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    1. Paradise Falls.

      by , 11-26-2016 at 11:11 AM
      I'm sitting on a bus driving through some mountainous areas, behind me there is seated a couple. The girl is telling the boy how she didn't always look this "attractive", before she wore thick glasses and had braces. Telling him about a place called Paradise Falls. About how she never understood the name before she got her glasses, and could finally see how beautiful everything was. That she actually miss that time, and those glasses. She currently got some glasses that looked similar, but they're not quite the same. Not the same soul to them.

      I drift off, visualizing this place of mystic beauty, and begin thinking about some of my female friends that i had a better connection with before. Then i realize i have experienced this place before, in some way. I feel a wave of energy rush through me. Suddenly I'm no longer in a bus, but walking on a path in the forest of Paradise Falls. I feel the pulse rising, what the hell is happening. I continue walking, but the path disappears. I feel lost.

      The trees are starting to look blurry and loosing their shape. I think to myself "No, now I'm doing this." Things are still fading away, it feels like I'm awakening. I sharpen my intention, and yell of all my strength "I WANT CLARITY!" It worked, I did it. I'm back in. Now another challenge appears, the scare of knowing that the dream "reads" my every though. Small gnomish trolls starts popping up everywhere, but i focus on truly believing that I'm the one in control here and the trolls dissipates.

      I'm not sure i have "achieved" full lucidity, so i decide that now i need to really break some barriers. The forrest is dimming away and the color is graying, I'm fading and know that i have to be more confident for this to work. I again demand clarity, then i need to figure how to reinforce my lucidity. "I decide what's possible here and not". So i walk down to the shore, I begin to take a step onto the surface of the water. Jesus style. A split second before my foot hits it, i have a moment of doubt. This was enough to instead of making me walk the water like some demi-god, plunge headfirst into the lake. "Are you kidding me??" I'm thinking, as (and this was far from intentional) I start to rise up from the water and realize I'm actually flying. I laugh to myself a moment at how my mind have a weird way of working, then i take conscious control of the flying and soar to the skies.

      Everything is so clear and vivid, and i really feel Paradise Falls to be a fitting name for this place. It feels like it's actually my backpack doing the levitating, as i feel the straps tighten around my shoulders. Then trying to visualize some wings, unsuccessfully.

      Now i'm almost just flying on autopilot, like a bird i glide through the valley. Then i remember "I can't get too entrance by the beauty of it all, that's how i usually loose my lucidity." I fly down to a little white cabin, the door is locked so i think to myself that this memory must be a bit corrupt since i can't get inside (still believing i have been here before, but never in my waking life as i can remember). I see a crow up on the roof and head up to greet it. I decide that i want to try something with this black bird, and suddenly it's size changes to that of a butterfly (same with the lift-off, not an conscious decision and i realize this is my subconscious filling in where i lack the intention).

      Every spot the crow touches on the cabin starts turning black as a wet paper would with the touch of an paintbrush with some black watercolor. I start to feel entranced again and decide i need to try something new, I make a leap to fly down to the ground. Like a cartoon character hanging in the air for a moment, suddenly I can't fly anymore and fall to the ground. Luckily i maintain the dream although i got a little stomach tingle from the jump.

      I walk into the cabin, it's unlocked now. Trying to figure out what to try, and ended on elemental magic. More specifically flame-conjuring, something I'm somewhat successful in doing but can't seem to get 100% control of the looks and behavior of the flame.

      Suddenly I'm pulled out of the dream, and kinda puzzled i feel that i have to go to the bathroom so bad that i can barely get down keywords of the dream (before i start getting out of bed and forgetting).
      This dream felt like the real breakthrough i have been wanting for some while now, having the possibility to test out some ideas I've had for a while, and realizing that it's a lack of confidence limiting my lucid dreaming. Ironically all my reading about beginners-limits, is the real limit. Free your mind.

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    2. The submarine trip.

      by , 10-24-2013 at 10:32 AM
      Once i again, i was to lazy to actually record / write down the details before i stood up from bed. So i just remember fragments / summary of the dream.
      I was thinking "i would be much better to reenter the dream and get lucid than to remember it right", so irritating.

