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    1. The King and the Books of Trolls (aka it's been a while)

      by , 08-31-2016 at 07:21 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      This dream was a reward bestowed upon me from my subconscious for having a really rough night sleep. I experienced a little REM atonia that I was unable to transition into a lucid dream from. Then I couldn't get back to sleep for ages. Then this lovely non lucid dream happened:

      I'm recounting this dream initially as narrator, because for most of the dream I was merely third person observer, and entirely unaware of my existence. It started out with a king whose name I don't know, his queen named Elizabeth, the Kings mother, and a small but suspicious looking staff. The king was not a bad man per say, but he wanted the best for Elizabeth. He wanted a big castle lots of gold and servants. But he was not a rich king, so the way he made his riches was by going from kingdom to kingdom and swindling the current king out of his castle and staff and gold. The way he would do this was by betting the king that his mother could make a handful of marbles disappear under some cups. It's not really understood for sure from my perspective if his mother actually had any magic powers or if she was just a really good con artist too, but every time the poor king made this bet, the richer King would lose and the former king and his queen Elizabeth and his staff would inherit the castle.

      The dream really started to get rolling when the poor king inherited a beautiful castle on top of a Mountain with a very steep cliff. The poor King liked the richer King so much that he allowed them to remain on staff in the castle without having to leave or be banished. Now I say that the poor King was not a bad King or inherently evil in anyway, but he was rather greedy. It seems like enough gold was never enough for his queen. sometime went by while they were at their new castle, when the king started to get worried that he wouldn't have enough gold. So he turns to his original staff of servants, who has now been promoted to nobleman and councilman to the king, for ideas on how to acquire more gold and riches.

      The creepy staff started to show their true colors on this one. They met in a conference room in the castle, and this is kind of important: there were seven staff members. This will come up again later. They told the king to tax the peasants nearly to death, and give them the opportunity to make the money back by participating in brutal gladiator style sports. The nobleman would pay gold to watch the sports. Then the peasants would pretty much all die from these bloodsports. So basically the king only made money and lost none with this idea. The queen was in the room during this discussion, and begged the king not to do this. But the king had changed somehow, from fear of losing money and losing her and brain washing from this evil staff, he wouldn't listen to her. She pulled on his arm and begged him to look at her and change his mind, when he yanked his arm out of her grasp, reared back and smacked her in the face.

      The queen asked what her punishment would be for standing up to his Royal highness. His face looked evil now, as he said that her punishment would be to be beaten in the dungeons and then banished where she would probably just get killed by the peasants. So she backed away from him towards the door to the balcony if the conference room and begged him for one last drink of wine with him from their marital chalices. He had an expression on his face like it was a stupid idea, but he turned to fetch the chalices anyway. The moment he did this, the queen jumped from the balcony to her death. The king screamed her name and rused to the balcony.

      This is where the dream took a really odd turn for me specifically. I was suddenly not so much observing the story as I was a little bit a part of it now. No one could see me but I was able to walk to the balcony and stand right next to the king where we both looked down. You couldn't even see all the way to the bottom. All I could see was a final wisp of the Queens red silk dress as it disappeared beneath the fog. I never even heard the sound of her hitting the ground. At that moment I flipped over to the other side of the balcony and hung onto the edge so that I could face the king, willing him to see me. I said "your majesty, we have to do something. Your queen's dead body is on the ground and someone is going to see it." The expression on his face looked as if he could hear me a little bit, but couldn't see me. I repeated myself louder, and suddenly his wide grief-stricken eyes were directly upon me. I told him that I would go get the body before somebody saw her, and I told him that I would be his new counsel from now on because I believed that his current seven members were evil trolls in disguise as humans. He simply nodded and turned around and left.

      So I let go of the balcony, and floated slowly down to the ground. I remember thinking to myself that I must be some kind of fairy lol. I couldn't see the queen at first so I kept walking down the gutters that were all along the base of the cliff. I finally saw the wind fluttering through some red material. It was the queen's dress, but it wasn't the wind moving the fabric, she was moving. I rushed up to her and I noticed that she was very much alive. I was worried that she was in a lot of pain and probably dying from such a fall, but she sat up and looked at me. I asked her if she could walk, and she stood up but stumbled a little. So I decided to carry her back into the castle and hide her to keep her safe until I managed some kind of plan .

      Of course there was an elevator in the castle. My silly ass subconscious. I got on to the elevator still holding the injured queen, when I noticed there was a staff member operating the elevator. Not one of the original seven, but one of the original staff of this castle before the poor king inherited it. I asked for the six floor, because I knew there was a library on that floor. For some reason that seemed important at the time. The queen suddenly looked up at the elevator operator and recognized him as a troll in human disguise. I asked if he was going to turn us in. He said he would not. Not all the trolls in the castle were evil, and he hinted that he knew I knew which ones were.

      The only way the queen could have survived that fall, as well as being able to recognize disguised trolls, was if she were also magic in some way. I wasn't sure if she was a fairy or troll or what, but I took her to the library on the 6th floor and was able to turn her into a wisp of smoke and hide her in one of the books. A red book. There she remained for the next 6 years, healing and gathering strength, while the king and his 7 continued with the plan to extort gold from, as well as the lives of the peasants.

      It didn't feel like 6 years, it was just referenced by someone, I forget. But I did watch some of those 'games.' They were awful: partially dismembered peasants limping and crawling through a muddy coliseum, trying not to get mauled by wild animals or trampled by gladiators on horse drawn carriages. There was lots of blood and mud and screams. I decided it was time to finally end this madness.

