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    1. A Horrible HORRIBLE Nonlucid

      by , 07-13-2015 at 07:58 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I dream these alot with my current or past pets.

      As with any dream, something might morph into something else. So what started out as Snuggles the Siamese, turned into Ziggy at some point. But that's not the point.

      Sofie was grooming Snuggles/Ziggy, behind a couch. And where she licked him, which was on one side of his ribcage, the hair was gone, and the skin was like cooked salmon. I freaked out and tried to tend to the area, but chunks of fishy skin would flake off. I kept telling myself that new healthy skin would grow underneath and replace it. He didn't seem to be in pain. Fortunately as I was examining the flakey skin, he turned over so that the affected area was against the floor. I just didn't want Sofie to lick it anymore.

      I love how no where in the dream did I consider a vet or sequestering one cat from the other. I was glad to wake up from it though. Yuckypoo.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. Return of the DEILD Demon (failed TOTM)

      by , 08-01-2013 at 07:25 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Well CL, you were right. We recorded an in depth podcast, and it was like major fodder for my lucid early this morning.

      I woke up at 5:30 am when Danny had to go to work. I know that before that, I was tossing and turning for hours. Because I ate a bunch of cheese crackers right before bed. At some point after Danny went to work, I fell back to sleep. Then I had a brief FA, where I thought I had woken up, but to my left was Danny sleeping in the bed. But I knew that he'd already left for work, and Danny always sleeps on the right. He looked like Danny, and rolled over on top of me as if to give me a kiss, but by then I knew it wasn't him. In a split second I went from "Oh shit...." to this thing wailing all over me. My vocal chords were paralyzed, so I couldn't talk nice to it. I felt like something was holding my hands down, but the demon wasn't touching them. It was so weird. So I just started thinking happy thoughts. He started to kinda shrivel, and slide away from me, down the bed, in a sort of catatonic state. But I still couldn't move very well. So I started trying to move my arms, which I could a little, then ZOOoooommm, the creep was right back on top of me, screaming and looking all freaky. His head would shake back and forth really fast, like that Tool video (Sober). Before I thought to think happy thoughts again, I noticed that everytime he shook and convulsed like that, I could feel vibrations in my hands. So I just decided to close my dream eyes, and sure enough, my usual WILD vibrations swept over me. I opened my dream eyes again, an was alone in my room. I tried to slowly get out of bed, but I was really entangled in blankets this time. They were too heavy to get off me, then I woke up. Fortunately, the vibrations came right back, and I ended up in my room again. I got up, an went to the bedroom door, blankets all wrapped around my legs. But as soon as I left the room, they were gone. WHEW.

      I knew that a personal goal of mine for a while (which is also one of August's TOTMs), was to create a portal to hell, and share a cold beer with the devil. I wondered that if, after all that DEILD Demon nonsense, if I would be too chicken to do it (since in the past, there was a TOTM where you had to go to purgatory and rescue a soul. But my portals kept going past purgatory and straight into hell, and I was too scared to go lol. That made me mad so I became determined to conquer this). Anyway, I didn't feel that scared. But as soon as I got to the living room, I noticed that the front door was open, and Danny was standing on the porch, looking as if he was waiting for the rain to stop before getting into his car to go to work. I questioned if I was dreaming or not afterall! I went outside and notice that it wasn't raining, just the sprinklers were on. I looked at him and we exchanged a few words, can't remember what. Then I noticed the skin on his nose was gone. Like a skeleton meets Michael Jackson kinda thing. Ah, ok lol. I went to give him a quick smooth before continuing with my task, but when I did, it was like kissing air. So creepy.

      I went back into the house, and got on all fours on the floor. I had to hold my glasses in my hand, which kept falling of my face. I pressed my face into the floor, and it phased through. A huge, craggy tunnel formed, and went straight down for what looked like miles. It was illuminated with a fiery orange glow, and I could hear sounds from way deep, like, chains and heavy things hitting against rock. Just like the last 2 times. In waking life, I had already promised myself that the next time I found this tunnel to hell, I wouldn't be scared. I told myself, "It's ok Ophelia, nothing to be scared of. It's just a dream. And when you find the devil, he's going to be really nice and you're just going to share a beer together." I really felt ok with this. I began to descend, in a sort of rock-climbing fashion. But the dream environment didn't seem to match what I thought it should look like when you are climbing downward. Hard to explain, but it seemed like I wasn't really going anywhere. So I decided to just float down slowly. This worked, and I was slowly falling, not too fast, which would have woken me up. I probably SHOULD have looked down though, because I didn't really have a focal point. I should have looked down and visualized the bottom, because what ended up happening was, I just fell a while,
      and then woke up naturally.

