, and took one of my hands and just held it over the covers. BUT he held it over the part of the covers where is tra-la-laaa was. And I could tell that the massage had an effect on him too, and he was making me painfully aware of it. Many times. I rolled over and laid on his chest, and wound my fingers around the elastic band of his boxers, but went no further than that. His heart was pounding in my ears. It was too much, I felt guilty. So I got up and so did he, and we sat at the breakfast table playing with blocks, waiting for my sister still. I got sleepy after a while and decided to go back to bed. I kissed him on the back of his neck and that was the last time I saw him. Because after I went to the bathroom (didn't go back to bed), and put on this amazing costume and did my hair and makeup, I went back to the kitchen and he was gone.

    Part II starts out as me looking for Charlie, but ends up being something quite different.

    Part II - I'm an Ancient Wizard on a Mission

    Charlie was gone, which was too damn bad because I looked crunk! I was wearing a dress that looked like something Arwen would have worn. Lots of dark maroon crushed velvet and black lacey stuff. My hair was down, dark red and all the way down my back. I looked like some kind of ancient sorceress. No idea why I did this, but I believed I WAS an ancient sorceress too. I guess crazy runs in the family. I left the apartment and was now in a huge fancy hotel. I felt like a wizard in the wrong time. I was confused by elevators and phones. But I managed to find my way to the lowest level bar, which was decorated to look like something from the dark ages. It was as if the hotel was holding a convention for LOTR, because folks were dressed that way there as well. Ahhh! My kind of people. Maybe they know where Charlie went. I walked around the bar, and people looked at me with mixed fear and interest. I got a few wolf whistles and ended up shoving an approaching man away from me with magic. No Charlie here..

    There was a section of the bar roped off for VIPs, but at the time, I didn't know what VIP meant. I just knew that there was more bar to search for Charlie. It just had one guard, so what. "Ma'am this section is restricted for.."
    "I LIVE HERE!!!!!" I opened the door furiously with more magic, and he let me by. There weren't many folks in this bar, and none of them were Charlie. I asked a waitress if she had seen him, and she said she hadn't, but if I would like she could contact me. All she needed was my cell number or an email (wtf is a cell phone or an email?) "Not necessary, I will be back." (Cue Terminator Theme) I walked around a bit more and one guy had a pet wolf. The wolf ran up to me growling, but before it could attack, I tamed him with a thought. Then he wouldn't leave my side until I decided to go. I gave some verbal command in a made up language, and he ran back to his master. As I tried to leave, my foot got caught in a phone cord. "Damn you 21st century!!!" I hissed. I tried to hang it back up the way it was, but you could still hear the dial tone. I just looked at the waitress and said, "It appears to be broken." And then I left. Had some trouble with the elevators then woke up.

    Charlie was played by none other than the very handsome Paul Greene:

    Ahhhhh.... thank you subC.
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      Whoa sounds like that could have happened, so many details, awesome!
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      Where can i watch this movie?
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