      I went to the library and grabbed the book with the queen. I also grabbed 7 green books, and kept them all concealed. I spoke to the queen in the book, telling her it was time to confront the king again, and that I would take care of the 7. She expressed concern that it was one thing for a king's ego to sustain the truth about being wrong in the moment about a single wrongdoing, but it was another for the same ego to withstand the force of realizing he had been wrong for 6 years. I told her this had to be done regardless. Besides, seeing that his beloved Elizabeth had survived might soften the blow.

      I went to the conference room to speak with the king, but of course the 7 were with him. I asked for privacy but they wouldn't budge. So I turned them into wisps of smoke and hurtled each one into a green book, while keeping the book of the queen still hidden. I told the king to listen to me and keep an open mind about this. I pulled out the queen's book, a red silk book similar to her dress fabric, and opened it, facing the pages toward the king. She poured out of the book into a pool of silvery smoke, and barely took on a corporeal form. He tried to embrace her but couldn't. She told him to listen to her, as tears streamed from his eyes. He said, "Elizabeth" so sweetly, and she just began to take on her human form once again, and them I woke up.

      I'm pretty sure everything turned out OK.

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    2. Me, My Sister, and Charlie

      by , 02-09-2016 at 10:02 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Non lucid, but super fun rpg-ish kinda thing! I'm a little foggy on the order of events, as dreams tend to have that non-linear thing going for them anyway. I'll try my best to make it make sense for us all. There's going to be a Part I and a Part II. The two parts are only slightly related, but can stand separately, in case you want to read one or the other but not both.

      PART I - The Cube, the Sphere, and the Triangle

      I have no memory of my sister's name, or mine. Just her boyfriend, Charlie. They met at a Ramen Noodle house and fell in love and started dating. Charlie was a scientist, and he was working on inventing something that was pretty controversial. Meaning everyone either believed he couldn't do it, or that he shouldn't do it. My sister unfortunately, was occasionally on the "shouldn't" do it team. Not because she really felt that, but because she was bipolar bat shit crazy. Half the time she was my sweet, smart, pretty, blonde older sister who I looked up to. But then she'd randomly spaz out and get these fits of paranoid delusions and try to start attacking people. Charlie and I started to get a little closer about the time my sister started trying to attack him with syringes.

      Why my sister went cray cray: I don't recall my past, but I believe I was raised by our parents. In England. Because I had an English accent in the dream (don't laugh) but hers was American. She was kidnapped as a child by a freaky American woman who claimed to be her Aunt Ruth (<< I remember it was a name that started with R). Sweet Aunty Ruth told my sister that she (my sister) was brain damaged. She wasn't really, but she grew up believing it. I don't know how or when we were reunited, but the damage had been done. Most of the time she was normal, but you never knew when she'd have one of these fits, or what would trigger it.

      Charlie was almost done with this project, that was basically a tiny but powerful apparatus. It reminded me of that thing Doctor Oct was trying to make in Spiderman. But instead of this thing having the same power as a small star, it had the capability of producing massive quantities of water. Oh yeah, there was a water shortage on earth. Charlie set it up in a park, hoping to help keep all the plants and animals there alive, and then see how green things could get from it. It's hard to describe, but he set this little shiny metal box inside a giant clear sphere. The sphere was full of teeny holes. When the box was clicked to "ON" I guess haha, it just exploded with water. Once the sphere filled with water, the force of it shot out through all the tiny holes in very fine sprays. And there was some electricity involved because I remember he turned it on at night, and the water reflected all these different colored lights. It was AWESOME I wish I could draw it. It looked like a very fancy water fountain installation, except the water came from itself.

      My sister had tried to stop him at the apartment we 3 lived in earlier that day. She attacked him with syringes and he fought her off. She ran off and we hadn't seen her since. So I went with him to the water installation site because I believed in it, and him ofc (yeah you know where this is going). The sphere put out sooo much water, that it began to form a small creek that was moving downward through the park. I grabbed Charlie's hand and pulled him into a run, so I could find where the water was headed. It was already connecting to the town river, which had been dried up for ages. He said it was better than he had planned, and I felt proud In retrospect, I sure hope the cube had an "OFF" switch

      Later on Charlie and I were back in the apartment, waiting for my sister. We talked about her past and stuff, and he seemed to have an unspoken forfeiting despair about her. Or was that just wishful thinking. Hey it's MY dream We stayed up a while, and I remember him trying to do some experiments on the drugs in the syringes she was attacking him with. Turns out they were tranquilizers. Where on earth did she get those? Anyway, we both laid down on opposite sides of the same bed. I think it was my bed, yeah it was, because my phone and charger were on my bedside. We both fell asleep, but my phone went off at 5am, and I swear that this was a glitch alarm. It went off and Siri said "It is 5am, and you need a massage." "Charlie, I swear that this is a glitch on my phone, I didn't make it do that." He just laughed and started rubbing my back anyway. A moment of silence please while I recall the massage ............