      If I had succeeded in this task, I wouldn't have counted it for myself, since I had a heads up on the task. Who knew that I would break a dry spell on the FIRST of the month lol.
    3. I Gotta Be a Christian Just to Give You a Damn Flower?

      by , 02-03-2013 at 05:59 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I got lucky with this early WILD; I'm on vacation, and when I sleep in a strange place, I wake up alot and I sometimes get vibrations at 5 or 6 in the morning and don't have to wait to sleep in late. I've been vacationing so now I don't remember all the dream, but I'll record all the bits I remember.

      Anyway, I woke up from an almost nightmare (nonlucid). It was really abstract, but still scary somehow. It ended with me looking at some musical notations, and feeling scary vibrations. I woke up, and tried to recreate the vibrations. They weren't properly kicking in. Felt kinda like trying to start a car with little or no gas. Finally after 3 or 4 attempts, I initiated them again and said to myself "Focus focus focus focus..." Finally the engine turned over and I quickly imagined a scene with a sunrise. I opened my dream eyes and I think it was still the hotel bedroom. And it was really dark. I struggled with the blankets a little and got up very slowly. I was able to rub my hands together and just will myself to see better, which helped a little (what usually helps the most is to ignore all this sight drama and begin focusing on a goal and eventually things clear up).

      I went into the hotel bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked like a creepy girl from one of those Japanese horror movies, like The Ring or something. It freaked me out a little, so to calm down I just acted the character. I growled and snarled at my reflection. I remember feeling my heart beat faster (don't know if it was my real heart or residue). I left the bathroom and don't remember what happened in those exact moments after.

      Next thing I remember I see a big glass window leading to a backyard that I don't recognize. Happy that I can see better, I go to the window and push through it I end up on the other side, and I see all these different flowering bushes. I think to myself "What the heck I'll try the basic task with the flower." I went to several bushes (I remember one with daisies and another with sweet william), but each time I got up close, the flower wilted and died before I could even pick one. The last bush I remember had big dark red blossoms on it. I picked one fast and it looked ok, not great, but passable. I turned around and saw that I was in a garden behind this little white house. An old indian man came out of the back door, and headed toward his sit-down lawn mower. Before he could start it, I said "Here ya go!" and handed him the rose. He said "I don't want it," and began mowing his backyard lawn. I kept following him and said "No you have to take it man, it's for the TOTM." Finally he took it, begrudgingly, and said, "It's all about you, isn't it? I bet you wouldn't even become a Christian." I lied and said, "No no, it's cool. I'll go to church with you I promise." And that's all I remember about that part.

      Later I remember going back inside, and ended up in the hotel bathroom again. My reflection looked just like me, and I remember playing around, making funny faces at myself, and thinking that this dream was really lasting a while. I couldn't think of anything else to do, so I just kept monkeying around in the bathroom
      until I woke up.
    4. A Bunch of Nonlucids

      by , 10-06-2012 at 01:29 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      No time this morning.

      2 nights ago, I dreamed that I went out my front door at night. Immediately, someone to my right was shining a flashlight in my face. I remember a really bright light in my right eye. Before I could even turn and look, I was thrown on a mobile bed. It felt like one of those wheely hospital beds. Anyway, I was being pushed along on this bed fast, but it was completely dark so I couldn't see where I was going or who my captor was. I had a weird moment of semi-lucidity, or perhaps it was just bravery, and I reached my left hand out, waving and slapping at the air, trying to feel for someone to find out who was doing this. I woke myself up, heart-beating fast and all scared. It was still dark out.