      Anyways, i was in my house, i don't know what has happened, but i was all changed around (maybe it was just dream distortion). We were waiting for a boat / submarine to take us somewhere.
      The submarine arrived and i climbed on board, it was pretty small and had the ability to open half up for like sightseeing or entry. It was almost like a boat in this "mode", i remember talking to the captain and thinking about who i wanted to take along.
      The only one who needed to come was the young daughter of a old man i was living with in my house. The daughter was late, so i had plenty of time figuring out who else to bring. I think i brought my cousin, and his stepbrother, my uncle and was planning to pick up another friend from another part of the "world". I remember talking with the other passengers about this last person, they where saying they hoped he wasn't in to much of a party mood. Because it would have been annoying.

      Finally the girl arrived, and the father payed the captain for her ticket. The weird thing was, that when he gave the captain his coin, a kind of dragged a graph of the world in another way. I became instantly night, and he just smiled in a weird way.
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    3. A girl i once knew.

      by , 10-24-2013 at 10:17 AM
      I don't remember what setting the dream began in, but i remember the girl being very mad at me. I encountered her several times, and all the times she was really pissed off, but i kept my cool and tought "she probably thinks i am some kind of asshole or something, i am sure she will change her mind if i just show her its not true". So dispite not being interested in this girl at all, her negative attitude agains me made me show interest, and dedicate time to her.

      I don't remember the rest of the dream in detail, but it was a very nice dream. Altough it was not the last dream before waking up, i get happy when i think about it.
    4. Showering with my tiger

      by , 10-16-2013 at 06:00 PM

      Its a long times since i had this dream, and to be honest it has fallen completely to my unconsciousness. What i mean about that is that i have no recall of this dream, what so ever, and it just makes it even more random to read.

      The dream fragment:
      I was dreaming that i took a shower, and when i exited the dream i saw a huge spider walking around. It was so big that it almost didn't fit in a jar, but when i caught it and put it in there, it died.
      Clearly a symbolic thing, i see now, that i dream of spiders quite a lot.
      Anyways, that was not the only thing. I actually had a some kind of tiger or leopard, a big cat, that i used to shower with, and i was showing it of to everyone i knew (of course not when i was in the shower.)
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Class trip

      by , 10-16-2013 at 05:51 PM

      The dream fragment, and thoughts:
      I was on some kind of class trip (i don't go to school anymore), out in a fjord somewhere.
      In the nights, i was sleepwalking and supposedly did all sort of strange stuff. Like tearing up milk-packs and putting them inside of each other.
      I was very scared of what i did when i was sleeping, because i did all these advanced activities, that made no sense at all. Afraid that i would do, or had done something bad.
    6. Alien Resistance Force!

      by , 10-16-2013 at 05:43 PM
      The scenario:
      In the dream, some sort of alien species has attacked earth and wiped out most of the human civilization. Those who are still alive, are living in small groups. Some just trying to survive and stay out of sight, others beliving that there is still a chance of defeating the opposing alien threat. This dream is about the "Alien Resistance Force".
      The dream takes place in some sort of forest, hard to say where, quite dense vegetation, but not quite as tropical as a jungle. High trees and a canopy that is so thick that almost no sunlight shine trough.

      I don't quite remember the appearance of the aliens, but they where about one and a half time as big as a normal human, and was blackish in their skin.

      The fragments of the dream that i can remember:
      In the dream i am either an observer, or a little child. (maybe both).
      The last resistance camp (not sure if in just this area, or in the whole world) had been exposed, and the aliens was moving in to attack. During this time, most of the camp was out patrolling and scouting.
      While i was watching one of the scout groups, the aliens moved in on the camp and slaughtered everyone, and everything. I remember seeing the camp in the aftermath, when a group returned. All that was left alive, was a badly injured cow, which was almost cut in half and sprayed blood out of its lungs every time it tried to breathe. It was a horrible sight.
      The scouting group was in an old ruin at the time the aliens caught up with them. The group thought that the aliens was not aware of their presence, so they tried to hide. It did not work, and the battle was futile, all but one little boy and his wolf was killed, with almost no alien casualties.

      The boy managed to escape, and made his way with the wolf pup up trough the forest and to the mountains. Where he would try to survive and train the wolf to help him.