      It was not the kind of massage that you give to your girlfriend's little sister, I don't care HOW crazy she is. But I was the one who supported him and believed in his work, and you were the one attacking him with needles then running off.. [shrugs]. Neither of us said a word, he just kept rubbing my shoulders and back, while we laid on our sides, and I kinda kept scooting closer, and so did he, until we were practically spooning. Then he stopped, and took one of my hands and just held it over the covers. BUT he held it over the part of the covers where is tra-la-laaa was. And I could tell that the massage had an effect on him too, and he was making me painfully aware of it. Many times. I rolled over and laid on his chest, and wound my fingers around the elastic band of his boxers, but went no further than that. His heart was pounding in my ears. It was too much, I felt guilty. So I got up and so did he, and we sat at the breakfast table playing with blocks, waiting for my sister still. I got sleepy after a while and decided to go back to bed. I kissed him on the back of his neck and that was the last time I saw him. Because after I went to the bathroom (didn't go back to bed), and put on this amazing costume and did my hair and makeup, I went back to the kitchen and he was gone.

      Part II starts out as me looking for Charlie, but ends up being something quite different.

      Part II - I'm an Ancient Wizard on a Mission

      Charlie was gone, which was too damn bad because I looked crunk! I was wearing a dress that looked like something Arwen would have worn. Lots of dark maroon crushed velvet and black lacey stuff. My hair was down, dark red and all the way down my back. I looked like some kind of ancient sorceress. No idea why I did this, but I believed I WAS an ancient sorceress too. I guess crazy runs in the family. I left the apartment and was now in a huge fancy hotel. I felt like a wizard in the wrong time. I was confused by elevators and phones. But I managed to find my way to the lowest level bar, which was decorated to look like something from the dark ages. It was as if the hotel was holding a convention for LOTR, because folks were dressed that way there as well. Ahhh! My kind of people. Maybe they know where Charlie went. I walked around the bar, and people looked at me with mixed fear and interest. I got a few wolf whistles and ended up shoving an approaching man away from me with magic. No Charlie here..

      There was a section of the bar roped off for VIPs, but at the time, I didn't know what VIP meant. I just knew that there was more bar to search for Charlie. It just had one guard, so what. "Ma'am this section is restricted for.."
      "I LIVE HERE!!!!!" I opened the door furiously with more magic, and he let me by. There weren't many folks in this bar, and none of them were Charlie. I asked a waitress if she had seen him, and she said she hadn't, but if I would like she could contact me. All she needed was my cell number or an email (wtf is a cell phone or an email?) "Not necessary, I will be back." (Cue Terminator Theme) I walked around a bit more and one guy had a pet wolf. The wolf ran up to me growling, but before it could attack, I tamed him with a thought. Then he wouldn't leave my side until I decided to go. I gave some verbal command in a made up language, and he ran back to his master. As I tried to leave, my foot got caught in a phone cord. "Damn you 21st century!!!" I hissed. I tried to hang it back up the way it was, but you could still hear the dial tone. I just looked at the waitress and said, "It appears to be broken." And then I left. Had some trouble with the elevators then woke up.

      Charlie was played by none other than the very handsome Paul Greene:

      Ahhhhh.... thank you subC.

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    3. A "WILD" Tree (basic totm)

      by , 06-11-2015 at 01:18 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Ok I typed a bunch of this up, then left the room and Sofie sat on the keyboard and messed up my whole world.

      I had a nap WILD, phased through my bedroom wall, got a little stuck, got outside, saw a tree, climbed it, got to the top, but I was too heavy for it and it bent over and I was back on the ground lol.

      Then I WILDed again and called Lee Pace on my cell phone and he showed up in a sports car and we made out until he disappeared and I woke up.

    4. A WILDy DEILDy Basic TOTM Nap

      by , 02-25-2015 at 01:08 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Decided to take a nap in the living room while Chris was on xbox in the same room. So I'd drift in and out, but I never moved nor opened my eyes. It was weird, it felt like it would have taken effort to open my eyes fully, but I could hear Chris's voice the ENTIRE time.

      Anyway, so the 4th or 5th time I felt like I was asleep, but still on the couch, I decided to stand up and walk to the front door. I couldn't get to where I could see very well, but I knew the front door was only a few feet from the couch, so I just kinda felt my way there. Plus I could hear Chris as if from my right hear, hollering at the xbox, so I knew I was going the right direction. I opened the front door, half wondering if Chris would notice. But he didn't, so I was more sure that I was dreaming. I even waved my hands in front of my closed/blind eyes, and could see a little bit.

      I walked down the sidewalk, towards the mailbox (which I couldn't see yet and which doesn't exist irl anyway, because we have those stupid group mailboxes on every block like they do now in alot of neighborhoods). I was thinking of the valentine card totm. I got to the end of the sidewalk, fully expecting to feel for a mailbox, blind or not, when I got some vision back. It was super sunny. I looked all directions but saw nothing, then when I turned around, I couldn't see any houses at all lol. Then I turned around again, and saw a little house that could count as mine. So I walked up to the porch and had a hard time seeing again. I felt along the wall by the door, thinking to myself "I know that mailbox is right about HERE" and then I found one of those little mailboxes that you hang on the wall. I reached inside and felt a few things in a stack. The first was a letter and the rest were poofy pink and red heart stickers. On the outside of the letter, it was written in pencil and clearly a child's handwriting. It was alot of letters, but it didn't make up any words. I opened it and inside was a little valentine cartoon comic. The first frame was a purple hippo, pointing to the right. The caption underneath said "The shortest time pointing ever!" The last frame was a pink dog with little red hearts all around his head, like he was in love with the purple hippo or something. Then it said "Happy Valentine's Day," but no signature.