      Then the annoying part: I was only awake for seconds, then I started feeling vibrations. But I didn't want to lucid dream!! I was too scared too lol. I didn't want to WILD into an LD, then be in a dark bedroom and have to possibly face some creep and not be able to change the dream. Or wake up from it. What a wuss lol. I should know better.

      Some other nonlucids last night and this morning but I'm outta time.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. A Bunch of Messy Lucids

      by , 05-15-2012 at 01:31 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      So bad about keeping up lately. Last 4 days or so:

      1. My usual 7:30am WBTB this morning. I had a DILD where I was experimenting with a DC (Sign Bob) but lost lucidity when we kissed and I closed my eyes! Bad ophelia.. closing eyes in a lucid is the kiss of death for me. But I had fun looking in mirrors, touching things, making things brighter. All in all not bad.

      Prior to the random DILD, I was attempting DEILD like I usually do. I felt the usual vibrations, then the sensation of something coming up behind me, lying on top of me, sliding his arms around me and grabbing my hands. At one point we were kissing, and I could feel sharp teeth on top and below my tongue. I knew it was the DEILD Demon, and I was so sure he was about to bite my tongue off lol. Even though I know it isn't real at the time, the sensations are still strong enough that it feels real. And having my tongue bit off would hurt, and I don't want it setting up my subsequent lucid experiment badly. Anyway, he didn't bite my tongue off. But I broke the kiss and looked at him, and he looked just like a vampire, teeth and all. Kinda hot actually. But when I reached to touch his face, he bit my finger. I just.. never learn. So I said, Nooooo, noooooo, no biting, and he let go. Danny was in bed with me asleep in real life, and one time that DD lay on me, we were both on top of Danny's arm, which was kinda weird hehe.. the 3 of us in the same bed. Then another time, I had a FA where I saw a creepy doll on Danny's pillow. I suspected it was DD, so I flopped over on Danny and knocked the doll onto the floor. I thought I really woke myself and Danny up in the process, and I apologized. Forgot to ask Danny this morning if I actually flopped on him or not lol. Well next time I'm going to try the less is more approach that oreoboy and I discussed. Whatever DD does, I'm not going to try to manipulate the transition in anyway, and maybe it will go alot smoother next time.

      2. Not much of an LD, there was a short one but I didn't write it down so I forgot it. But I had some nasty SP where some creep was going to turn me into segment 2 of the next human centipede. He had already picked the one to be the front: a young fat kid that he just kept feeding french fries to, to keep him from being scared and calling for help. I partially awoke right as I heard whispering in my room, and amongst the many voices I heard the creep tell me that it was time for my butt surgery. I could tell I was in my room when I heard this, and in some pretty bad SP. I knew I was lucid, so I forced myself in an upright position, and yelled back "No it's NOT!!!!" and woke up. I started to drift off again, and felt the vibrations come on, only there were more of those whispering voices accompanying it. Couldn't make out anything they said, but at least there was no more talk of sewing me, ass to mouth, to anyone. The rest of the night was really uncomfortable. Hard to sleep again, and I had to get up for work at 6:30. That was the most weird thing, I had this experience at around 4am, but I had gone to bed at around midnight. I never have WBTBs lead to lucid experiences after only 4 hours of sleep.

      3. Was having an odd sort of relationship with OldSparta and limitless. I just kept on kinda, going back and forth between the 2. And the scenery kept going back and forth between the beach and the dining bar at work. I was talking to OldSparta at the dining area, and that triggered lucidity (because I realized I had never met him or seen him in real life.) The scene immediately went back to the beach, and I grabbed his hand and pulled him down the beach a bit. I had plans but I woke up.

      4. I'm pretty sure Dark_Merlin and I went to prom together. Nice tux. Bad hair.

      New Dream Sign: sitting at the bar in the dining area at work. That's where I had both DILDs.
    6. Messed Up Night

      by , 04-23-2012 at 06:11 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I don't really know how to describe this, but all night I had some really strange sleep paralysis. I took a 5 HTP before bed. Then at some point I woke up and thought Danny had said something to me. i seriously heard like, a whole sentence. He said he didn't say anything, so it may have been a FA. Then several times in the night, I thought I could see tiny slivers of red laser light on my bed stand. Kind of like a thorny mass of little thin red lights. And this was accompanied by fear for some reason. I tried to tap Danny on his arm, but I was frozen. It took everything I had to move just enough to lightly give his arm a tap. But I couldn't do anything strong enough to wake him up. This happened a few times more, until I finally woke up completely, staring at my nightstand, at those lights. I blinked, and they vanished, until all that was left was one normal looking red light. I just stared at this light in horror, because there's NOTHING on my nightstand except for a teddy bear, a picture of Danny, and a vase of dead roses. It must have been a bunch of FAs with SP, but that was the most REAL FA I had ever had. WTF were those lights?!?!!?!

