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    10/12 - 10/13, First Dream Journal Entry

    by , 10-14-2014 at 04:53 AM (323 Views)
    Well, this is my first time starting a dream journal, so we'll see how it goes. I'm brand new to this (registered yesterday morning), hopefully this will increase my recall! Oddly, I remembered a couple dreams last night, I think.

    1. Just vague images/feelings- excitement of some kind, strange, adventure, enthusiasm?

    2. Partially remembered some major points, not full dream- I was trying to get ready to go somewhere and dropped all my stuff on the stairs. Also remember depression, high school graduation article online or in the paper, I had been sick but was recovering, had to make up extra classes, embarrassment, anger at being singled out in the article like that. Had to get ready to go for some kind of an event, had to move the stairs (?), found chocolate (mini Hersye bars- single squares) mostly dark chocolate but one milk that was still unopened, and numerous wrappers. Also found other stuff but don't remember what or how it got there. Nervousness for some reason. Lots of index cards fell.

    3. With Ris (my boyfriend), secret agent at a secret organization. Went to some kind of strange event (unclear, only thing I remember about it was Aphrodite was mentioned by a girl as having knocked into a guy and he wasn't affected by something so she was suspicious). Most people on the right side of the area, Ris and I half reclining on the left side. I was trying to figure out/prove who did something (pressed a button of a flashy light (computer monitor power button it looked like, 3 lights in a row- like on my laptop) went behind to press it and there were wheelchair marks/tracks? Ris kind of helped me figure it out (and maybe someone else too- woman?) Subplot was Ris accidentally? set a fire at a fire station and killed some people in it. Reality ended up being Peter (his dad) was trapped in there by evil men for a long time, something about he got a kidney transplant, maybe from Ris? He felt awful, turns out wasn't really his fault and either no one died or just bad guy(s). At the end of the dream, he became a secret agent with the secret organization with me. Others were standing around and one injured man lying half propped up. Black lab standing over the injured man and nuzzled him. Think I remember some sort of a helicopter?

    Dreams 2 and 3 could be the same dream/related. Unsure of this. I had forgotten a number of (half?) plot points/details from the second dream, but remembered more of the third one. But remembering as much as I did is definitely an improvement from previous nights! Hopefully that trend continues..
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    1. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      I love 'secret agent' and spy-type dreams.

      Congrats on your first DJ entry! Here's to many more, and welcome to Dream Views!!