      Then I felt myself on the couch,
      and decided to force my eyes open for real. The second I did that, the dogs that were sleeping on me irl jumped off me and started barking at the door, because FedX had dropped off a letter haha! It's not valentine's though. But the weird thing too was: the door was open O_O And I'm pretty sure I closed it before I took my nap. I asked Chris but he doesn't notice anything when he's on xbox.

      And I could hear his voice, the entire time. Really interesting lucid for me. I feel almost like it kept me TOO grounded irl, and maybe that's why I couldn't see well, idk if related.
    5. DILD - Advanced TOTM

      by , 01-04-2015 at 05:16 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I took a nap after work, which was right after my boss dropped me off at home irl. In the nonlucid part of the dream, instead of dropping me off, he took me back to his house because his wife needed him to attend to the kids, and take out trash and some other random shit. FINALLY when it was time to go, he just grabbed a snack and sat down in front of the TV, and I was like "Dood, gotta get home to my kid!" He was like "OH ok" and jumped up. As we went outside (and this was really weird), I saw a red bird fly by the yard. For some weird reason, I felt like it was a dream sign lol. I've never seen this red bird before that I can recall, but in the dream I felt like I had been dupped by it before. I'll take it! So I just said "See ya Mike," and decided to fly. Then I thought of the fly backwards totm! But my vision went bye bye. So I sat down in lotus position (wtf), but ended up waking up.

      I fell back to sleep and I don't remember the start of this second dream, but I DO recall seeing Angeline Jolie in my room, and another guy. The 3 of us decided to go to the shower for a 3some. As I passed the mirror in my bathroom, my reflection was the most amazing gorgeous man I have ever seen. Like holy wow gorgeous. I got lucid from that. I flexed a bit, then I looked like me again. So I left the bathroom and recalled the backwards totm again. I was in the livingroom, and we have a giant mirror there. I looked at myself in the mirror, and just started walking backwards. Easy peasy. Although, my reflection decided to be more creative. It walked backwards properly as I did, but then it backwardsly climbed up onto some furniture that was in the reflection, but not on my side, if that makes sense. Then my reflection started to have some japanese horror little-girl look to it, and it gave me goose bumps. This is cool: I could feel them on my sleeping body, the goosebumps. And so I looked at my dream arm, but no goosebumps. I remarked how I could feel them irl, but not see them in the dream. I looked up at the mirror again and could see a man's naked body behind me. I turned to look, but no one was there. I looked at the mirror again, and he was there. So I reached behind me and it was an old dude and I could feel his old weewee all hard and old lol. I kinda squealed and left the room. I don't remember anything else.
    6. My Patronus and My Fortune - TOTM WILDs

      by , 09-04-2014 at 07:56 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I had a really loooong WBTB. I went to bed probably 1am, then woke up at about 7am and didn't go back to sleep until 11:30ish! I tried everything to go back to sleep: incubating dreams, relaxation techniques, clearing my mind, filling my mind, solo sexy time.. nothin. Finally Danny came back from working out and took a shower, and as soon as he left the room after his shower, I began to drift off and felt some vibrations.

      As the vibrations cycled a couple times, I let the HH version of a fish bite my hands. I felt like it was anchoring me for some reason. Anyway, I started out in my bed lucid as usual, and thought right away of the toilet task. So I went to the master bathroom, and lifted the lid. There was a little pee and bit of toilet paper in there, np I'll just flush it. Then I lifted the rim, and there was some pee on it as well, so I took some tp and wiped it off and flushed it. But then it started backing up, and a TON of poop was coming up. I thought of grabbing the plunger, but I was like "I'm not wasting lucid time on this. Even if I plunge it, I'm not going down there now." So I walked back into the bedroom, trying for the life of me to recall the other tasks, but I just couldn't. So I messed with my masculinity for a few minutes then woke up.

      Fortunately, I felt like I could go right back to sleep. So as I was drifting off and feeling the vibrations again, I thought real hard and recalled Robin Williams, fortune cookie, and Patronus tasks. I let the HH version of my cat Gibby bite my hand this time as I transitioned. (I'm trying to play with forming HH stuff so I don't have to rely on vibrations). Anyway, started out in my room again lucid, struggled with the blankets a bit with a sleeping Gibby on the bed. I got up and don't recall how I got to the living room, or some room. It was filled with toys and crap. I picked up something that looked like a long, thin cone. I thought it would work as a magic wand. As I was deliberating over it, I noticed an unsavory shadowy figure in the room. I decided to test a Patronus on him. I aimed the wand at him and yelled "Expecto Patronum!" fully expecting a Dragon Patronus like I wanted. Nothin. I need to have a happy thought too, along with the expectation. It is EXPECTo Patronum, after all. I did it again, louder, and thinking of a certain someone (KM) from college. A bunch of silvery-purple sparkles appeared in the air just in front of my wand, then dropped to the floor. I thought they were about to condense and form some animal Patronus. But all they did was turn into an army of He-man toys that started coming at me haha! I ran across the room and tried again, louder, with an even stronger feeling in my heart along with the memory of KM. I mean I SCREAMED the incantation. A silvery-purple outline of a large animal formed, studded with silvery-purple sparkles. It got denser until it took on the shape of silvery-purple cloudlike Unicorn! A UNICORN!!! Best little girl fantasy ever!!!

      It was galloping toward me as it was becoming more corporeal. I just held out my arms because I wanted to pet it and hug it sooooooooo bad, but then she vanished.
      And I woke up.