      Anyway I asked Danny about it this morning at breakfast and he doesn't remember anything about me poking him or before when I asked him if he said anything. Must have all been dreams. But these were different than anything ever before. Me no likey

      Also later a dream about me getting my front teeth knocked out partially in a car accident.
    7. Advanced Task!

      by , 04-17-2012 at 07:58 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I'm really excited because I had a terrific LD where I completed the advanced task for the month, and then had a "date" with a certain velvety voiced potions master hehe. But I was tortured first by a DEILD Demon. here's the story:

      I saw Chris off to school in real life at 7:15 then went back to bed. I fell asleep and had some non-lucids that I don't remember. I woke up around 9:30 and was really groggy, so went immediately into some HI. Well sounds actually. I was lying on my side, and could hear voices in the room that I knew weren't really there. Then I felt the WILD vibrations, and felt the DEILD Demon "spoon" me from behind. As usual, I could feel him against my body, and his arms wrap around me, and took each of my hands. And it would be a romantic feeling, except he was growling. Like a mad dog! It was horrible. AND I had major sleep paralysis, and I almost never have sleep paralysis. I usually DEILD, and the dream chaining happens so fast I usually skip SP, or it's really brief and I barely notice it. But this time was different. I kept trying to wiggle, and press my butt against his crotch to have a little fun. But everytime I made any movement, it was so sluggish from the paralysis, and it would make him growl even louder. It was so scary because he was right behind me, and the growling was in my ear. I didn't want to piss him off too much, because I've had DEILD Demons bite me before. Plus I figured if I endured all this, I would eventually slip into a lucid. I went through several cycles of feeling vibrations, then the demon, growling at me if I tried to move, then I would partially wake up. I remember thinking to myself "I can't wait until I get lucid and hop out of my bed and this fucker will be gone!"

      FINALLY I woke up in my bed, but this time I was lying on my back. I got up, feeling that dreamy lucid feeling. Then my son came into the room, looking about 3 years younger than usual, and I knew I had already taken him to school a few hours earlier. I followed him out of my room, and willed his hair to turn blonde, then neon green. Lol, I just had to be sure I was lucid. When we got to the living room, I got so excited because the lucidity felt really strong, not like I was about to lose it or go blind. I saw a mirror and looked in it for the heck of it. I looked like me of course. I widened my eyes and got really close, and the irises went all green and sparkly as usual. I looked at Chris and said "I gotta remember what it was that I wanted to do!" I couldn't remember the basic task, but I remembered the Pegasus task! So I went out the front door, and it looked just like a block on Swiss Avenue. There were fancy cars rolling by, and some people on horseback. I also saw a few horses with noone on them. I thought to myself that I could easily turn one of these horses into a Pagasus. So I went to this brown quarter horse and got on top of his back. I told Chris to wait in the front yard (he had already turned into a passive DC, you know, just kinda there. Which is good because I don't want to freak out and lose lucidity if I see something bad happen to my son, DC or not). So I told this horse very nicely, that he needed to grow some wings so we could fly around. He sprouted these small, triangular wings with brown feathers that matched his coat. I pet his mane and said that we're not going to be able to get off the ground with those. So he started flapping them, and the wings grew with each flap. He started to trot down Swiss, flapping the whole way, until it turned into a gallop and we took off into the air! It felt just like I would have imagined. I guess it helps that I've ridden horses IRL, so my subconscious didn't have to invent too much. We rose above the trees, but didn't go much higher than that. This is the moment where I gave him a name, BUT I FORGOT IT It was something cool and Mythological, like Orpheus or something. Or it might have been Bobby. At any rate, we flew parallel to Swiss for a minute or so, then circled around and came back. I didn't want to go for too long, because I wanted to do other things, so I leaned forward to make him land. I'm really impressed that I didn't get vertigo like I usually do when I fly alone in LDs. I think I just felt more grounded because I was sitting on a horse. Well, Pegasus Still, I didn't get those woozy butterfly feelings in my gut, so I'm super happy about that. We landed in front of the house and I patted the Pegasus's butt. His wings shrunk back down to nothing and he just walked off and rejoined some horses on Swiss like it had never happened. What an obedient guy, I couldn't have asked for a more tame Pegasus.