      I started drifting off again, but immediately went into a nonlucid where I was walking down the street outside in broad daylight. I got to our house and there was a huge Christmas tree in the front yard. It had a candycane like ornament on it, and I broke off a long piece, thinking that it would be good to use for the Patronus task again. I started questioning if I was dreaming, but I just wasn't 100% sure. I went into the house and tried the spell again anyway, because I wanted my unicorn lol. As I was trying and trying, I suddenly heard my son Chris in another room, saying "HAHA who's screaming Harry Potter quotes around the house?!" I was so embarrassed, was I doing this iwl? I ran into the hall bathroom and stood up on the toilet as I could hear my son barreling down the hall. I thought I would just scare the crap out of him once he walked by, which I did, and he dropped a bunch of fast food and ran off lol. I went back to the hall and walked until I ended up in the family room, and there was another christmas tree. Whaaaaat? It's not christmas. Lucid! I decided to give up the Patronus totm for now since I already did it, and thought of the fortune cookie totm. I recalled that Chris has some fast food, so I went into the kitchen, saying to myself "I'm going to look in one of the boxes of left over Chinese food that's still in there." And sure enough, there were some styro-foam boxes stacked up on the kitchen floor. I opened the first one and set it on the stove, and there were wrapped fortune cookies right inside. *highfive subC!* Some were broken, but at least 2 were in tact. I opened the first one, and at first I saw the word "Important" on the little white strip of paper. But when I unfolded it all the way, it just said "2, 3, uhhh, 4" Wow. I opened the second one, and a large square of paper was inside. Here's what it said:

      So, you think you're a dirty boy?
      (972) ###-####
      After reading that, I just propped up my head on the stove and laughed so hard. I laughed until I could feel my eyes crying, in the dream. A true lucid cry laugh haha. Wow. I know now what my subC truly thinks of me: I'm either so lost that I can't even count properly, or I'm a dirty boy. Or at least I think I am. Doodle doodle toss toss, ladies and gentlemen.

      I woke up from that still loling, and that was that.

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    7. DEILD Karate

      by , 08-14-2014 at 02:47 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      So I slept from 12midnight - 3am, then couldn't sleep until my alarm went off at 6:45am. I hit the first snooze and as I drifted off, I got WILD vibes. This is the first time I had this particular type of sensation: As I fell back to sleep on my side, I suddenly felt like I was on my stomach with my face pressed against the pillow when the vibrations started. I found it difficult to turn this into lucidly getting out of bed, and when I finally did, I kinda fell over. Then the alarm went off again (9 minute snoozes).

      I was still on my side, and I drifted off again, and felt vibrations again. I was able to get out of bed a bit easier this time, and looked at my phone. The screen lighting was dull, and the otterbox was fitted all weird. I couldn't think of any tasks other than the 2 I had already done, so I just left the room and went down the hall to the livingroom. DC Danny was sitting on the couch, and I just randomly decided to do a karate jump kick. As I was suspended in the air in a kick position, the thought occurred to me to continue the kick through the window, but I woke up when the alarm went off again.

      I fell asleep again, then suddenly woke up, worried that I had slept in. So I reached for my phone, and it was like it was in one of the DEILD chains: messed up case and screen. LUCID! So I ran back to the livingroom for a second go at the karate jump kick. Didn't even notice if Danny was there this time. I did it and aimed for the window, willing myself to phase through foot first without breaking the glass. And it worked!!!! My foot went through the glass as if it were made of a really stiff jello. I float-flew a bit outside, and it was so nice. Early morning, lots of dew on the grass, and the streets were a bit wet as if it had rained during the night. Sin was sparkling off everything, and the air was cool but not cold. I flew up a bit too high and felt a bit of vertigo, so I landed on the edge of the roof. Then I tipped forward with my feet still on the edge of the roof, and straightened my body, tipped until I was parallel with the ground. Very cool sensation. Then I put my right foot out in front of me, and let it stretch (or the ground moved up or both), until it touched the ground, all the while my left foot was still touching the roof. If you could see it, I probably looked like I was doing the splits, while my legs doubled in length lol. Then I put my left foot on the ground, and took off running through the wet grass that sparkled like emeralds. It felt so good, but I woke up after a few seconds. I checked my phone for real this time, and I still had 2 minutes left, so that last dream + falling asleep time only lasted 7 minutes.

      The fact I got so little sleep was so incredibly cancelled out by the buzz of these fun lucids. I wasn't that tired at work, didn't even need a break, and only took a 2 hour nap when I got home. Everyone should be so lucky after a night of insomnia.
    8. Eyeball Pop-Out, TOTM DILD

      by , 08-12-2014 at 10:51 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Grossssssssssssssssssssssssssssss....... :hurl:

      Ok here's what happened: I remember being in the car with my real dad, driving down the highway. It suddenly dawned on me that I shouldn't be in California, so I bet I'm dreaming. I had just enough doubt about it though, and didn't want to just open the car door. Plus even lucid accidents can hurt. So I tried to be subtle by just poking my finger through the roof of the car, and it went through as if it were made of jello. YES! My dad glanced over at me with a "wtf?!" look on his face. I said "No time to explain! I gotta take out my eyeball real quick." I took 3 fingers from my right hand, and curved them into a sort of scoop, then stuck them in the inner corner of my right eye. It felt loose and ready to easily scoop out. So I scooped it out, but it acted like it had some pressure built up behind it, like it's been meaning to come out for a while (which it HAS.. been attempting this task for a while). So when it came out, about a foot of optic nerve and optic muscles kinda hurled out with it, with my eyeball still attached. My dad and I both screamed "Ew GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!" and I got a flinch of panic. "What if I can't put my eyeball back in and can't wake myself up, and have to go through this whole dream with a gross dangling eyeball?" Because let's face it, it felt real, and I was no blind in that eye. So I oh so carefully shoved the whole mess back into my eyesocket, all the while telling myself "It'll be ok, it's going in fine, no problem." It went back in fine, and I blinked a couple times and could see again. My dad was looking at me peripherally with a mixed expression of disbelief and disgust. Then I just lost it. I bent forward and howled with laughter. I mean, it was a deep, jolly LOUD laugh at all the ridiculousness that just happened, and then I woke up.
    9. Advanced Elevator Totm - DEILD

      by , 07-30-2014 at 03:31 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      This was fun. First I had a nonLD about finding some robin eggs. I brought them into the bedroom and showed them to Danny. He said he believed that they had been fertilized already. Sure enough, I looked at them and they had sticky stuff on the outside of the little pink shells. "EW!" I dropped one on the floor and it cracked slightly. I was so worried that I might have hurt a potential little baby bird inside so I picked it up. I was holding it in my right hand, when I suddenly seemed to be lying down. I "fell asleep" in the dream, holding the slimy little egg, then had a false awakening:

      I "woke up" or so I had thought, and was immediately aware that a slimy egg was in my hand. But I knew that finding the egg and dropping it had been a dream, because it was a house I didn't recognize, and now I was in my real room. How was I still holding this egg? LUCID!! Now it felt like a jello egg, and I let it kinda "sploop!" out of my hands, and I got out of the bed. I recalled the elevator totm because I've been talking about it for days. I've been thinking alot lately about the power of expectation, and have come to some conclusions about it, and how I've found a mechanism that helps it to work better. I'll have to post about that sometime. Anyway, I opened my bedroom door, and as I did, I told myself, "Now that I'm in that hotel, I just need to find the elevator that's just down this hallway." Sure enough, as soon as I opened the door, a hotel hallway stretched out before me. I walked down it a bit, thinking to myself, "The elevator is right about here." On my right was the door to a room, but to my left was an elevator! "I'm going to hit the down button." And as I approached the doors to the elevator, a simple up arrow and a down arrow button appeared. I hit the down arrow and the doors opened right away. It looked like a normal elevator: wood floor, carpeted walls and a metal bar that went 3 quarters around mid height. But when I looked at the back wall of the elevator, the left part looked like it opened up into another elevator. Kinda like twin elevators, with a partial partition. When I got the the partition, I realized immediately that it was in fact a mirror, because I saw my reflection. Only it wasn't me, it was my stepdad! Wearing that same dumb blue and green plaid shirt and khaki pants lol. I screamed at first because it startled me, and jumped back. The reflection imitated me at the same time. I laughed so hard at the ridiculousness of it, that I started float-flying in the elevator, occasionally projected forward a bit by my own laughter as if each laugh acted as propulsion. So weird haha. Then I woke up.

      Had another lucid after that where I pinched my own balls. I felt it as if I had pinched my inner thigh lol. So weird, again.
    10. Telekinesis & Rock Star ToTMs - DILD

      by , 05-13-2014 at 04:51 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I woke up at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep until after 8am. I began to drift off to sleep and immediately started dreaming that I was standing in a room staring at a painting. I felt confused for a moment, then remembered I was just trying to get back to sleep. Yay dream! So I started walking and thought of the telekinesis task. I felt like my mouth and voice were paralyzed though. So much for the performance task. I tried to speak, and I could make noises but my mouth was locked shut. You know, like when you try to speak without opening your mouth? Really weird.

      It wasn't long before I realized that my vision was beginning to get all washed out. Not a very stable lucid at all. So I just stood there for a moment, then this is weird: I felt another set of eyes open, and everything was stable and I could speak. I didn't do anything to 'stabilize' the dream, it was more like I needed to wait out some kind of transition phase. This isn't the first time it has happened to me during a DILD, but it's the first time that I had the understanding that I just need to do nothing and wait it out.

      I'm skipping some stuff due to time, but there were a couple things with mirrors. Anyway I decided to lift a cell phone without touching it and I did it. First time for me. Then I started lifting people. One was my store manager and I lifted her, made her to horizontal, and spun her around and around and she was screaming the whole while haha.

      Then I thought to try the performance task. Singing wouldn't be an issue but where was I going to get a band and an audience? I went outside and saw an amphitheater with a band at the center! I ran up to them and asked if they wanted to perform some Heart. One guy said sure. I wondered if I could 'lift' people from the horizon with telekinesis. I focused on the horizon and lifted my hands, and a row of maybe 10 people appeared and I dropped them into the audience seats. I did that maybe 3 more times. I started singing a Heart song but forgot how it went, and suddenly the band and I were performing some Barbara Streisand.

      I'm running out if time gotta go to work. Ill post more later but I have to say that I got booed really bad for singing Streisand hahaha. I just laughed in the dream and decided to get really obnoxious and sang Magic from Xanadu. A fun dream for me.
    11. Limerick TOTM - DILD

      by , 05-10-2014 at 05:15 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      This lucid was a really nice break from a month long dry spell. What began as a 5 hour long WBTB, ended up becoming quite an escapade.