      I saw Chris still in the yard. I said "Did you see that Chris!!" He said "Yeah!" We went back inside and I got excited again, because my lucidity wasn't going anywhere. What a treat! I paced around, trying to remember the other main thing on my list. To get some Snape loving. Teehee I know, I'm a goober. So I told Chris that I'm expecting someone over for a date so he needed to go to bed. Even before I finished saying that, I heard a knock at the door!. Chris disappeared into his room, and I went back to that same mirror and fixed my hair. But it was lucid magic: I just moved my hands around my head without touching a hair, and it all just piled on top of my head in a loose and sexy bun, with little ringlets trailing down my collarbone. Sweet. I looked at the window by the front door, and could see the silhouette of Severus Snape, peeking in to see if anyone was there. Impatient much? I went to the door and opened it, looking at my hands on the way, just in case. It really and truly looked like him. Normally I have to fix stuff but not this time. He said hello and embraced and kissed me. His voice was spot on. He did get kinda raunchy though. He sat down, whipped it out and demanded that I perform oral sex. I was obedient of course. After a moment he did start to slowly vanish away. Noooooooooo. So this is where I would normally shout and scream and stomp, trying to actively strengthen the lucidity, but this time I tried something different. I don't know why, it just came to me. I hugged him really hard and said "Say something!" My ear was pressed against his chest, and he said, in those rich velvety tones "It's ok, I'm still here" and I could feel his entire body return to its normal self. Kinda hard to describe. It was really vivid though, I remember the feeling of my face buried in thick black robes, and how his entire chest vibrated when he spoke, just like I always imagined it would be. Fuck this is a long post. Anyway, I resumed the you-know-what, and he started making these really hot grumbly groaning noises. Like, he was so turned on by what I was doing, he stopped me and decided to go for the gold. He pushed me down on a couch, and spread my legs apart. I was wearing jeans and he didn't bother taking them off. Or taking his clothes off. Somehow, magically, he just created a hole in the crotch of my jeans (damn I'm getting all bothered again just typing this). Talk about easy access hahaa! What a wizard. So he went to town on me (I'm trying not to be so x-rated here), grunting and groaning in that gravely voice the whole time. That's some hot shit right there I gotta tell you what. I came in like 10 seconds. He made a sound like he did too, but the dream was fading. I guess I was done hehe. He just kinda collapsed on me. I was touching a piece of the fabric of his black cloak, and rubbing it between my fingers when I woke up. And I woke up with a SMILE.
    8. Go Easy on My Weewee

      by , 04-02-2012 at 03:21 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Hard to describe, but the other night (I'm posting this a day late because I worked a 20 hour weekend and still trying to catch up) I dreamt that I was outside someplace, and this creepy guy moved past me very quickly, then turned and looked at me with this mischievous, yet victorious expression. He said, "You probably didn't feel it, but I just took this razor blade, and cut your urethra. Just a tiny slice around the perimeter of the opening." He was right, I felt no pain whatsoever, but whenever I went to the bathroom and wiped, there would be little traces of blood, as well as spots of blood in my underwear. I remember having to explain to Danny what happened, because the blood was worrying him.
    9. You Too Can Breathe Goo!