      I woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. Then I had to go to a 6am meeting at work. I went home and tried to go back to sleep before having to go BACK to work at 11am (my schedule sucks). I fell back to sleep probably about 8am. I started having a dream where I was in a house I didn't recognize, and some kid that wasn't my son was doing some homework on the dining room table. I suddenly became lucid because I remembered that I was just trying to get to sleep just moments before. This is a very common way that I DILD now. Anyway, I had been thinking of the performance and limerick tasks as I was trying to get to sleep, so I decided to bust out an aria from Mozart's Cosė fan tutte, "Č amore un ladroncello." It was the first one to pop into my head. I only sang the first 4 bars then quit, because I didn't think the one boy really qualified as a whole audience. Also, he was barely reacting to my presence. So I decided to move on to the Limerick task. I started hearing the Popeye the Sailor Man melody (which has a limerick rhyme scheme and meter to it) in my head like I planned irl, and one of the Popeye-like garbage can limericks started happening. I remember the first 2 lines and the 5th one form right away, then I struggled with getting 3 and 4 to rhyme as well as fit the rest. I don't remember the trial and error precisely, but I remember feeling a little frantic because I didn't want to run out of time. It all probably took a minute at the most, I'm guessing, but here is the result:

      There once was a man named Stan
      Who lived in a garbage can
      When he was in the mood
      To fry up some food
      He used the lid for a pan

      I woke up laughing at myself, and I can't recall for certain but I may have started laughing in the dream. What a goofy ass little poem. What followed was 3 more DILDs. They were very DEILD like in nature, because I would wake up and go back to sleep and start the dream in pretty much the same house, but it would take a few seconds for the awareness to kick in. So a DILD-chain? Weird. Seriously, leave it up to me to jumble everything up.

      No lucid sex for nearly 5 weeks woke up something extra animal in me it seems. I fell right back to sleep, and I appeared in a bedroom in what seemed to be the same house. Again, I was bumbling around for a few seconds before remembering that I was just waking up from a lucid dream not seconds before. All I wanted to do was find an attractive DC and celebrate my TOTM success. I discovered a lady who was fairly tall, thin and tan, standing in one corner of the room. Not ordinarily what I go for, but I guess I DO go for it since my subC is the one that came up with her! She had long brown hair and I think she was pretty, but I never really looked at her face for long. I gotta break that habit. I started for her, and she ran lol. I took off after her, and as I ran past a mirror, I saw that I was female. I hoped that wouldn't mess things up. I cornered her in the opposite side of the bedroom, and she seemed to go a bit docile.

      Spoiler for NSFW 1:

      I fell back to sleep and had a similar lucid onset. Ended up in some bedroom in that same house, or a house, and got lucid seconds after. This time there was a blonde chick with glasses not 2 feet away from me. Before I could even think, I grabbed her arm and threw her on the bed. I didn't want to wake up too soon like the last time, plus I wanted to do more than just wham bam thank you ma'am. So I was more gentle with pushing this one on the bed. I got on top of her and started French kissing her. It was actually pretty nice, though I had to keep my eyes open. Anytime I try to close my eyes when I kiss in lucids, I end up losing the dream. Plus I don't miss as much this way. She reciprocated the kisses nicely, but her front teeth were kinda big and kept clashing with mine a bit lol. Kinda awkward. In a bit of a blur, I removed just enough of our clothes to start having sex, but I got too excited and woke up again.

      I went into the 3rd and final lucid the same way. This time I appeared in a hallway of possibly the same house and became lucid when it dawned on me that I had just been chaining dreams. Now I wanted to really bump things up a notch. I decided that the next hot DC I found, I was going to try having sex up against the wall. I found a cute brunette guy in his 20s leaning against the wall, who acted clearly gay. I didn't waste a moment, but I was beginning to struggle with lucidity and removing my pants seemed to take forever.

      Spoiler for NSFW 2:

      And it was just 9 o'clock! All that jazz happened within an hour. I went back to sleep and slept dreamlessly for another hour and felt awesome.

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    12. DILD - Almost got the April Fool's TOTM

      by , 04-02-2014 at 07:51 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I had a long, miserable WBTB. I woke up at 5am and probably didn't get back to sleep until well after 8am. But I made the effort to keep my awareness, and incubate some TOTM possibilities. I decided during this time, that upon gaining lucidity, I would find a DC, and stick my leg out as he walked by, tripping him. That's about as basic as that one gets, but I thought it would be an easy one after such a long dry spell.

      Anyway, I slipped into a coma like sleep finally, and had some nonlucids that I've already forgotten. At one point, I was having a nonlucid where I was holding a cat, and petting him, and he was purring, and all sweet. But every so often, I guess I was petting him wrong, and he'd go ape shit biting my hand. This cycled a few times when I realized that it was indeed happening in cycles, and I could kinda feel vibrations associated with the biting, like when I WILD or DEILD. I realized I was dreaming (YEAH!) and thought right away about finding a DC to trip. I was already in some house, but it was unfamiliar. My left eye wasn't working right, but I ignored it. I walked into the next room and saw a really beautiful African American woman. Great body, beautiful face and hair.. made me think right away of black Barbie. She was standing in a corner of what looked like a small, cluttered family room. I said "Come 'ere.." to her, with the idea that when she walked up to me, I'd stick out my leg and trip her. But she just shook her head and said "no." Stupid DCs... when will they learn that you're not supposed to tell us dreamers no. There was a long couch next to her and I willed her to flop down on it, and she did, landing on the couch on her stomach.

      Spoiler for NSFW:

      Anyway, when I was done, I was thrilled to still be in the dream and lucid (THRILLED TO BE ALIIIIVE!!!!!!), so I made a move for an area of the room that had a window overlooking a grocery store. The window was like a portal with a preview haha, I love it. I phased through the window and entered the store from a second story height. My eye started working a lot better, and the store was really really vivid and colorful and clear. I love grocery stores in LDs, because they really are very colorful places with lots of neat stuff: colorful flowers, fruits and veggies; beautiful packages and cans of food, meat and fish and big displays with loud signs... basically a candy store for me, in dreams as well as real life. Anyway, before I could think up another task attempt, I woke up.

      Best part about all this, is that I told Danny about it when I woke up, and he actually got turned on by it haha! There's only one guy in the world so freaky as to love a freak of nature such as me and I'm lucky I found him <3 Seriously, the amount of random crap he entertains me telling him, all this DV nonsense, podcasts that make no sense to him... must be all the good grub

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    13. NSFW Lucid

      by , 02-26-2014 at 06:34 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      This is another one of my "ewww OMG" lucids, so proceed with caution.

      Spoiler for NSFW:
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    14. Post Podcast Residue Strikes Again!

      by , 01-23-2014 at 07:52 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Although not in lucid form this time. I've been having bouts of insomnia this week, so last night when I accidentally awoke during the Witching Hour, I decided to try to WILD, recalling what CL and I had discussed in the podcast last night about getting back to sleep successfully after a WBTB. I fell right back to sleep, and proceeded to miss some pretty big signs in this Post Zombie Apacolyptic dream:

      I was suddenly standing in an alley in a residential area, with no memory of who I was. I instantly thought to myself "Ok, try to remember where you just were, and where you were headed.." (per the RC solution to help with the "jump cut" problem we discussed in the podcast last night ). I had no clue who I was or where I was, but pretty soon I noticed that there weren't any people anywhere. And things looked pretty trashed. Like when the scavengers have finished raiding houses after some kind of mayhem. "Zombie Apocalypse" popped in my head, and I knew it was the truth. I just started skipping through the alley and noticed that I had unusual strength. I could skip several feet in the air, and could go quite fast. (Really, Ophelia? Ffs.) it was a bright warm day, and I remember feeling really thirsty. I had a water bottle on me with maybe 2 sips left. I needed more. I kept skipping along and ended up behind a commercial building of some sort. I noticed a big cooler full of ice and cold water bottles! It made me thing there must be live people close, since the ice looked fresh. But as I went for the water, I heard a loud machine come up behind me. It was a medium sized, remote operated tank that I knew had been designed to wipe out zombies. One if the barrels turned and pointed straight at me. I used my superhuman speed to dive behind the large cooler at light speed. I watched as the tank fired 3 clumsy shots around me, completely missing. Suddenly the machine shut down and I heard a woman's voice. She walked up to me and helped me up, giving me a. Little of water that I don't recall if I ever drank. She told me something about what was going on, but the only part of the conversation that I remember was the explanation as to why I couldn't remember who I was. I was a clone. Humans had been successfully able to clone some of us who had been bitten by zombies, before we turned. The original me was destroyed, and the result was a healthy clone that had superhuman strength. I asked her if she was a clone too and she said yes. No clones had any memories of their original lives. Crazy huh. Anyway she took me to this rigged up clinic where there was a lady doctor who was responsible for some of the cloning. I don't remember why we went there, but when I met the doctor I asked her if she was a clone too. She coughed up some blood into a handkerchief and said no. She had been bitten and didn't have much time left. Before I could ask her if she was going to save herself by cloning herself, I woke up.

      I gotta say, even though this dream was nonlucid and I missed some big signs, and I never even got to see a single zombie, I felt like freaking Alice from Resident Evil. I woke up feeling pretty bad ass
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    15. Notes on Precog Dreams.

      by , 12-10-2013 at 09:43 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      So gab and I were chitchatting about Precog dreams the other day, and while I'm not a big believer of the idea that you can predict the future in dreams or waking life, this was nucking futs:

      So those last two totm lucids I had contained a couple interesting elements. In the one with the animated snowman, I dreamed that it snowed, and the next morning it had snowed in real life. Mind you this is Texas we are talking about. Now, the coincidence could be attributed to me knowing that freezing weather was coming. But I can tell you that for a girl from the south, that dreaming about snow, then waking up and it looking outside the way it did in my dream from a few minutes before, was weeeeeird.

      Ok in the same LD, my mom gave me some purple orchids per the basic totm. So, that same morning in real life after the lucids, Danny and I decided to walk to the store for some groceries (no way were we gonna drive on that ice). So when we got to the store, they just happened to be selling potted orchids. Never saw them before at this particular store mind you. Sure enough, one of the plants had the same, hyper color purple blooms as in my lucid. If I wasn't in enough of a daze from having a lucid about snow that manifested itself into reality the next morning, then those orchids did the trick.

      I think what made this a extra weird for me was the fact that the dreams were LUCID. I've had non lucids before that had some elements that seemed to come true, and I just chalked up to coincidence. But the feeling from having TWO things in a lucid dream happen the next day in real life is just plain weeeeeeeeeird.

      Thanks for reading
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