      by , 03-29-2012 at 01:04 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Me and that kid from Terminator 2 (Edward Furlong), although grown up now, were in the basement of a large underground house, trying to get out. There was talk of zombies, or the dead, or something along those lines. We began bumping into other people, also trying to get out. Fortunately, one of the windows let in a sliver of sunlight, so me and Ed looked out that window. What we saw is difficult to describe: we could see out of it, but it was hard to see the sky. The house seemed to be surrounded by an orb of thick, translucent goo. It was blueish, as if it was reflecting/refracting/whatever the blue sky and some sunlight. Orbiting near the inside edge of the goo orb were hundreds of dead bodies. They had escaped the house but couldn't escape the goo. Suddenly the window broke, and the basement began filling up with the goo. It poured through the broken window, immediately knocking poor Ed down. I just stood where I was, resigned to the notion that I was about to drown, and join the circling party of death-by-goo. The room filled up quickly, and it made everything look cold and blue. I held my breath, and looked to my right. There was an overweight guy, that I remember was also a kind person, looking resigned to death as well. I reached out my hand to his and he grabbed it; I remember thinking, that at least before I died, I wanted some kind of caring, intimate contact. Very sad moment. Then a weird thing happened: I suddenly became aware that I could breathe. No sooner had I become aware of that fact, I heard a director yell, "CUT!! That's a wrap folks!" and the room was instantly drained of the goo. I looked around for a second like "What the HE-" and I woke up.


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    10. Ghost Under the Bed.

      by , 03-27-2012 at 02:41 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      The other night I dreamed that there was a ghost living under my son's bed. It was trying to take him. There was this paranormal vortex under the bed that the ghost was trying to pull him through. I don't know what was causing it to fail. All I remember was that my mom was the only one who could see the actual ghost. She said that at night, she could see these wispy, smoke-like hands coming out from under the bed, grasping my son's ankles and throat. Nothing happened, as if the ghost's appendages lacked the corporeal matter to do any harm. At any rate, I wanted to see this for myself. So I took a picture with my digital camera the next time my mom saw the ghost. Sure enough, you could see the hands grabbing at my son. I was so scared, but I remember having this feeling of anger and bravery overwhelming me. I ran to my son's bed and beat at the air surrounding it, until I could feel a swift breeze sweeping under the bed as fast as it could go. I crawled under the bed, screaming at the creature, and sweeping my hands over the floor. I could feel a strong suction, like there was a passage to another dimension under the bed. Then I woke up.

      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    11. You're NOT My Boyfriend >:|

      by , 01-23-2012 at 08:00 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I had a buuuuunch of dreams because the dogs kept waking me up. I know I should write them all down but I don't want to. I'll just talk about the one semi lucid, then just highlight the rest.

      After one of the many times the dogs woke me up, I felt some really heavy WILD vibrations. They were the uncomfortable ones, like the ones I get before having a scary dream, or that demon dream. What happened next could best be described as a cross between a FA and a semi lucid dream: I knew Danny had left for work at 5am already, I remember he already kissed me goodbye, and now the sun was coming up. Then Danny, in nothing but shorts, jumped into the bed and grabbed me. I shouted "You're not Danny, he already left for work!" I knew it had to be a dream, but I just really felt like I was really in my room. He kept trying to wrestle with me really roughly, and I got scared. But I told myself that it's just a dream, and the guy is just a DC. I looked at him and said "I'm about to turn on the light!" And then he had that same look that the demons do when they're fighting off the change (the change=when the demon looks like a normal person, but then something causes them to lose control and start losing their human disguise, revealing their monstrous real self. It sometimes involves writhing, and spasms, and sharp-toothed growls. It can be scary sometimes). I didn't want to see the change, especially because my subconscious gave the demon Danny's face this time! So I jumped up and turned on the bedroom light. He vanished. That was when it turned into an FA: I thought I had really woken up from the dream and turned on the light. So I turned it off and went back to sleep. I knew it was an FA because the bed was turned around in the room 180 degrees.

      The rest:

      1. The mole-man that liked to eat the curdled cream from my cream-top farm fresh milk.

      2. That damn kid (I say kid, he's like 19 or 20) from work. You're not my boyfriend either so stay out of my dreams! Told him he needs to find his own damn girlfriend. I said I would help because he's shy. Kept trying to kiss me. Kept following me around, wanting me to feed him. And liked to show off how many pushups he could do. Don't really know if he wanted me to date him or adopt him. Dumbass.

      3. Nuclear bolt thing. Don't touch it mom!

      4. That jug of reaaaaly farm fresh milk. It looked like whey with cloudy stuff on top.

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